With all the information you can handle brimming on the edge of your brain, you want an answer to the ultimate question of which ecig should I buy? Even though you have done a great deal of research and possess an understanding of the different devices and their components, you can start with considering a few crucial points and how they relate to your needs.

There are no set guidelines for finding the best ecig to buy that will satisfy your preferred style. Many users seek simplicity, convenience and ease of use. Some look for attributes that specifically target the rituals of smoking.

Others choose devices that allow for an adjustable, personalized experience or for a range of flavor options and vapor output. In order to determine which device best suits your needs, it’s helpful to understand some of the terminology and technology of the e-cig. This glossary of commonly used words will help you better understand not only the components, but the functions of each part of your device.

Just Keep It Simple — Exploring Which eCigs to Buy

If you’re just starting out, or you’re just not ready to commit to a big investment, keep it simple. There’s no need to begin with anything too complicated. Assuming this is an opportunity to sample vaping, cig-a-likes or pen mods are exactly what you need to get started. They’re easy-to-use, discreet and among the most affordable e-cig options. Some give you options like rechargeable batteries and a variety of flavor cartridge options.

This guide will help you select the best e-cig

Which Type of eCig Should I Buy?


The majority of the designs we think of when we talk about ecigs is a cig-a-like. These devices closely resemble an actual cigarette. Popular models of cig-a-likes are are self-contained, pre-filled by the manufacturer and single-use.

Cig-a-likes commonly use cartomizers which contain vape juice flavor cartridges that supply the taste and nicotine in its vapor. They may be rechargeable or refillable, but many are single-use and disposable, offered with limited flavor and nicotine levels. If you’re wondering what’s the best ecig to buy, these entry level ecig starter kits may be a solid starting point.

Vape Juice

Eliquid, ejuice, or flavor cartridges are the fluid component of ecigarettes that becomes heated and turned into vapor. Reputable vape juices have a limited number of ingredients. Ejuice may contain one part vegetable glycerin or VG. Either blended with VG or as the sole vaporizing fluid propylene Glycol, or PG is a common additive.

Almost all vape juice has a flavoring component available with natural or even organic flavorings. Nicotine is an optional ingredient. Eliquid is available without nicotine for vapers who don’t need it and up to 36mg for those who can’t live without it.


Vegetable glycerin, or VG is the primary ingredient in many e-liquids. High VG is the juice popularly used with sub ohm vaping tanks. Vape Juice with VG alone is responsible for producing large clouds, or heavy vapor output. Although VG is commonly blended with propylene glycol, it’s available without it. The addition of propylene glycol is believed by vapers to yield improved flavor.


Propylene Glycol is another common additive to e-juice. It’s one of the active ingredients that creates vapor, though less so than VG. Many e-liquids are purposely a blend of both PG and VG to create a more balanced vaping experience. Generally, high PG juice is vaped in atomizers with 1 ohm or above resistance. Using predominantly PG ejuice highlights flavor intensity over vapor output.

Vape Tanks

Deciding which is the best ecigarette to buy may depend on aspects like convenience and discretion, however, performance can sometimes suffer with even the best small electronic cigarettes. As a result, many vapers opt to start with a tank system in which the power supply and the reservoir are two different units. Though the tank can refer to an external reservoir that holds eliquid, it can also be used to talk about vape cartridges, cartomizers or refillable pods.  Within each type of tank is a heating coil made of finely wrapped wire, and a wick. Tanks come in many different sizes, but are generally the same cylindrical shape.

eCig Starter Kits

Many of the best ecig starter kits available come in a mod and tank combination. They’re ready to use in a simple pairing with better wattage than a cig-a-like and seemingly infinite vape juice flavor options. Others are simply provided with everything you need to start vaping “right out of the box”. In fact, some of the top vape starter kits like the Juul even come with a supply of flavor cartridges.

Essentially, discovering the answer to which ecig should I buy takes a bit of research, personal experience and talking to other vapers. In this way, you have direct access to all information to decide which ecigarette or vape device you should buy to get the most valuable vaping experience from puff one. Take a look at our vape reviews, information on the best vape brands and what’s new with the industry from our vaping news to start your investigation into what ecig you should buy that will fulfill all your needs and bring you the best vaping experience possible.