Let’s get to a common question new users have about electronic cigarettes; what does vaping feel like? Vaping has different effects on individual users depending on their technique. Effectively, how they draw vapor through a device, the specifications and settings of their equipment as well as the juice they choose all have bearing on the outcome. The sensation of using an e-cig can range from a warm tickle at the back of your throat to taking a deep breath at the peak of a mountain.

Different Sensations For Every Device

The preferences of what you enjoy can help determine what style is the best e-cigarette to suit your usage. For example, a vape mod with built-in temperature control is able to adjust the warmth and heat of the coils. Therefore the user’s preference for vapor temperature produced can range from cool and refreshing to warm and harsh. The dosage of nicotine directly effects the feeling users experience in the back of their throat. Generally a higher mg of nicotine becomes a more intense throat hit.

Vaping does not feel like smoking, not really. To clarify, the intense feeling of bombarding yourself with chemicals and carcinogens isn’t there, because ecigs don’t contain them. However, the question what does vaping feel like can only be answered through personal research. Expect a feeling of fullness, of light warmth and the aforementioned tingle if you choose a vape juice with nicotine. Inhaling flavored vapor is unlike anything else you’ve experienced, but for many of us, once we tried it, we didn’t need any comparison.