This is the most buzz on a new RTA since the Moonshot designed by Suprimo. The new buzz being generated surrounds another RTA inspired and designed in the USA. Our Wismec Theorem review will cover all the details about a RTA designed by Jay-Bo, an American vape designer known for simple, durable high performance devices that are also affordable. The Theorem RTO was inspired by SMM, or Suck My Mod. The designed and ideas of American vapers has combined with the expertise of one of the top electronic cigarette manufacturers, Wismec.

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So what does this new design entail? Number 1, the goal of this RTA was to provide cutting edge vapor with enhanced flavor. Like the Moonshot, the Wismec Theorem RTA accomplishes this by essentially raising the atomizer deck in the RTA to a higher point in the tank. The end result is that the coils sit above the e-liquid reservoir section located at the bottom of the tank. This is new and different. There is only one threaded element on the Theorem and that is the 510 connection. Everything else is designed to pop into place manually. You might think that would make the Theorem come apart at inopportune times but that does not happen. It is very well designed.

The Wismec Theorem RTA is a completely rebuildable atomizer tank which can be customized to your specifications.

As we will get more into as we go thorugh the Wismec Theorem review, there is a lot that is unique and different about the Theorem RTA. The elevated atomizer deck that we mentioned provides you with multiple coil options. The deck is designed to accommodate bottom coils or a vertical coil. You can build on either section and there are two distinct airflow control functions each designed to accommodate your chose coil placement.

Wismec Theorem RTA

The Wismec Theorem RTA has been called a drip hybrid tank. It is made up of precision machined stainless steel and it is easy to take apart, maintain and clean. The designed is made to last and stand up to wear and tear. The Theorem vape tank comes complete with:

  • 1 x Wismec Theorem RTA Atomizer
  • 2 x Airflow Control Rings
  • 1 x Stainless Steel / Glass Tank Sleeve
  • 1 x Glass Tube
  • 2 x Notch Coil’s With Cotton Wick
  • 3 x Silicone Rings
  • 4 x Screws
  • 1 x Screwdriver
  • 1 x Warranty Card
  • 1 x User Manual

Wismec Theorem RTA atomizer tank kit comes everything you need to rebuild and customize your vape experience.

The Notch coils that we tested for the Wismec Theorem review registered a 0.25 ohm resistance. The Notch coils are built for sub-ohm vaping and have a large diameter compared to most coils. They can accommodate a lot of wick and make a lot of vapor.

The top fill design is accessed by removing the top cap, complete with drip tip attached. The top cap has a Peek insulated plastic section designed to guide the airflow under the vertical coil section and serves the double purpose of plugging the juice port when in use. The airflow control rings rotate clockwise to adjust the airflow.

The Theorem stands 46.2 mm tall and has a diameter of 22 mm. The diameter expands to 23 mm if you are using the stainless steel tank sleeve. The ejuice capacity is about 2 ml. The Theorem sells for $29.95 from Direct vapor, where they have warranty protection, low price guarantee and free shipping.

All of the components scream quality. Everything assembles smoothly and disassembles smoothly. The fact that it can be broken down to the most basic components is a huge benefit for maintenance and longevity.

Building On The Elevated Wismec Theorem Atomizer Deck

The Wismec Theorem atomizer deck is a replaceable rebuildable component of the vape tank.

The Wismec Theorem RTA comes with the tools necessary to attach your coils to the atomizer deck. It comes with a new style of coil called the “Notch” coil. The notch coil is very unique and is connected to the deck with non-resistant wire and the end result is a lightning fast heat-up and lots of vapor. The Wismec Theorem atomizer deck sits above the lower section of the tank where the eliquid is located. How does the eliquid from the lower reservoir keep the wick saturated? Science!

When you put in the wick, you will need some length protruding out of both sides of a bottom coil or from the bottom of a vertical coil, whichever style you choose. You need the wicks to extend into the lower section into the eliquid reservoir almost to the bottom of the tank. As long as the bottom of the wick is saturated, the gravity defying process of capillary action will keep the wick saturated. Make sure the bottom of the wick is nice and open so it can absorb as much vape juice as possible.

The ejuice will flow up and through the length of the coil evenly as long as both ends of the coils are evenly submerged in eliquid. The cellulose fiber of organic cotton wick and the liquid are polarized and attract. The resulting adhesion is why the liquid flows up and through the wick. Basically, and this is something that I wanted to say in the Wismec Theorem review, this RTA is designed to take advantage of capillary action to defy gravity!

Yes, a gravity defying RTA. The Theorem atomizer deck is attacked to the base. Once you get your wick just the way you want it, you put the glass tank in place. Prime your wick and then fill the tank. When you fill the tank the eliquid may not easily go through the juice port into the lower ejuice reservoir section. You can use a needle tip that will go through the port into the bottom of the tank. If you are using a regular ejuice bottle the eliquid may pool in the top part of the tank so you just have to breach the air juice port with a tooth pick or something similar and the bottom juice will then flow into the bottom reservoir.

Wismec Theorem rebuildable vape tank dimensions are 46.25mm by 22mm and has a 2.7ml e-liquid capacity.

The atomizer deck is very easy to build on. So while the Theorem is not for vaping beginners, we do have to say that it is one of the more user friendly decks that we have come across. For the Wismec Theorem review we built a number of different coils and the process was very enjoyable. Assembling the Theorem is also easy. Everything snaps into place.

Before you put the top cap in place, select which airflow control ring that you want to put in place. One airflow control ring has one notch while the other has two notches. There are two airflow access points. The access point on a bottom coil side and an airflow point on the vertical coil side. Interestingly, the airflow port on the vertical coil side is directed into a section of the top, constructed of ultra heat resistant Peek material, and actually takes the airflow to the bottom of the vertical coil. Very ingenious.

Just a quick note for our Wismec Theorem review regarding the Peek material. Peek is an incredibly heat resistant material. It stays cool! It is capable of withstanding almost 700 degrees Fahrenheit.

So if you are using the vertical coil section of the Wismec Theorem RTA deck, you have to make sure that the airflow control ring was placed to make sure the Peek airflow access point is open. Once you pick your airflow then you pop the top in place and you are ready to vape.

Vaping The Wismec Theorem RTA

Wismec Theorem Rta notch coil atomizer reservoir tank.

Without any adieu, folks there is excellent vaping with the Wismec Theorem RTA. And that is not just a theory, that’s reality!  All through the process of the Wismec Theorem review, we enjoyed consistently fantastic vaping. The flavor really pops. The goal was to design an RTA that flavor chasers would love and that has been accomplished. There is little spitback despite the fact that you are drawing vaper from much closer to the coils that you are with a typical RBA or RTA vape tank.

The vapor is excellent. You can make some massive vape clouds. Nice dense vapor. The first coil we tried was the new Notch coil and it is phenomenal. The Notch coil resistance comes in at 0.25 ohms. It heats seemingly instantly. There is a non-resistant wire spot welded to the notch coil and perhaps that leads to the fast heat-up. I used the Wismec notch coil with my new VaporFi Vox 60 mod and enjoyed a truly rich and flavorful vape.

Building your own coils is pretty easy with the Theorem atomizer deck. It is permanently attached to the base and easy to work with. We tried both the bottom coil and vertical coil. For the Wismec Theorem RTA review, we tried both airflow settings with each coil configuration.

With the dual airflow opened up, the draw is really breezy. It is just excellent huge airflow. With a single airflow port open, the draw is actually nicely stiff and even suitable for mouth to lung vaping. The versatility is a very enjoyable aspect. The flavor and vapor performance earn a huge thumbs up.

The only thing about the vaping is that with about a 2 ml eliquid capacity you have to refill it a lot. Also, because everything simply snaps in place, there was some nervousness that the tank could disassemble if it was held the wrong way or was knocked over or turned upside down. That never happned. When the ejuice would get low, we would tip it and turn it upside down to saturate the wick and it held together like a champion. That said, I would not carry this tank in a pocket just to be on the safe side.

One thing that I also like is that the Wismec Theorem RTA is that it is unique and it is going to be very hard for the clone artists to counterfeit although it is certain that they are going to try! Just get your stuff from Direct Vapor because they do not sell clones.

Wismec Theorem Review Wrap Up

The Wismec Theorem RTA vape tank with notched coil.

So what is the final verdict of the Wismec Theorem review? The quality of construction is obviously there and that is a huge plus. They have employed the best materials and the precision engineering is very impressive. The vaping performance is also very good. This is a very versatile RTA that vapes like a dripper. You can choose the coil configuration and that is something that is very appealing to coil building aficionados. The Theorem RTA airflow options make this an excellent RTA for those who love airflow and also like to be able to tighten up the draw when the spirit moves them.

The design is something new and different and we want to send out a big hats off to Jay-Bo and Matt at Suck My Mod. They wanted to create something unique and different and they certainly have done so. There are some ingenious features  and Wismec has executed the construction flawlessly. A lot of care, thought and detail went into this design to offer vapers something different. This aspect of the Wismec Theorem is very well done and gets an A plus.

Rounding out the Wismec Theorem review, we have to talk about the idiosyncrasies of refilling the vape tank. Because the atomizer deck is elevated and the e-juice port is recessed in the tank, the e-juice has to drain in through the port. But if there is air in the e-liquid section of the tank the juice will not go in. You will have to pierce the juice port and then the juice will go in. Or, you need a long needle tipped eliquid bottle. And you have to allow the eliquid to go in the lower section of the tank before you can put the top cap back in place. Not really a big deal just something different.

As for an overall grade for our Wismec Theorem RTA review, we are at an A to a B plus. The filling method is the concern because you will have to fill it often. It is a small, compact tank which is great in many ways. Moreover, it is a great value. Despite the quality and precision machining, you can get the Wismec Theorem RTA for less than $30 from Direct Vapor.

Overall, with a high grade, excellent vaping and something really original and different, we recommend the Wismec Theorem RTA vape tank. It will be something different and fun to build on. A nice addition to your vape gear there is no doubt about it!