It seems simple to explain, but many new users wonder; why do people vape. This purpose for many is a way to preserve their rituals without the withdrawal from giving up nicotine. What has become popularly know as switching, is a way for people all over the world to live smoke free lives.

Vaping has given users back the ability to decide for themselves what they want out of their pursuits. It has become a way for them to choose how much nicotine they want to put into their bodies and what they want it to taste like. This combination of factors which grants users a new amount of control over their lives has been instrumental in breaking their bond to the dangerous carcinogens pumped out by the tobacco industry.

The reasons of why do people vape have become equally as important as how they vape. It should be noted, for someone who has never taken anything into their lungs besides air, expect a tightness or full feeling in the lungs. Additionally, first-time vapers can also expect to feel a tingling warmth at the back of their throat that may accompany the flavor. Vaping technique will determine the effect a device has on its user.

Technique used to draw vapor from the device is a primary determinant for the experience of the user. In other words, if a user pulls vapor into their mouth, they have the option to take it into their lungs by inhaling, referred to as a mouth-to-lung hit or MTL. That being said, the opportunity exists to simply blow the vapor out of the mouth before inhalation and experience the flavor alone, without it ever entering the user’s lungs.

The long term effects of vaping on the human body have still yet to be recorded, however there appear to be very few negative attributes in the short term that can be determined

Why Do People Vape And How Does It Feel?

The reasons for why do people vape can be answered in part by how the action feels. While it is not smoking by any measure, the tightness in the lungs, tingling in the throat and the inhaling and exhalation of vapor create some incidental parallels. To understand how it feels to vape, it helps to have a grasp of how it compares to tobacco and exactly how it works.

Vaping as a process is fairly simple. As the heating coil inside of an e-cig creates an aerosol of e-liquid, the user inhales the vaporized juice. If the vaper chose not to take it into their lungs, they are able to exhale the vapor first. Therefore, the user would expel vapor tasting just the flavor without inhalation, according to studies absorbing a small amount of nicotine.

Nicotine’s addictive label has been due to its association with tobacco. A number of studies have been conducted recently into the benefits of nicotine to combat certain forms of disease. One such case, being researched by the National Center for Biotechnology Information is looking into nicotine as a preventative tool against diseases such as Parkinson’s. Altogether, the negative connotations associated with nicotine are due, for the most part, to it’s context with tobacco. Regardless, the possible benefits of the compound on its own seem to be on the rise.

There hasn’t been a great deal of in-depth research into the long-term effects of vaping in the United States, European health scientists have responded with some preliminary studies. However, the findings of foreign health organizations such as the Cancer Institute UK celebrate e-cigs as a triumph in the fight to help smokers become tobacco-free. Advocates of public health abroad have already answered why do people vape from their perspectives of harm reduction policy.

The vape life community is made up of a diverse cross section of society with member from all walks and backgrounds of life.

Who Are Vapers?

We vape! The reasons for why do people vape brings users from all walks of life. As a result, the vaping community is one of great diversity. From all parts of society, all genders, all ethnic backgrounds all over the world people choose vaping as an integral part of their lives.

The American Journal of Preventative Medicine ran a study on the varied demographic of e-cigarette users. In detail, the data indexed a cross-section of vapers by age, gender and ethnic background that highlighted the diversity of e-cig enthusiasts. In fact, it may surprise many to know that a large contingent of vapers are women.

While the purpose of why do people vape has many explanations, the question of who vapers are has no answer. To explain, vaping is a decision like learning to ski or picking up knitting. Its a pursuit with a subculture of acceptance and integration that doesn’t discriminate against users. Uniquely, vaping doesn’t exclude or in any way ostracize new users.
In fact, novice vapers aren’t only welcomed with open arms, they often find that their questions are answered at length sometimes by total strangers. Walk into any vape shop in the world and just being there, the people working and hanging out are instantly glad to see you. Though why do people vape may be a dividing issue, who vapes is certainly a uniting one.
The beginning of new users journey into the world of vaping is simply to get a device that suits their needs and use it as needed to supplement their nicotine needs

How Do People Start To Vape?

Now that you have an idea of why do people vape and who they are, you may be curious where to start on your own path. To begin, it helps to understand not only the mechanics of e cigs but the different types of devices and components. You may be tempted to pick up an entry level device in a convenience store or gas station, but first educate yourself on the fundamentals of vaping so you can move forward with confidence.

For those just understanding why do people vape, deciding how to spend their initial investment can seem like an impossible task. An easy point to begin is researching the best vape starter kits. The online marketplace is a wellspring of lists, reviews and endorsements. Our reviews for the top e-cig starter kits can be found here.

Consumers will have to consider the usage and wear of the device. Therefore, to simplify vaper’s research, starter kits assemble everything beginners require for three weeks to a month and a half of use. Common starter kits are available with multiple coils at variant ohm settings. Comprehensive kits come with two different resistance values either above ohm, below or one of each. The key to selecting the best vape kit is finding the balance that caters to the user’s desired experience.

Vaping kits that come with replacement coils or flavor cartridges last longer than the single-use units found at the local corner store or gas station. Hidden dangers of buying under-regulated, inexpensively made e-cigarettes include unstable batteries and unknown e-juice additives. Consequently, reputable retailers with exemplary customer service are the optimum destination for buying the safest e-cigs.

The vaping products recommended by reviewers are the most popular brands due to a reputation for low failure rates and least returned models, not necessarily the best-selling e-cigs. With that said, it’s important you get not only the product you want, but one that will last. With regular maintenance and care of a vaping device, it could ideally last it’s user at least as long as it takes them to decided they’re ready for an upgrade.