What do Kia Motors, Heinz, Jack Daniels and V2 eCigs have in common? They have all hired the same European publicity company to make a strong move into the European market. V2cigs.eu has already been launched and V2 eCigs Europe is already making inroads as Vapour 2.

With a powerhouse PR firm at their side, they may be about to expand massively.

Hiring a marketing company facilitates trade

Publicasity is a European superstar when it comes to public relations and marketing. Tom Hargreaves, a Board Director at Publicasity, said that “V2 already has a strong presence online and our goal is to help drive distribution and raise awareness amongst consumers…It’s an exciting opportunity to work with them in this stage of the UK launch and we’re confident that our expertise can make a real difference.”

Vapour 2

One of the first steps was a rebranding just for the European electronic cigarette market. Vapour 2 was born. This is not the first rebranding of V2 Cigs.

V2 has already diversified into the V2 Pro Series, which are dual function devices that work as ecigs or vaporizers.

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The Pro Series batteries are powerful and technologically advanced. The Pro Series cartridges work with eliquid, dry herbs or waxes.

Another V2 brand is Vapor Couture, an elegant ecigarette line directed to the stylish consumer. Vapour 2 will offer Vapor Couture as well as the same V2 Cigs products that are available in the US.

Vapour 2 is striving to differentiate itself through quality and transparency. Part of that transparency involves using the best eliquid ingredients and tracking each batch to ensure quality control. Customers can actually track their specific batch through the Vapour 2 website.

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The actual Vapour 2 electronic cigarette products are identical to the V2 cigs products that American vapers are very familiar with. V2 is an extremely popular brand that makes a very solid product and excellent ecig flavors. Expert Vaping has a full V2 Cigs electronic cigarette review that you can check out to get all of the details.

With a brilliant marketing team and a solid product, look for Vapour 2 to become a major player in the European ecig scene.