It’s become a common word that is a part of our daily lives, but what is a Juul exactly? To explain, the Juul electronic cigarette is one of the most revolutionary products to appear on the vaping radar since the industry began. With a sleek, streamlined modern design, the discreet compact Juul ecig hides plentiful vapor in plain sight.


Due to recent media coverage concerning JUUL, Expert Vaping can no longer recommend the JUUL Brand.

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With an innovative design that resembles a USB jump drive, a geometric ballpoint pen or a miniature version of the monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey, the Juul device has managed to secure its place among the most common objects of our daily lives. Without the stigma of most small ecigarettes that appear to be fashioned after traditional tobacco products, Juul Vapor has securely set itself apart from the competition in an impressive way. In fact, dedicated users have embraced the Juul vape pen in part because it has emerged as a part of their lifestyle.

Juul ecigs have become as much a popular vaping device than they have a fashionable accessory that goes with everything, including your nicotine cravings. Essentially, the Juul vape device is a compact cig-a-like completely redesigned from the ground up to offer anyone curious about nicotine infused vapor the opportunity to try a device they can feel confident, comfortable and fulfilled with. Consequently, what is a Juul clearly speaks to its ownership by Pax Labs who managed to completely redesign traditional ecigarettes. They have created a beautiful monster in the Juul device, an incredible combination of modern design and outstanding vapor technology in a small electronic cigarette that looks like it fell off of a poster for a music festival.

What is Juul? — What’s the difference between Juuling vs. Vaping

Although to some there doesn’t seem to be much distinction between how to use a Juul and vaping, there are some significant differences that users of the wildly popular small ecig would be quick to point out. Firstly, you aren’t vaping, you’re “Juuling”. If you’re asking yourself “what is juuling”,  you wouldn’t be the first. In essence, its simply the practice of using a Juul vape pen, however, this ecigarette has taken on a life of its own since its sudden skyrocket in popularity. One question many people are asking themselves is, what is a Juul providing its users that vaping could not?

To explain what is a Juul, we first have to talk about eponyms. In detail, any name, past, present or future that comes to be synonymous with a particular product is considered an eponym, or a common term for an item that takes its name from a brand. They can be as simple as a person’s proper name, or as complicated as an obscure term created specifically for a line of products. In fact, you already know and use dozens of them all the time, Uber and “Ubering” being the most modern and popular eponyms for using a hired car, that was until before we understood the Juuling meaning.

However, the ones that may surprise you are words like Band Aid, Kleenex, Jacuzzi and Aspirin. Yep, that’s right, Aspirin was once a popular brand name before it entered the colloquial canon. On the other hand, the Juul vape brand based their product on existing technology and it’s kind of a mystery how and why it took off so quickly and intensely (I did say “kind of”). The reasons for why this ecigarette has gained popularity and why this little pocket powerhouse isn’t going anywhere are pretty clear. But what is a Juul compared to any other small ecig or vape mod?

Significantly, Juul pods are only available in limited flavors and a singularly high nicotine dosage which puts serious limitations on your ability to step down or become nicotine free. That said, Juul alternatives such as the Trap Pod from Mig Vapor offer a broader ability of customization in both vape flavor as well as nicotine strength and their pods are far more durable and travel ready. For a comparable small ecigarette that achieves a similar level of performance at less than half the cost, the Trap Pod is worth checking out.

Modern Design Meets Satisfying Vapor — What Is A Juul E-cig Doing Differently?

The genius engineering behind the Juul vaporizer was developed by the same people as the Pax portable vaporizer. Seeing an opening in the vaping market for a new brand of ecig that applies the continued developments in technology to an elegant device with subtle improvements and incredible design, Pax Labs developed the Juul vape pen as the next step in offering smokers vapor products that outperform the competition while retaining an understated aesthetic. In essence, the fact that the Juul vaporizer does not look like a traditional ecigarette is one of its strongest attributes.

When we look at what is Juul offering its users above other top vape brands, another important aspect is the delivery of nicotine and how you get refill cartridges. Creating a seamless pod system that users could easily interchange across a simplified system was key to the rise in popularity of the Juul vape starter kit. While many vapers treasure the choices available to them, new users may feel overwhelmed by the equipment and constant maintenance of complicated vaping devices. Looking at the battery and cartridge section of the modern looking ecig, it’s truly difficult to describe what is a Juul in comparison to nearly anything else available.

Juul Vapor managed to simplify not only the way they get their vapor but created a device that they deem worthy of all levels of users. As they implemented nicotine salts at a set dosage, their Juul products were able to deliver some of the most effective and satisfying vapor offered, carving out a loyal following of users. The popularity of the Juul kit speaks greatly to a society desperate to move away from unsightly box mods, but which still clearly sees the value in vaping vs. smoking.

While users of the Juul ecigarette may not consider themselves vapers exactly, they are part of a growing community dedicated to living smoke free lives. The Juul starter kit has secured a place for itself among a broad demographic of users and will likely only continue to expand its reach. Setting itself apart from the rest of the industry, it is unclear exactly what is Juul doing to help the growth of the vaping community on the whole. One of the biggest questions is whether they will play an active role in the battle against FDA regulations regarding the banning of flavors as not just the best Juul flavors but almost all their flavored vape juice products will be affected. Only time will tell whether the Juul brand stands up as a powerful voice speaking up for vaping advocacy. Here’s hoping…