A funny thing happened on the way to becoming a legitimate mainstream alternative to traditional tobacco smoking; vape liquid packaging was ignored. I like to think of vape liquid, or eliquid, or ecig juice, whatever you want to call it, as a lifeline of sorts. Really this is the gas in the engine that is converted by your electronic cigarette into that tasty vapor, that’s how they work. It has also become something we all rely on in the ecig community, which means it is that much more important to demand that it is coming to us in the proper form.

The proper form, among other things, means safe. Vape liquid has to come to us in the right vehicle, whether it is in a bottle or a self-contained 2-piece ecig system. We need to know that vape liquid nicotine levels are right and that nothing extraneous has been added to what will later be vaped by us. Vape liquid packing needs to reflect a responsible approach to safety. The electronic cigarette industry may still be a wild wild west of sorts, but it is fast being settled into mainstream America. With that, certain standards must take shape to protect us consumers.

It's important for vapers to have full knowledge of the contents of their e-liquid, especially nicotine levels as it is the actively addictive ingredient.

Another thing is that this is urgent. For years we have been able to lean on the fact that the ecig industry is relatively new. This meant we could say things take time and they will develop. We could reassure others that where we are now, isn’t where we will be in a decade, or in a few years, or even in 6 months. Things moved that quickly. But there comes a time where an industry needs to move forward, move toward adolescence, and this is that time for electronic cigarettes. With eliquid being such an important component of ecigs, we can’t wait any longer.

Childproof Vape Liquid Packaging A Start

The good thing is that there is movement on this front. Vape liquid packaging may have been ignored for years, but it coming into view front and center now. We have long been proponents of childproof vape liquid packaging because we know how crucial that is.

Nobody wants anybody getting into a bottle of it, especially with vape liquid nicotine levels that can be high enough to be fatal for kids and animals.

This is of huge concern and some states went as far as to legislate for childproof packaging. That’s a good start but we also need to make sure that the industry is providing consumers with a full accounting of juice ingredients with complete, legible vape liquid packaging.

Concerns over children having access to e-liquid that smells and tastes like sweets are being addressed with child-proof packaging as a start.

Now we are getting more of that and on a wider scale, as Congress has officially approved a national law that requires childproof vape liquid packaging. As soon as President Obama signs this into law, and he is expected to do that right away, there will be a new standard in the land. This is long overdue and sorely needed. It is also a point that is not contentious between electronic cigarette advocates and opponents. Everyone can agree that vape liquid needs to be out of the hands of kids and we should do everything we can to make sure they don’t have access.

It shouldn’t end there, however. Aside from childproof packaging, we need to demand better oversight of vape liquid. In the old days you would get people making their own juice in bathtubs, and in some places that is still happening. But if you are buying something from a manufacturer, and hopefully you only buy products from brands we know have high quality control practices, you want to know it is safe. Ideally you would have some transparency in that process so you can see for yourself that what you are ingesting is exactly what you paid for.

Vaporfi produces one of the most well-known and trusted e-liquids on the market with flavors like Summer Lovin, Northern Lights, Black Velvet, Decadance and Moroccan Gold.

While we are concerned about the number of vape liquids out there that are not being properly manufactured and packaged. We are happy to know that some of the best American ecig brands are doing things right. Companies like Apollo, Halo and VaporFi are manufacturing juice to the highest standards and packaging all products responsibly. They rely on independent lab testing and tracking all of their juice blends to ensure quality control and full accountability. These companies are the bright lights in this business. Unfortunately, not everyone is so caring and professional about the products that they are selling.

Vape Liquid Nicotine Levels Clarity

One aspect that gets overlooked is vape liquid nicotine levels, and the lack of clarity in some. If you are making thousands, let alone millions, of gallons of vape liquid, it can be a challenge to correct get those levels right.

But however challenging it is, it is also imperative to get it right. Smokers are depending on that number to know how much nicotine they’re using as an alternative to the nicotine from tobacco cigarettes. This information is paramount to their success in making the switch to vapor.

Some vape shops sell e-liquid with unknown levels of nicotine added, demand juice that fully discloses how many milligrams your fluid contains..

We’ve seen vape liquid nicotine levels be labeled wrong in vape shops before and that can be a scary thought. If you’ve worked your way down to very little nicotine and then take some puffs from a very high level of it, you won’t like how you feel. On the other end, if you’re not getting the right amount of nicotine you need, you may think that your ecig isn’t doing it anymore and you’ll go buy a pack of analogue cigarettes. That’s not good for you nor is it good for the ecig company you were buying from. All of this really reinforces how important it is to get the eliquid nicotine levels right on vape liquid packaging.

Possibly in response to massive sales of cloned devices and unregulated juices that don't list ingredients or nicotine dosage, the FDA has passed what is called the deeming rule which imposes harsh regulations on the sale of vape products.

It isn’t all gloom and doom however. Even though proper regulatory practices aren’t fully in place for vape liquid yet, they are coming. That is evidenced by the moves from congress and the upcoming FDA deeming rule. Also, you can avoid risks by just making the right choices. If you use a 2-piece ecig then you don’t have to worry about accidental ingestion of vape liquid. Even if you use a mod you can reduce your risk by always purchasing from the highest quality eliquid providers. What we are talking about here is the need for the industry as a whole to move forward, but individually you can make the right choices for yourself and be okay.

As much as it was fun to see this new invention come to the market and an industry sprout from nowhere, it will be good to see it become even more mainstream. That means millions more smokers will be exposed to the lifestyle changing power of vapor. On the way to that place we are headed to, we need to make sure everything is done right. We can’t chance anything that would tarnish electronic cigarettes, especially with all the misleading attacks from the media. The impact of vapor is too important for those missteps. That’s why we need to see proper vape liquid packaging happen now, for our sake as consumers but also for the sake of leaving the opportunity open for more smokers to join us.