Why do people vape? There are different reasons that people vape. Before we get into the reasons of why people vape, we want to make clear that vaping with electronic cigarettes or vaporizers is strictly for adults. Teens and young people should not be vaping or using any tobacco product. The nicotine in tobacco products can be addictive and it is not good for developing brains. All tobacco products are for adults only. And anyone who does not currently use a tobacco product, anyone of any age, would be doing themselves a huge favor by not starting.

Why Do People Vape?

Why people vape? The obvious reason is that people are vaping as a way to access the nicotine that people who enjoy tobacco products crave. Is vaping bad for you? We can’t really say one way or another because the jury is still out. There has been a lot of research that has shown that vaping is significantly less harmful. Public Health England claims that vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking. The British Royal College of Physicians concurred. US officials have yet to make any definitive claims regarding electronic cigarettes.

e cigarettes are 95 percent safer than smoking says public health England

The bottom line is that many tobacco consumers are looking for an alternative nicotine source, something other than burning tobacco. We have seen patches and gums evolve as nicotine replacements. Electronic cigarettes are another means of getting the nicotine that many believe are responsible for the cravings associated with tobacco use. E-cigarettes do not have the tar or ash associated with cigarettes nor do they have many of the carcinogenic chemicals. For that reason many people who smoke might choose to vape.

Electronic cigarettes provide similar sensations. Much research is ongoing to learn more about the long-term effects of vaping and whether or not people should use vaping to quit smoking. Hopefully unbiased research will lead to the definitive answers consumers deserve.

What Is Vape? Are There Vaping Side Effects?

What is vape? Well this one is pretty easy. The vapor that is created by an electronic cigarette is derived from heating and vaporizing the e-liquid. Smoke and vapor are very different. Smoke is derived from combusting. In the case of smoking the smoke is the byproduct of burning chemically treated tobacco. Vapor is not derived from burning or combustion.

are there any side effects of vaping

Are there any vaping side effects? There can be. In many cases, propylene glycol can be an irritant. PG also has a dehydrating effect because it is an absorbent. Many vapers who experience irritation with PG resolve the issue by switching to a VG based e-liquid. This issue has become less present in vaping as the industry has shifted toward VG based e-liquids. Even standard vaping liquids these days typically have at least 30% VG content.

What Is In The E-Liquid Used For Vaping?

The e-liquid used for vaping is a solution that contains four main ingredients. Those ingredients are propylene glycol(PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), flavoring and nicotine. It was only a couple of years ago that almost all e-liquids were comprised of propylene glycol, flavoring and nicotine. Vegetable glycerin is now more of a standard ingredient because it makes a denser, smooth vapor. Conversely, propylene glycol carries flavor very well and has a stronger throat hit.

So a blend of VG and PG is more of an ideal for the enjoyment of vaping. Both VG and PG are food grade compunds that are used in everyday items like foods, toothpaste, cosmetics, medications and more. Both VG and PG are recognized as safe, which is actually the FDA designation. GRAS is the acronym that the FDA uses.

ingredients in e liquid or e juice

Learn more about E-Juice here.

When you buy e-liquid from a good quality brand, the nicotine in the e-liquid is pharmaceutical grade and derived from tobacco plants. Other plants do have nicotine, such as potatoes, but in lesser quantities.

The flavoring in e-liquid is food grade. Some food grade flavorings may be harmful when inhaled. The biggest issue is diacetyl. Diacetyl is a buttery flavoring that you will find in microwave popcorn for instance. People who choose to vape should look for e-liquids that do not contain diacetyl.

Does Vaping Help People Quit Smoking?

The science and research teams have yet to determine if vaping helps people quit smoking. As it stands now, we can not say whether or not electronic cigarettes and vaporizers are viable smoking cessation products. We know that thousands, perhaps millions, of vapers personally attest to quitting smoking with vaping, but science regards these personal testimonials as anecdotal. In fact, when the FDA was considering electronic cigarette regulations, thousands upon thousands of vapers submitted comments asking the FDA to consider their personal experience quitting smoking with vaping. Though the reason why people vape wasn’t explained, their enthusiasm for the practice was made clear.

is vaping a good way to quit smoking

Unfortunately, though the FDA did solicit those responses from the general public regarding vaping, the testimonials that they received are not considered to have any scientific value. It is not that surveys themselves are not considered scientifically valid, it is just that the responses solicited were not administered in a traditional survey.

Recent studies are shedding more light on why do people vape and if vaping really does help to quit smoking. It may take time to derive specific, tangible answers but the hard work is being done.

Vaping For Enjoyment

Many tobacco consumers simply enjoy vaping. In fact, vaping has become a competitive sport! The sport of cloud chasing involves generating a staggering amount of vapor sometimes competitively. Additionally, there is a social aspect to watching contests and attending conventions. Vapers enjoy the company of other vapers and discussing their devices and coil builds. Many of these less formal gatherings lead to impromptu cloud contests.

vaping is also used for enjoyment

Cloud chasing is the fervent pursuit of the biggest possible vapor clouds. To get the biggest vapor clouds you need to equip low resistance atomizers on your vape tank preferably fit with a rebuildable drip atomizer. With the RDAs, many cloud chasers take immense pride in building their own low resistance coils. Combine those specialized low resistance subohm atomizers with today’s powerful vape mods capable of a variety of outputs to achieve the ideal for the most amount of vapor. You will find cloud chasing competitions at many vaping events.

Beyond cloud chasing, vaping has become a passion for many. Vaping is a technology and the experience can be different every time you hit the fire button on a vape mod.

As A Hobby

Often, the experience that vaping provides is attractive to tobacco consumers that are technically oriented. Many of them adopt vaping as a hobby. In other words, electronics nerds love working with the devices themselves. The hard core hobbyists are extremely knowledgable in the field of electronics and the relationships between electrical currents and how their coefficients relate to different resistance values. The variety of vaping devices and the variety of functions each mod can perform is very attractive and enjoyable. The skill and knowledge of some vapers is really impressive.

Many hobbyists also enjoy building their own coils. Coil building is a blend of art, science and skill. The variations of coils can run the gamut and each variation provides a different interaction with the vape mod and a different vapor experience. Today, coil building is in decline because the technology and quality of pre-built coils that are available meets the demand for pretty much every vaping style.

cloud chasing is a hobby a lot of vapers get into

Another aspect of the hobby is making one’s own vape juice. While it has gained great popularity, this is one aspect that we do not recommend. It is our view that the blending of quality e-juice should be undertaken by trained chemists and carried out in a professional lab setting when you buy supplies such as VG, nicotine or flavoring unless you need to know what you are doing. If you buy some flavoring from eBay, know that just because diacetyl is not listed on the ingredients does not mean that it is not in the recipe. By law flavoring manufacturers are allowed to withhold proprietary aspects of their flavor formulas. It takes a professional lab to correctly understand the ingredients and to properly blend them.

Vaping For Medical Reasons

Another answer to why do people vape is for medicinal purposes. Most often, medicinal vaping is done with a dry herb vaporizer that draws the active ingredients out of herbal material such as medical marijuana. Research from the University of California San Francisco shows that vaporizing marijuana preserves the THC and reduces the exposure to carbon monoxide and other combustion byproducts. Using a vaporizer for accessing the medicinal ingredients is something used in hospitals where THC is administered as a medicine. Many experts feel that vaporizers are the best way to access the medical benefits of cannabis.

vaping thc oil concentrate and marijuana leaves

Let me give you an example. The state of New York will grant access to medical marijuana for patients that will benefit from the medicinal properties of cannabis. But they do not want patients smoking medical marijuana. They do not allow for smoking and they recommend that medical marijuana patients use a vaporizer.

That only makes sense. When you smoke marijuana, the process of combustion destroys and wastes much of the active ingredients and the byproducts of combustion are terrible for human health. When you use a vaporizer like the advanced Pax 3, the vapor is comprised largely of the active ingredients.

Pax 3 dry herb vaporizer kit

Many like Dr. Sanjay Gupta of CNN recommend using a vaporizer to access medical marijuana above any other method. The problem with edibles is uneven absorption where as with a vaporizer the delivery is more predictable, quickly absorbed and consistent. Dr. Gupta has done extensive documentary work on medical cannabis.

Different Types Of Vaping

Of course dry herb vaping and using an electronic cigarette to generate a vapor that contains flavor and nicotine are two very different things.  There are multiple ways to dry herb vape and to use an electronic cigarette to vape. So in asking why people vape it may be a worthy exercise to look at how people vape.

there are many ways to vape including a pipe-shaped and cigar shaped e cigarette

  1. Standard Vaping – is when you use an electronic cigarette to vaporize an e-liquid and inhale the vapor in a similar fashion to inhaling tobacco smoke. That is drawing the vapor into the mouth and then inhaling. This is also called mouth to lung or MTL vaping. MTL vaping involves a basic electronic cigarette device with an atomizer, or heating coil, with an electric resistance of more than 1.0 ohms. With standard MTL vaping, an e-liquid that leans more toward a PG base is preferred although a 50/50 PG/VG blend will provide a satisfying vapor experience.
  2. SubOhm Vaping – is when the atomizer resistance is less than 1.0 ohms. Generally speaking, sub ohm vaping requires a more powerful vaping device capable of higher wattage outputs. A higher VG based e-liquid is preferred and will generate larger vapor clouds.
  3. Temperature Control Vaping – or TC vaping is when the vape mod maintains the heating coil at a set temperature for vaping.
  4. Dry Herb Vaping – requires a vaporizer or vape pen that heats an herbal material to the point of vaporization and not combustion. The vapor that boils off of the heated material contains the active ingredients and is then inhaled. Vaporizers can also work with waxes and concentrates often called dabs.

Why Vape?

So why do people vape? Clearly there are many reasons and how they vape can determine what their personal preferences are. The process of discovering which mod is perfect for each user can be tough to begin with. It is our hope that this has helped to understand the purpose for vaping. Ultimately, the goal of these pages is to help educate, illuminate and simplify the world of vaping. Our goal is to inspire more potential vapers who are curious about making the switch.

Understanding the purpose of e cigs and vape mods and why they’re important is why we believe sites like this one have value. Everyone curious about e-cigs and vaping should have the right to knowledge. Especially what’s ahead of them without feeling like they need to buy something first. Vapers who understand their equipment, their science, and their rights are invaluable members of this community.

Are there other reasons why people vape? Let us know. Share your comments below or contact us and share the reasons why you choose to vape.

is there a reason to vape

For non-vapers, we hope we have helped clarify this question for you. If you are interested in learning more, make Expert Vaping a regular stop. We cover the latest vaping news, products and technological advances.

Finally, as we mentioned earlier we understand the curiosity about why people vape. But, we want to reiterate that vaping and specifically electronic cigarettes are designed for use by adult tobacco consumers. If you are not currently using any tobacco products then don’t vape.