Where to buy Green Smoke E-Vapor electronic cigarettes? That is a question that we actually get quite often here. The reason that we get this question is because a lot of people have heard about Green Smoke and about the quality of the vaping but they never see them on sale in the stores. That’s because as of now and in the future the best way to enjoy Green Smoke E-Vapor products is to buy online. You will always have access to a full inventory and the freshest Green Smoke FlavorMax cartridges not to mention the ability to save money.

It is an interesting question, though. Green Smoke is owned by Altria, a massive company with the ability to put their products in hundreds of thousands of retail locations. That is exactly what Altria has done with their other retail e-cig the Mark Ten Vapor Device. But the Green Smoke ecig far outperforms the Mark Ten so it leads one to wonder if Altria has plans to introduce Green Smoke to retail on a grand scale. That may be a part of the future plan. And there are indeed some signs pointing that direction.

Green Smoke electric cigarette starter kit with replacement cartridges and chargers.

In order to sell a product in a retail space, especially an ecig, you have to be mindful of real estate value. In this case, how much shelf space does your product take up? When it comes to vape kits, if you have 20 different variations of vape kits that is not going to be suitable for a retail product. It is fine for an online product but you can’t occupy that much shelf space behind the counter of a C-store.

Recently, three new Green Smoke vape kits were launched streamlining the customer experience to three basic choices. It simplified things and perhaps has put Green Smoke in a better position to be a retail product.

Where To Buy Green Smoke Electronic Cigarettes?

So while Green Smoke may have a more pronounced retail presence in the future, as of now the place where to buy Green Smoke is online. To be frank, online will always be the best place to buy Green Smoke and I will tell you why. Number one, you will always get the best price online and you never have to worry about your favorite Green Smoke refill cartridges not being in stock. On top of that, when you buy Green Smoke online you will be sure to get fresh cartridges as opposed to refill cartridges that may have been sitting on a shelf collecting dust for 6 months.

Another big reason why online is the best answer to where to buy Green Smoke is the auto-ship program that will save you money. Buy arranging for an automatic shipment of Green Smoke ecig refill cartridges you can get big discounts. Better yet, you get serious convenience and never having to worry about running out of FlavorMax cartridges.

Green Smoke vapor cartridges in two flavors and Ever Smoke e-cigarette kits including charger and classic tobacco flavored cartridges.

Also, we have an exclusive Green Smoke discount code that you can use to save money on your initial starter kit. How does it work? It is really easy. Just use the link below to visit the Green Smoke E-Vapor website and you will activate an automatic discount code. The discount will be automatically applied when you check out of the site if you choose to make a purchase.

Between our Green Smoke coupon code and the auto-ship program, not to mention Green Smoke’s frequent online sales, these are the types of specials and deals that you can only get when you buy online.

More Reasons To Buy Green Smoke Online

We have talked about the main reasons to buy Green Smoke online. The better prices and fresh product are obvious reasons of course and you certainly get the best value. Even if or when NuMark E-Vapor takes Green Smoke retail, stick to buying online and get more value. But there are more reasons and primarily the most underrated reason is direct access to the company and better customer service.

Think about that for a sec. You buy an ecig from XYZ gas station. It doesn’t work, the battery is a dud. Now what? Call the 800 number on the box? Email the company? Then you send them the busted ecig on your dime, wait, then maybe they send you a new one….. 6 weeks later. The gas station attendant can’t help, it’s not his or her company. Wouldn’t it be better if you could cut out the middle person and deal direct with the company that makes the product? I think so.

Green Smoke products and kits on display in glass cases amongst other e-cigarettes in a retail store.

When you buy direct from Green Smoke you will be dealing direct with the people who make your ecig. There is an online chat feature, a toll free number and an email. You will be dealing directly with people who know the product and will work to get things done so that you are satisfied.

Green Smoke Detailed Review

The cigalike is the easiest type of vaping device that you can get. Despite all of the movement toward complex, advanced mods Green Smoke remains among the premiere vape brands. They have now sold well over 50 million products. The Green Smoke reviews posted by consumers verify the quality and enjoyable vapor experience that you get from Green Smoke. It is not your average cigalike! It produces as much vapor as some mods.

Green Smoke offers a 30 day money back guarantee and a one year warranty on their batteries. Green Smoke FlavorMax cartridges are fresh sealed and not only are tremendous vapor producers, the flavor is very consistent. The flavor is there from the first puff to the last puff. The success of Green Smoke speaks for itself. They were one of the original vape brands and highly coveted. Since their acquisition they have continued their roll.

A lot of adults, especially new vapers, are looking for something simple that allows them to simply enjoy the pleasure of vaping and not have to worry about any of the complexities that come with refillable tanks and multi-function expensive vape mods. Green Smoke is easy and enjoyable. It is understandable why people want to know where to buy Green Smoke and there is no doubt that the best place to buy is online.

Use the link below to go and check out Green Smoke. Just by using the link you will activate an exclusive Green Smoke coupon code. If you decide to try Green Smoke, and with the 30 day money back guarantee you have nothing to lose by trying, the discount will automatically be taken off the price of any starter kit. So, that’s it for where to buy Green Smoke! Question answered.