With high power devices becoming an industry standard, we’re excited about our VaporFi V-Grip 220 TC Mod Review. For an industry giant with proven success making small box mods and devices, it’s ambitious to offer a new product that doesn’t increase functionality beyond what’s flooding the vape market.

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However, we’re not talking about just any vape maker here, we’re talking about Vaporfi. To explain, if you’ve never heard of Vaporfi, they’re one of the biggest name in American mod and e cig manufacturers. Vaporfi is universally trusted to produce outstanding products they can stand behind. Perhaps that’s why this device was so long in the making.

VaporFi V-Grip 220 TC Mod Review — Keeping High Wattage Low Stress

Here’s the thing, when you’ve tried everything and there is a wealth of 200-plus watt mods available, it’s tough to be wowed. That said, the Vaporfi V-Grip 220w TC mod is big wow from me personally. I’ve loved their products since I first started vaping, primarily due to the way they seamlessly combine streamlined design with outstanding engineering and this mod takes that practice well beyond anywhere they have dared venture so far.

Sure, you can get much higher wattage devices from other manufacturers, they’ve been out for a while, but getting one built with the integrity and splendor that Vaporfi implements is like getting a trophy for being patient. Additionally, the Vaporfi V-Grip 220 TC mod is one of the most compact high wattage devices we’ve seen in a long time. It’s molded ovalized cylinder design is ergonomically engineered to fit comfortably in your hand for extended periods of intense vaping.

With that in mind, I feel the need to talk about the adaptability of the technology as it’s integrated into the design. Everything sits flush in the singularly constructed body as the +/- adjusting buttons and the vertical firing bar are molded elegantly into the shell of the mod itself. Cradling the Vaporfi V-Grip 220w TC in your palm is more like holding a lightweight microphone than a high wattage vape device.

Once you pick up the Vaporfi V-Grip 220 TC mod you instantly notice the difference, it sits like the controls of a fighter jet and once you pull that trigger, it leaves a similar vapor trail in its wake. But enough getting situated, let’s buzz the tower, take a fly by and give you some specs.

V-Grip 220w Review — A Look at The Features

Firing off up to 220 watts of intensive vapor requires a fair amount of power and this dual 18650 battery mod has plenty of it. In essence, that’s part of the Vaporfi difference, not just a mod that functions according to company expectations, but the user’s as well. It manages to crank out high wattage vapor for hours on end without significantly draining the batteries which was unbelievably impressive.

Like the buttons, the battery chamber door sits flush and secures with an integrated hinge system which gives you an added sense of security. Any time you can give vapers an added protection we appreciate it. Truth is, if we want a taste of danger we know we can always pick up a mech with a rebuildable deck and start vaping it without testing the coils, but for the height of safety and surety, VaporFi has always delivered consistently in my opinion.

Another aspect we like to see is the placement of a micro USB port. Rarely do they recommend you charge high power devices this way, mostly because of how long it takes compared to using an external charger, but VaporFi, being a company at the height of transparency says it can be used for trickle charging. Now, did we do this? No. Would we do this? Probably not. But knowing we could if we had to is just one of those things we appreciate regardless of what the rest of the industry is doing.

orange and green button

Vaporfi V-Grip 220 TC Review — Temp Control Functions

Now temperature control is a function that’s been available with high wattage mods for some time now. However, up to this point the biggest device Vaporfi has made is the 150 TC, your standard single battery vape mod. With the V-Grip 220 they have shown that they have learned a great deal in the interim between and it shines in the built in TC modes.

A curated temperature control suite takes you through pre-optimized settings for perfected functionality on a range of coils and resistances which is staggering with the minimal console. Considering there’s only two buttons beside the fire bar the device is incredibly easy to toggle through and adjust. Complemented by a sizeable OLED display, our Vaporfi V-Grip 220 TC mod review was able to read real time voltage, coil resistance, amps (max 50A) and the remaining strength of the twin high drain batteries clearly and accurately.

That was a refreshing surprise; though they’ve made a lot of improvements and updates, the geniuses at Vaporfi opted to keep a similar system of operation on the V-Grip 200, ensuring users familiar with other products in the line could easily pick up an upgrade and know how to use it without looking at the instructions.

Users can switch between modes and settings on the V-Grip 220w TC with the same level of ease as any VaporFi mod of the past. You can also toggle a clock which can be set as an analog face or digital read out. It’s the little things that set this mod apart from similar offerings we’ve seen.

In total our Vaporfi V-Grip 220 TC Mod Review saw an incredible offering from a celebrated manufacturer that took their time in bringing their crown jewel to the masses. For a company that doesn’t need to hurry to pump out vape devices that keep their name relevant or to corner a market share, they truly perfected the devices that made them a popular destination for the best vaping units available and managed to improve upon it.


  • Powered by dual 18650 batteries secured by hinged door on the base
  • 220-watt maximum power output
  • Intensive TC suite with easily toggled temperature control modes
  • Perfectly molded design with flush firing bar
  • 510 Connector able to implement vape tanks up to 25mm in diameter without overhang