When it comes to deciding on vape juice nicotine levels, choosing a flavor you’ll love is only half the equation, it’s important get the dosage right to fulfill your needs. Each aspect of the nicotine vape dosage selection process is crucial to ensuring you have the optimum vaping experience. However, choosing the right vape nicotine levels may be easier than you initially thought once you fully understand how each nicotine strength of vape juice is stepped and indexed for every user.

The official FDA position remains that vaping may not be a safer alternative to tobacco, and they continue to consider it a tobacco product due to the nicotine levels vape juice typically has in it. However, as an adult tobacco consumer you will want to match the nicotine level of vape to the amount you got from a traditional tobacco cigarette to ensure there is no gap in the nicotine amounts you need to acclimate.

Specific nicotine levels may have direct effects on your satisfaction and enjoyment when first experiencing vaping. While you may be excited about the plentiful range of vape flavors and electronic cigarettes to choose from, discovering vape juice nicotine levels that correspond to your needs is essential to making the switch to ecigs seamless and easy. Use this handy nicotine vape juice levels guide to explore which milligram dosage is ideal for your first foray into the world of vaping.

Consumer cigarettes come in a range of nicotine strengths that start at 1mg on the lowest end up to 50mg on the highest.

How Much Nicotine Is In A Cigarette?

To understand exactly how much nicotine is in a cigarette of your chosen brand takes a little research. Generally, we equate the usage of nicotine with tobacco, possibly nicotine gum or the patch in reference to ways to quit smoking, but determining the mg of nicotine in a cigarette to help find a satisfying eliquid isn’t as easy as finding one you like and sticking to it.

As we look closer at how how much nicotine is in a vape, we will create some comparisons with different varieties of tobacco to help you define a range of nicotine strengths that will contribute to a comfortable, confident transition to vaping. Unfortunately, there is no hard and fast rule for how ejuice nicotine levels will shape your experience with electronic cigarettes. However, there are set parameters which help to fit new users in a range of milligram measurements that will feel familiar and fulfilling without the carcinogens or added chemicals of smoking.

In addition, it’s important to note that vape juice forms a key component in what makes vaping such an enjoyable experience for so many adults. With that in mind, what’s in vape juice, including nicotine can also scare consumers because of the negative association that nicotine has picked up over the years. Which has many of them considering whether or not is nicotine bad for you, which has been at the center of many anti-smoking as well as anti-smoking debates.

advanced ecigs
advanced ecigs

You’ll be surprised to know that nicotine on its own, and in moderation, really isn’t all that bad for you, not exactly. It is defined as a stimulant and is known to be addictive according to research. However, this may be due for the most part to the way the human body responds to its stimulus and enjoyable effects. In essence, the combination of a stimulant plus a relaxed sensation create a pleasing association with nicotine that our bodies respond to positively, creating a pleasurable bond, not with cigarettes, but nicotine.

That said, the feeling of smoking itself, including any harmful effects in the lungs are then associated to that pleasing effect through ritual and practice, thus making an indelible impression related to smoking. But it isn’t the nicotine itself that is necessarily harmful. However, pregnant women or children should not use nicotine, ever. Even though it is not carcinogenic, the way smoking in general is. In fact, there are studies that point to the positive effects of nicotine usage. Studies have shown that nicotine can help you focus, increase your cognitive process, and even help treat symptoms of depression and Alzheimer’s disease.

Choosing the right ejuice nicotine levels has a lot to do with how much you formerly smoked and which type of cigarettes you smoked formerly, in essence, the measure of the measure of how much nicotine is in a cigarette of your preferred brand.That translates to how much nicotine you absorb, or the bioavailability you have to vape nicotine as well as how much satisfies the cravings. Let’s take a look at the basic parameters in accordance with the most popular standards for eliquid with nicotine on the market right now:

E-liquid comes in a variable amount of nicotine depending on what is necessary to replace the cigarettes previously smoked by its user.

Choosing The Right Vape Juice Nicotine Levels

Non Nicotine Vape Juice: This level will satisfy your needs if simply want to enjoy the sensation of vaping without the presence of the stimulant in your eliquid. If you smoke more than a casual nicotine user, this probably won’t help you keep the cravings at bay. At least not at first, choosing nicotine free vape is best for occasional smokers or those without an attachment to the stimulant at all.

3mg – 6mg or 0.3% – 0.6%: Considered the lightest standard dosage, 3mg vape juice or 6mg nicotine strength can be effective if you are used to smoking “ultra-light” type cigarettes, this is meant to correspond to the lowest nicotine cigarette range of makes with dense filters and perforations.

12mg or 1.2%: This is the beginning range for many former smokers nicotine needs. This is around what they consider a light level nicotine vape juice strength for the most popular ecigarette brands, but it does have enough strength to satisfy a large number of those looking to make the switch. If you smoke a light cigarette, especially if you smoke less than a pack a day, this may well fulfill your nicotine needs.

18mg or 1.8%: The majority of smokers will want to start with this level of nicotine or the next dosage up. If you smoke a full flavored or regular cigarette and smoke up to a pack a day, you will want your vape juice to contain at least 18mg of liquid nicotine to be satisfying.

E-liquid comes in a sliding scale of nicotine levels that vary from low and light to intense and heavy dosage.

24mg or 2.4%: This nicotine strength level suits smokers used to hand rolled or unfiltered cigarettes. Additionally, it could also be a good starting point if you smoke more than a pack a day of a full flavored cigarette.

36mg or 3.6%… or higher: More and more of the prominent ecigarette brands are starting to offer ejuice at this nicotine strength or higher. Obviously, the demand is there, and brands like Juul Vapor are offering their Pods in a single 59mg per milliliter strength without any other options. In addition, White Cloud ejuice is already available up to 5.4% or 54mg in their line of products. While this is truly meant for the heavy smoker who is used to two or more packs a day and requires this much nicotine or nicotine salt to be satisfied, there are a growing number vape companies offering higher nicotine levels to appeal and appease a wider demographic of users looking to make the switch.

American made ejuice
Vape Juice made in the USA

You should be able to place yourself and your habits into one of the above categories, if not multiple, depending on your rituals and needs. With that in mind, it’s also where a lot of first time vapers falter or become overwhelmed by nicotine withdrawals. As soon as the negative association of nicotine echoes through their mind, they’ll often choose a lower level in the hopes that it will be enough for them, only to find that it doesn’t meet their needs.

As a result, selecting a nicotine dosage that doesn’t satisfy, may send users back into the waiting arms of big tobacco. Which is exactly where you don’t want to be. In fact, it can be more constructive to your vaping future to choose a higher nicotine level to satisfying your cravings rather than not getting enough which can frequently result in feeling like all ecigs simply won’t satisfy your needs. Expert Vaping actually recommends starting with vape juices, cartomizers or starter kits set at a higher level than you think you may need and oscillating back and forth between nicotine strength levels to help you acclimate in the beginning.

In the end, the most important factor to helping you adhere to vaping is making sure you are getting enough nicotine. Your body will adjust to the new sensations of vaping that do not produce the feelings of pain and heat produced by combustion and over time you will likely come to prefer it. Essentially, when full flavored cigarette smokers say ultra lights taste like air, or smoking nothing, they just aren’t used to how light it is and vaping is a fair number of steps well below that. It’s important to give it time, while you become accustomed to the feeling of vapor vs smoke.

For those who create large amounts of vapor have no interest in nicotine.

eCig Nicotine Levels Preferred for Blowing Clouds

We have a caveat here, most of our basic vaping guide is designed for new vapers interested in the techniques and effects of an entry level electronic cigarette. If you are using an advanced vape mod that produces massive vapor, what is referred to as “cloud chasing”, many users prefer a lower nicotine level. Part of this is due to the massive density of vapor users inhale. As the amount of vapor to take in is increased, it is logical that you would want to decrease the amount of nicotine you take in from those vape clouds.

For blowing clouds of dense vapor, it’s preferred to select max VG eliquid. In fact, finding brands and vape juice flavors you enjoy who make a 100 VG ejuice , is the hardest part. That said, once you know it’s what you want, selecting your nicotine level is a much simpler process. Vape juice nicotine levels ideal for the biggest vape cloud production are 6 mg on the higher end, 3 mg for users who need minimal nicotine or 0mg vape juice if you don’t need nicotine and cloud chasing is your primary pursuit. Heavy tobacco consumers should be able to enjoy vaping clouds of fulfilling density at 6 mg. However, the most common dosage for cloud chasers will be an enjoyable balance at 3mg. For vapers using a serious cloud chasing vape mod with a 200 to 300 variable wattage range they make a 1.5 mg, which is supposed to give them the best of everything, though, this nicotine dosage is not as common.

There’s more to the vaping story, as we hinted at earlier, the chosen level eliquid you start with isn’t necessarily where you are going to end up as your vaping journey evolves. To explain, many vapers use electronic cigarettes as a tool to help them “step down” from nicotine incrementally, in a very pragmatic and almost scientifically functional way. While there are studies on both sides of the quit smoking debate, it’s clear that any method that helps you live a smoke free life is valuable and many find success with making the switch to vaping.

The hardest part of smokers kicking their butts is the pressure to quit cold turkey, e-cigarettes offer an alternative that both replaces their habit and allows them to taper the amount of nicotine they take in.

Although there are plenty of smoking alternatives such as the nicotine patch, gum, etc., trying vaping at an appropriate nicotine strength level will help you adjust to using ecigarettes, allowing you to gradually step down to lower dosages until you reach zero. In fact, if generating massive clouds of vapor is something you find enjoyable, reaching the 0mg nicotine ejuice can be a goal of encouragement to continue reducing your nicotine intake. Generally many of the non nicotine vape users will come from this group, sometimes after a long and steady process of weaning.

Don’t worry, this is perfectly acceptable way to shape your vaping future. What’s truly important is that you vape at a levels that satisfies your needs and you step down at your own pace. That said, sticking to a vape juice nicotine level that is reassuring and makes you feel comfortable for a while is fine. While we may not know everything there is to know about nicotine, we do understand that it isn’t the most harmful attribute on either side of the vaping vs smoking debate.

Remember, like many aspects of life, finding the right nicotine vape strength may require some trial and error before you find one that fits your needs. It helps to be open to trying different vape nicotine levels initially to see what works best for your preferences. As a result, you’ll have the opportunity to try out a broad range of dosages and vape flavors on your way to finding your favorite ejuice. For us at Expert Vaping we understand that personal research is all about self discovery on your journey to becoming tobacco free.

It’s important to us that our community value the material we provide as a guide toward which products will truly help you make the switch to vaping. We review the top products dominating the electronic cigarette market to make the tough decisions of what to buy even easier. If you’re interested in more information on specific products and their nicotine levels, we put together the best vape juice brands as an added asset to your vaping knowledge. Understanding what you want is a crucial aspect of enjoying the optimum vaping experience, but knowing how to achieve that performance requires action, we just want to ensure that you have the confidence to attain it.

We hope this helps you enjoy your next vaping experience and every one after on your smoke free journey!