We took a look at a high-end box mod to determine if a big name in mech vaping can keep up quality with our VGOD Elite 200 review. We’ll cover the basics and help you decide if this is the new piece of hardware you have been looking for. The new Elite box mod is a regulated, 200 watt TC capable device. True to their roots, VGOD has included a high-performance mech mode, an innovative feature that has everyone buzzing about this device.

VGOD is one of the biggest names in mech mods. The VGOD Elite 200 watt mod is 84 mm tall and 55 mm wide. The thickness ranges from 24.5 mm to 30 mm. The reason that the thickness varies is the irregular shape of this device. It is not a square edged box. Rather it has smooth, protruding features that give is a very comfortable, ergonomic feel. It’s also gorgeous. The VGOD shield on one side and the large etched VGOD logo on the other.

new vgod elite red now for sale

The build quality and construction are fantastic. It is metal throughout the body and even the fire button is metal. Kind of like the Envii Loch Ness mod. This mod is a durable, good looking beast. Kind of like me! Anyway. The fire button is perfectly located on the top of the mod. It is a thumb sized button perfectly located for thumb firing. My only gripe is that it is not a clicky fire button but that’s not a big thing. The overall build quality is five star. This mod sells for about $190 placing it in a higher price bracket. But it is a high-quality build that’s for sure. Rock solid and you will feel that the second you take it out of the box.

VGOD Elite Vape Mod Review

Let’s get to the nuts and bolts of this VGOD Elite 200 review. This is a 200 watt dual 18650 device. There are several vaping modes including variable wattage, temperature control, and mechanical mod mode. In temp control, the Elite is capable of nickel, titanium, and two grades of stainless steel. The device is also firmware upgradeable.

vgod elite 200 w comes with spare badge and carrying pouch

VGOD Elite Vape Mod Review Specs:

  • Matte black Aluminum body with brushed Stainless Steel features
  • Large customizable display screen
  • Power mode up to 200 Watts
  • Adjusts in 0.1 increments
  • Mech mode at 4.2 Volts continuous
  • ProMode with 7 seconds adjustable wattage in 1-second intervals
  • Temperature control mode in Stainless Steel, Titanium & Nickel
  • Firmware upgradable
  • Rapid micro USB charging
  • Dual 18650 bottom load (batteries not included)
  • 24.5mm, 30mm at widest point
  • Height: 84.25mm
  • Length: 55mm
  • Display: 23mm x 12mm

VGOD Elite Vaping Features

One of the features of the VGOD Elite is ProMode. What is ProMode? It is a custom firing profile setting. You can program 7 seconds of firing time. It is really easy to set your own ProMode custom firing profile, especially with the large, bright display screen. My preferred firing profile is a higher wattage for the first two seconds that gradually declines. For example, you can have 90 watts for the first second of firing, 85 for the second, 65 for the third, and then down to a mellow 50 for the last four seconds. That will give a hard initial hit that mellows out. You can do the reverse, too. Start out mellow and ramp up the intensity.

vgod elite has proMode with custom fire profile

The stability vaping in temperature control mode is excellent. The only dip in the road is that there is a bit of a delay between hitting the fire button and the atomizer firing. Mods like the Smok T-Priv fire faster and cost less. What really sets the Elite apart is the build quality and how it operates in mech mode. This mod works like a dream for coil builders.

Who Is The VGOD Elite For

This device is especially excellent for coil builders who enjoy building at super low resistances. Using the VGOD Elite 200 review model  in mech mode with your low build it is phenomenal. Plus in mech mode you get the benefits of a mech and the safety features. You will get a beautiful performance from your low resistance builds. The secret sauce of the Elite is the constant 4.2-volt output.

The constant voltage output in mech mode is consistent regardless of the battery status. Even as the battery capacity is drained, you will not get a reduced power output. If the VGOD Elite cannot deliver the full voltage, it won’t fire. You will get consistency consistently! Had to say it. Sorry. Anyway, the bottom line is that the VGOD is a rock star for coil builders looking for a high-performance, top quality mod to get the most out of your low resistance builds.

VGOD Elite Review Summary

The VGOD Elite mod review is about done! This is a top quality 200 watt dual 18650 mod. It is built to last and capable of accepting future firmware upgrades. It is especially outstanding in mech mode.

vgod elite 200w great dual battery mechanical mod


  • Slight delay before atomizer fires
  • Fire button doesn’t have audible click
  • Battery door detaches


  • Exceptional quality build
  • Stylish, asymmetric design
  • Comfortable and ergonomic
  • USA designed
  • Mech mode delivers consistent power
  • Temp control capable
  • ProMode gives you custom fire profile

The VGOD Elite has been selling fast. It is priced at $190 and right now VaporDNA has them in stock. I hope our VGOD Elite 200 review has given you some guidance and focus as to whether this powerful new unit is your next investment.