To begin, it helps to first understand what is a vape mod. These are devices that produce inhalable vapor powered by technology based on the original e-cigarette. There are four primary varieties of vape mods; mech mods, pen mods, tube mods, and box mods. Cig-a-likes are not considered mods since they ostensibly implement the original designs or e-cigs, though many sold currently are equipped with improved features.

Vape Pens have emerged as the chosen vape mods for dry herb, wax, and extract vaping enthusiasts. Initial e-cigarette technology was originally designed to vaporize a liquid mixture. However, vape mods have been adapted to create vapor from organic material to atomize its essence.

What Is A Vape Mod For?

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Flowers, extracts and waxes are heated on a coil to the point of vaporization. to synthesize the active ingredients and distill them in a vapor cloud for inhalation. Conversely, come vaporizers pass heated air through dry herbs to create a cloud of active ingredients.

Commonly, vape mods are composed of four basic parts that can be sold separately or integrated into a starter kit. Mods are given their names according to shape; tube, box, pen, etc. and powered by a lithium ion batteries. The power unit connects to a reservoir tank that is filled with e-liquid. Heating coils are powered by the battery and housed inside a protective head inside the tank.

Atomizer coils are packed or fed by cotton wicks which absorb e-juice, preparing it for vaporization. It is important that this wick always remain saturated with liquid to prevent dry or burnt hits. Repetitive dry or burnt hits with a full tank are a definitive indication that the coil or wick need to be replaced.