We have a new ecig! The VaporFi Pro II review model is a newly designed and much improved electronic cigarette that is perfect for new vapers. The Pro II is a sleek, compact design that incorporates the latest ecig technology into a classic eGo style design. Don’t, however, mistake the design with the eGo ecigs of yesteryear. The VaporFi Pro II compresses latest generation technology into a compact, easy to use electronic cigarette that is going to deliver an awesome vaping experience.

The Vaporfi Pro 2 vape pen comes in a broad spectrum of colors including black, purple, silver, orange, green, Burgundy, pink, white, yellow and blue.

There is a lot to like about the Pro 2. First and foremost is the quality. If you walk into a vape shop and tell them that you are new to electronic cigarettes and looking to make the transition to vaping, most often they will recommend an easy to use ecigarette with a tank and a power button. These operate with a simple power button and a basic, no frills refillable ecig tank. When you are just making the transition to vaping, you just want something that works. Vape shops usually recommend an eGo C Twist or a Kanger EVOD.

UPDATE: VaporFi Pro 2 Prices now reduced by up to 50%.

There’s an advantage to buying from US vape brands

There are many advantages to making purchases from American vape brands including personal safety and integrity.

Both the eGo C Twist and Kanger EVOD are great products that have been around for years. Vape shops consider these ecigs as a staple of their inventory. There are a couple of problems though. First off, like I said, the EVOD and Twist have been around for years. They have not updated their technology. Both are imported from Chinese ecig brands. Second, you’re going to overpay for an ecigarette product when you could be getting a superior product directly from an American ecig brand like VaporFi. The VaporFi Pro II is easily a better option. It is better quality and better value.

When you buy the VaporFi Pro II, you are buying from an American ecig brand that is always updating technology and providing vapers with better experiences. The additional advantages of buying from an American company are the customer service, quality assurance and price advantage of buying direct. If you ever have a problem with your VaporFi Pro 2, all you do is contact VaporFi directly and you will talk to someone who speaks clear English and will quickly resolve your problem. If you have a problem with an EVOD or other Chinese ecig product, well, good luck.

UPDATE: You may also want to consider and take a look at the new VaporFi Pro 3 that has just been released!

VaporFi Pro II

The Vaporfi Pro II mod comes in black for a simple, elegant, subtle design that fits in anywhere.

The VaporFi Pro II starter kit has a few options for you to choose from. With a base price of $48.97 you get a Pro II 650 mAh battery and the Pro L tank.  If you wish, you can get a 1000 mAh battery for an additional $5 and you can get a Pro L II tank for an extra $5. Should you upgrade? Let’s figure it out.

Paying $5 extra dollars for a 1000 mAh battery is a very good deal. A 1000 mAh battery is going to last longer and be more likely to last you through the day. For my money, the additional battery life is well worth the extra $5. Here’s the other side of the coin, if you want a compact ecig that will easily fit on a pocket or purse, then you will probably want the 650 mAh battery.

For comparison, the 650 mAh battery is 3.6 inches long and the 1000 mAh battery is 4.5 inches long. So the 1000 mAh battery is about 25% bigger.

Which tank should you choose? The Pro L or the Pro L 2. Yes, the Pro L 2 costs an extra $5 but for that you get an extra coil. The Pro L is a great tank with a single coil and you can choose a variety of atomizer resistances. The Pro L 2 offers only a 1.5 ohm resistance atomizer, but that 1.5 ohm atomizer is right in the sweet spot for the best vapor and flavor. That said, I have to recommend that you pay the extra $5 and get the VaporFi Pro L II tank. The number one reason is the dual coil atomizer.

Dual coil atomizer design

The Vaporfi dual coil atomizer manufactures maximum vapor at a minimal cost.

The dual coil design is going to give you more vapor. Instead of one coil heating the eliquid, you have two. That means more eliquid will be vaporized and you will get more vapor. If you are getting your first ecig, or if you are an experienced vaper looking for a back-up, vapor production is very important. Dual coils will give you that extra.

Each atomizer should last you anywhere from 7 to 21 days depending on how much you vape. Replacement atomizers are sold in packs of five for $19.99. When you buy the VaporFi Pro L 2 starter kit, you should also buy a 5-pack of extra atomizers. That will give you a total of six atomizers which should last you anywhere from a month and a half to three months. Because of the excellent battery life, the maintenance cost for the VaporFi Pro II is very low giving you a better long term value than you will get from an EVOD, eGo C or any other import for that matter.

You know, the VaporFi Pro 2 also has some style! You can choose from any of 10 different colors.  Your color options are:

Color Options:

  • White
  • Black
  • Stainless
  • Pink
  • Yellow
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Purple

Choose any color you want. Express yourself! You can even mix and match colors if you want. How about a pink battery and a purple tank? maybe silver and blue, like the Dallas Cowboys! Match your team or taste. Being able to have fun with the colors is a pretty cool feature.

VaporFi Eliquid

Vaporfi custom blend e-liquids are hand crafted in the USA and come in flavors like berry, strawberry banana, and coconut .

This is important. Choosing the right electronic cigarette is obviously important. There is so much junk out there it is unbelievable. That’s a big reason that you want to stick with proven American ecig companies like VaporFi.

When choosing an eliquid, making sure that you get quality is even more important. You have to demand quality and impeccable manufacturing standards. I am not trying to scare you but I there is something that we do not talk enough about in vaping. That is the safety of the eliquid that we are using.

So many boutique eliquids have been show to contain incorrect nicotine amounts. Worse than that, in a recent study it was found that 74% of eliquids have diacetyl or diacetyl derivatives in them. This is not a good situation. You should not be inhaling diacetyl.

The problem is that so many eliquid brands are operated by people who do not have the qualifications to produce an ingestible product. They just don’t know what they are doing. They are enthusiasts, not chemists.

VaporFi E-Juice Among The Best

Vaporfi e-juice is among the most respected American vape brands.

VaporFi eliquid does not contain diacetyl or any other impurities. VaporFi has an FDA registered lab facility staffed by leading professional chemists. They are fully transparent in every aspect of eliquid production and even publish independent lab reports on their website.

VaporFi eliquid is the highest quality and comes in 30,000 different flavor combinations. You can choose or even create your own flavor. Yep, you can easily make your own e-lqiuid right on the website. When you buy the VaporFi Pro 2, make sure you also pick up some VaporFi eliquid.

Wrapping it up, the VaporFi Pro II is a new ecig with updated technology. If you are looking for a first ecig, you should try the VaporFi Pro 2. By the way, if you have tried an ecig from a gas station, that doesn’t count! Those ecigs are low quality and not truly representative of what vaping can be.

If you are an experienced vaper looking for an easy to use, reliable back-up, try the Pro 2. Try an American ecig brand that is setting new standards for quality and innovation.

Use the link below to go to VaporFi’s website and you will automatically get a discount. This will make a great value even better.