It has been a while since we checked in with one of the first American ecig brands, South Beach Smoke. As much attention has been drawn toward the new vape mods and vape tanks, South Beach Smoke continues to thrive with a strong line-up of basic, easy to use electronic cigarette devices and USA made e-liquids. The positive South Beach Smoke reviews submitted by consumers still pour in. South Beach has always offered top quality vape products and their success proves, satisfyingly, that quality still matters.

American customers love the quality of South Beach and the customer service. When you think of “fun” ecig brands, South Beach is at the top of that list. People also love the fact that South Beach ships worldwide. We have had consumers from Australia, England, Canada, Mexico and others tell us that they are amazed at the product quality and customer service. South Beach Smoke customers tend to stick with them. That loyalty tells you something. If you are making your customers happy, you are doing a lot right.

South Beach Smoke logo in silver with a glowing orange o.

What is the secret of South Beach’s success? Obviously quality is number one. People are thoroughly enjoying the vaping experience that they get with South Beach Smoke vapor products. But more than that, South Beach Smoke really does put the fun in vaping. And it all starts with a visit to their website where the shopping experience is interactive and, to use that word again, fun!

South Beach Smoke E-Cigs And E-Liquid

One thing that you will love about South Beach Smoke is the line-up of top quality vape products at low prices. South Beach Smoke has been in the business a long time. They know vaping. And because they have been so successful for a long time they are passing savings on to you, and me! They have consistently reduced prices and now they offer the best vaping values in the game.

South Beach Smoke has cigalike beginner e-cig starter kits starting at just under $10. You can get a complete starter kit for under $20, and that is about half to one third of the the price that similar kits sell for from other brands. The best part is that while the prices are low the quality is high. South Beach is one of the better US ecig brands by far. They have cut 75% off of the original prices. There are some amazing deals to be had.

South Beach Smoke slashes prices on their starter kit packages.

One of the best things that I like about South Beach Smoke starter kits is that you can still get the old school cigalike starter kits that come with a portable charger case. These days portable charger cases are not en vogue and that sucks because a PCC allows you to keep your ecig batteries fully charged anytime anywhere. They have a lot of different ecig starter kit configurations and all at vastly reduced prices. Look, if you are looking for a beginner cigarettes style ecig then you are not going to find a better product for a better price.

South Beach Smoke deluxe ultimate starter kit including e-cigs, chargers, cases, mods, and cartridge refills.

South Beach Smoke does not have advanced temp control mods. For that you will want to visit South Beach’s sites company VaporFi Electronic Cigarettes. If you are looking for easy to use electronic cigarettes, vaporizers and premium quality USA made e-juice, then yes you will want to check out South Beach Smoke for sure. You will get the best quality at low prices. The value that they offer is outstanding.

But that’s not the only reason that South Beach Smoke continues to thrive and do so well with consumers. This is the fun vape brand where you get to create and crafty your own vaping experience!

Make Your Own Ecigs And E-Juice With South Beach Smoke

There is something about South Beach Smoke that is unique. They have a number of ecigs and mods that are excellent. We loved the South Beach Smoke Thunder for example. But it’s more than that. When you visit the South Beach website in search of new vape gear or e-liquid, you can enjoy an interactive shopping experience. It’s true! You can make your own e-cig and create your own e-liquid. Like I said, these guys are the fun vape brand.

The process to make your own e-cig mod is very easy. You do it all online with a free clicks of a mouse or taps of a finger. You can choose battery size, shape and style, you can also choose then tank size, capacity and function. And you can choose from some wild color combinations! If you can imagine it you can make it. It is a lot of fun using the interactive online “build your own e-cigarette’ feature.

South Beach Smoke deluxe starter kit and various models of vape pens.

You can also make your own e-liquid.South Beach Smoke e-liquid is a genuinely premium brand. It doesn’t have the name recognition of some of the hip and trendy ejuices being sold on vape shops, but in terms of quality South Beach is an industry leader. All of their vape juice is made in the USA at an FDA registered lab facility where only the best ingredients are utilized by true professionals. There is never any diacetyl or acetoin in any South Beach E-Juice blend.

What you can do is use the South Beach Smoke custom e-liquid tool to create your own e-liquid recipe right online. With your creativity, you can invent your own unique flavor! There are thousands and thousands of possibilities.

South Beach Smoke offers their make your own e-liquid vape juice option.

I think the best way to talk about what’s going on at South Beach Smoke really is for you to go and see for yourself. I believe that they are the ‘fun’ vap[e brand and that is a big part of why they are still going strong. A lot of other ecig brands have come and gone over the years, but South Beach Smoke is still making it happen with a simple formula. Excellent products that deliver better vaping, attentive, solution oriented customer service, and fun. That’s it. Go check them out, shop around and see what you think.