Today’s ecig technology has advanced far beyond the early days and basic designs of the first personal vaporizing devices. In the quest for more vapor free cigarettes companies developed variable wattage and variable voltage ecig mods these vaporizers allowed you to customize your vaping experience.

If you look at a product like the Apollo Endeavor it features a compilation of the best vaporizer technologies achieved over the better part of the last decade. Ecigarettes like the Endeavor provide ample vapor, they capture the best of the flavor in your eliquid and can satisfy the needs of the most demanding consumers.

The Apollo Endeavor starter kit comes with two vaping devices and two bottles of Apollo e-liquid made in the USA in flavors such as Watermelon and Baja Burst.

Be that as it may variable voltage and variable wattage ecig mods still have a place in vaping and, in fact, are growing in popularity. There is an additional element of complexity involved in using a variable voltage or variable wattage ecig but the idea of fine tuning vaping to suit exact tolerances is very appealing to many ecigarette users.

If you are looking at different ecigarette models and you see a VV or VW as part of the name of the ecigarette, that indicates either variable voltage or variable wattage. Generally, if you see the letter V in the name of the vaporizer product, it probably has a variable voltage or wattage option. For example the iTaste VTR. The iTaste VTR is a popular box mod that offers bot a variable woltage or a variable wattage setting.

Many of the favored ecigarette products offer you the option of setting the device to vary either the voltage or the wattage. The settings are set up to be user friendly and offer a digital display so you can easily identify which setting that you are using.

Most variable voltage and variable wattage ecig mods allow you to deliver more power and higher temperatures to your atomizer giving you more vaper. That’s a general rule although higher temperatures so not always mean more vapor. You have to be aware of the battery output vs the atomizer resistance otherwise you run the risk overheating and burning your eliquid. You also run the risk of the heat becoming so high that trace metallic elements of the atomizer itself are vaporzed and then inhaled.

From time to time you hear about a study that detected elements of contaminants in vapor. Without fail these incidents can be traced to situations where the atomizer was exposed to more electricity than it was intended to accommodate. Mech mods are notoriously bad for this because there is no regulation of the battery whatsoever.

When an ecigarette is used as designed, those trace elements are not detected. Variable voltage and variable wattage can give you a great vaping experience but it is important to be informed and use them as designed.

Difference Between Variable Voltage And Variable Wattage Ecigs

This handy index chart shows the intersectional difference between variable voltage and variable wattage.

What is the difference between variable voltage and variable wattage ecigs? Well, think of it like this. It is like an automatic vs a manual transmission. The variable voltage is the stick shift and the variable wattage is the automatic.

Variable voltage vaporizer / ecig products require that you operate according to the resistance capabilities of your atomizer. With variable voltage mods you control the output of energy from the battery to the atomizer. You have to coordinate this very carefully. If the resistance is not capable of withstanding the energy that you deliver you can burn your atomizer coil, which can create toxic by products. You can also burn the eliquid.

The safe vaping chart above is a guideline. Review the chart to see which voltages work with which atomizer resistances. Many atomizers are in the 1.6 or 1.8 ohm area. 3.2 V to 5 V are recommended ranges for these atomizers. Remember, this chart is a guideline only. Ecigarettes and vaporizers come in all shapes and sizes as to eliquids. There are so many variables at play that defining an absolute is not possible. It will take some trial and error to see which setting you personally prefer.

The big thing is not to overheat or burn your ejuice. Too high of a voltage and you can also fry your atomizer and drain your battery too quickly.

The blend of eliquid is also a factor. The vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) blend affect viscosity. Some voltage settings also seem to bring out more flavor than others. You can adjust and experiment to find which works best. Staying below 6 V is recommended unless you have a higher resistance atomizer.

The variable voltage setting is going to change your ecig battery life. Obviously, lower voltages drain your batteries more gradually than higher voltages.

Start out at lower voltage settings and work upward if you want more vapor. Just don’t overdo it.

On the other hand variable wattage is more a measure of the energy that your atomizer utilizes. That’s not an exact description of what’s going on but generally speaking the difference between variable voltage and variable wattage ecigs can be quickly summed up by saying that variable voltage is the energy you are applying to the atomizer and variable wattage allows the atomizer to use the energy it needs. It’s like an automatic function; wattage will not overheat the atomizer.

Basically with variable wattage vaporizer devices what happens is the power or energy is automatically controlled and ensures optimal function of your atomizer. With variable wattage the math and the work is done for you.

Sub Ohm Vaping

The Aspire Atlantic sub ohm vape tank mod is the ideal addition to any vaping kit.

Variable wattage ecigs have empowered a new trend referred to as sub ohm vaping. When the atomizer resistance is less than 1.0 ohms, you’ve got sub ohm vaping.

Sub ohm vaping works by getting more power from your vaporizer. With less resistance more energy flows from the battery. More energy means more heat. Early on, sub ohm vaping usually involved using a mech mod. The lack of battery regulation would open the door to accidents and overheated atomizers. Using a mech mod for sub ohm vaping is complicated and can be dangerous.

With the technology available now, you can enjoy sub ohm vaping more safely on a regulated ecig battery and variable wattage enables you to enjoy the experience without worrying about the complexities of the electrical relationships occurring between your battery and atomizer.

New technologies like the Aspire Atlantic ecig tank have opened the door to allowing people to get their massive vapor clouds without the fuss of a complicated mech mod.

Variable Voltage Or Variable Wattage Vaporizers?

The Vaporfi Rocket variable voltage or variable wattage power mod is a powerhouse in a pocket-sized package.

There are a lot of electronic cigarette devices that offer both variable voltage and variable wattage options. Using variable wattage electronic cigarette devices or setting your device to variable wattage instead of variable voltage is can be the safer and easier choice especially when sub ohm vaping.

You don’t need to be concerned with the finite details of your atomizer resistance or be worried that you could be overheating your vapor.

Not to mention overheating the coil and then inhaling a few metal particles.

So why would you ever use variable voltage ecig mods? After all if you go with variable voltage you have to make sure to be aware of your output and resistance. The advantage or benefit is the fact that variable voltage mods allow for the fine tuning of your vaping experience. Kind of like adjusting all the different levels on your speaker settings.

The Vaporfi Rocket vape mod, is slim and simple with modular parts and fully adjustable attributes.

The better ecig companies like VaporFi offer variable voltage products with powerful but regulated batteries. The ecig products are designed so that you can adjust the voltage but within optimal vaping ranges. For example the VaporFi Rocket is truly a big, powerful ecig / vaporizer. It has a variable voltage function that tops out at 4.8 V.

The VaporFi Rocket is an example of a variable voltage ecig that allows you to fine tune your vaping but frees you from the worry of overheating.

It’s a matter of choice. Electronic cigarettes are technological devices. They have a wide range of capabilities. Ecig technology enables a lot of different functions. Choosing from among all of the available technology and options can be a fun experience but it can also be an imposing one.

Overheating or burning e-juice can lead to burns or other serious injury, make sure the coils are covered when you operate the heating element and that it operates at a reasonable temperature.

A lot of folks aren’t interested in dealing with voltages and resistance. They simply want something that works well and is easy to use. If that describes you and then there are a lot of options for you as well. Like we mentioned at the outset, ecig technology has come a long way and regular cigalikes and mods are capable of producing ample vapor and generating a satisfying experience. The simpler options are also often more affordable as well. You can get some of the best value ecigarette vape kits without compromising one iota on performance.

If you are looking for those clouds of vapor, then a VV / VW device might will probably be right in your wheelhouse. That’s the great thing about vaping, the options are incredible. It is the free market at work! There is something for everybody.