Are you thinking of making the switch from analog cigarettes to their digital counterpart? Do you want to free yourself from smoking, but are intimidated or confused by vape box mods? If so, our VaporFi Express Starter Kit review will prove that this isn’t your standard e-cig. Its solid design, extremely user-friendly operation and familiar feel sets the stage for a smoke-free life.

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Fight Your Smoking Foe With Familiarity (And Win)

the vaporfi express starter kit helps smokers switch to e-cigs
Years ago, while sitting in a haze of stale cigarette smoke, I fantasized about a life without cigarettes. With labored breathing, and yellowing teeth, I imagined living beyond the shackles of chain-smoking. Sure, e-cigarettes were available, but they were either too weak, too complicated, or too expensive for me to bother.

Before the release of capable devices like the VaporFi Express Starter Kit, converting to e-cigarettes was hard. Why? While everyone has their own difficulties, I failed primarily due to three major reasons.

  • Underperforming “Cigalikes” 

    Have you ever tried e-cigs designed to work and look like traditional cigarettes? Sold in gas stations, convenient stores and smoke shops around the country, these low-quality cig-a-likes made big promises, but rarely delivered. From lackluster nicotine delivery to simply not working, these disposable vapes were a joke.

  • Complex Box Mods 

    It’s no secret that box mods deliver the biggest clouds and produce the most flavor. However, they’re also intimidating. The financial investment and pre-required knowledge is too great for most smokers to commit while toying with the idea of transitioning to vaping.

  • Fear of Failure 

    This is a big one. Why would you spend potentially hundreds of dollars on a device destined to live in a drawer? Fearing the unknown, or being wary of your commitment, was the catalyst that propelled me away from vaping and into that familiar, burnt embrace of tobacco.

Thankfully, the vaping world answered the coughing calls of smokers. And what was their response to our collective raspy cry for help? Exactly what we needed to build confidence in something strange and new. The Vaporfi Express is a continuing part of that revolution.

The Evolution of Cigalikes – VaporFi Express Starter Kit

Cigalikes evolved from herbert gilberts 1963 patent

When I first laid eyes on the VaporFi Express Starter Kit, I was wary of its claims. To be honest, my preconceived notions were based on the hundreds of dollars I wasted with disposable cig-a-likes in the past. Biting my tongue, I opened the smartly-designed kit and began my investigation.

Initially, the VaporFi Express e-cig looks similar to countless other cig-a-like variations. Designed for novice users, its engineered to mimic the look and feel of traditional cigarettes. While, it doesn’t provide the sensation of simulated smoking, it also doesn’t burn anything or pour harmful smoke into a user’s lungs.

The Vaporfi Express looks much like any other rechargeable e-cig, however, the manufacturer clearly set out to create a reliable, stylish and hardworking device. No e-cigarette is without its drawbacks.  This review breaks down the design, function, performance and reliability of the VaporFi Express Starter Kit and discuss its benefits and possible flaws.

Your Kit to Quit – VaporFi Express Starter Kit Contents

the express portable charger keeps you vaping on the go

If you’re just starting the journey to a smoke-free life, starter kits are the way to go. While almost every vape manufacturer offers a starter kit, few deliver on this scale. Our VaporFi Express Starter Kit review setup came with everything you need to begin your new vapor-rich life. The kit comes complete with:

  • Rechargeable Batteries – Unlike other starter kits, which are notoriously stingy with batteries, the VaporFit Express Starter Kit comes with two lithium ion batteries: Standard Express (180Mah) and High-Capacity Express (280MaH). The biggest difference between batteries is longevity. I recommend saving the high-capacity battery when you go out and the standard battery when you’re home.
  • USB Wall Charger & Adaptor – Charging this vape is a breeze, and surprisingly fast. The adaptor handles 100-240V so you can charge your vape in almost any standard wall outlet.
  • Refillable Clearomizer Tank – You get not one, but three clear tanks that hold .9 ml of juice.
  • User Manual  – This straightforward guide offers detailed operation instructions. I found the manual easy to understand, which gave this vape a few extra bonus points.
  • Membership Card – Who doesn’t like belonging to an exclusive club? Use the card to earn loyalty points when you purchase VaporFi products. While this may not tantalize if you purchase e-juice and vape accessories from another supplier, it’s a nice touch.

Design: What A Fresh Start Looks Like

the express portable charging case charges your e-cigs on the go

I’ve used countless e-cigs in my day, and the VaporFi Express Starter Kit device tops my list for design. Although its white, faux-tobacco paper color makes it susceptible to scuffs, it’s one of the most attractive cig-a-likes available. I’m not a fan of the brand logo along the side, it’s a personal preference, but thankfully, the logo is relatively small.

When you’re dealing with such a compact vape, it’s the small design choices that matter. These seemingly insignificant elements make or break its overall aesthetic impact. In the case of the Express, VaporFi subtly added two silver rings along the bottom of the device and at the cartridge connection. This tiny detail somehow adds a sophisticated elegance to its design.

To clarify, its body of the Express essentially is the battery. Consequently its design differs from box mods, which use removable batteries housed in a case. If you’re familiar with cig-a-likes, this design feature isn’t new. I felt this needed to be pointed out, as novice users often think their kit didn’t come with the actual device.

Longer Battery Life Comes From A Longer Battery

the longer high capacity battery will give your e-cig a pleasing throat hit

Unlike box mods, which house the batteries and tank in separate components, this e-cig features separate components which are designed to appear as a single unit when joined. Basically, the battery and flavor cartridge connect to look like one fluid device. While this makes it the perfect size to slip in your pocket, purse or bag, its length varies based on battery type.

  • Standard Express Battery

    – Measuring 2.5 inches, it’s shorter than traditional cigarettes, which are just over 3 inches long. However, this doesn’t include the cartridge length, which is also 2.5 inches. Essentially, with this battery, the vape measures around 5 inches, or the length of a Virginia Slim cigarette.

  • High-Capacity Battery 

    – While you can vape longer with this battery, it’s design is also longer. Measuring 3.25 inches, it’s length is greater than traditional cigarettes. Add the 2.5 inch cartridge, and it grows to 5.75 inches. At first, I was concerned about this length, but surprisingly, it doesn’t feel like you’re vaping a tree branch.

If you’ve never used an e-cigarette before, its length may feel awkward. Thankfully, the diameter of both batteries is the same to help users acclimate. Once you get over its length, it satisfies the tactile sensation of smoking. As research has shown, the psychological aspect and ritual using an electronic cigarette is crucial to user’s success.

Battery life is more important than you may think. When first starting out, it’s important your vape stays charged. To prevent holding a dead vape, many opt for a portable charger. Unfortunately, standard portable chargers aren’t compatible with this vape without the included USB adapter. Lose their proprietary adapter, and you’ll have to order another.

While this is frustrating, the VaporFi Express Portable Charge Case is both a charger and carrying case. Made specifically for Express batteries, its a stylish way to store and charge your vape. Simply charge the case, insert the batteries and keep the vape clouds billowing.

Another perk? It’s the size of a pack of cigarettes and has five storage slots for batteries and pre-filled cartridges. Definitely worth the extra purchase if you’re constantly on-the-go.

Overall, these batteries aren’t the best I’ve reviewed, but they aren’t the worst. Although it’s impossible to give an exact charge duration, users report a single charge lasts for 250 to 400 puffs. Of course, the high-capacity battery delivers the longest charge while the standard hovers around the lower-end of this estimate.

What To Expect

the vaporfi express can give a pleasing throat hit with its high capacity battery

With my electronic cigarettes there’s nothing worse than a weak throat hit or lackluster vapor production. When I began my adventure into vaping, those reasons were why I continued igniting cigarettes. For years, I frowned upon cigalikes because of its notoriously weak vapor production and almost non-existent throat hit.

You can imagine my surprise when the VaporFi Express Starter Kit gave the desirable throat tickle traditionally experienced with large vape mods. While the standard battery gives a somewhat satisfying sensation, I recommend the high-capacity battery when you’re first starting out, just so you’re never left without a charge and tempted to buy a pack of cigarettes.

If you’re looking for giant vapor clouds, then you may want to consider a more advanced mod. While the 2.4ohm atomizer offers a satisfying puff, it won’t achieve the bigger clouds typical for box mods. This being noted, its vapor production is substantially better than disposable cig-a-likes.

Overall, the VaporFi Express Starter Kit delivers the sensation, flavor and vapor of a high-quality e-cig.

Heart of E-cig Technology – Cartridges and Tanks

the express can use flavor cartridges and refillable clearomizer tanks

One of my favorite aspects of the VaporFi Express Starter Kit is its flavor delivery system. When you’re first starting out, tending to tanks; atomizers, temperature settings and other elements can feel overwhelming. This is why cig-a-likes are so popular. However, for many devices in this category, convenience comes at a price.

Traditionally, cig-a-likes require pre-filled cartridges. Sounds easy and convenient, right? Well, in theory, yes. In reality, cartridges are unreliable, leaky or prone to simply malfunction after a few puffs.

However, the VaporFi Express isn’t a traditional cig-a-like. To say I’m impressed by its ease-of-use and reliability is an understatement.

If you’re looking for the easiest method, pre-filled cartridges are the way to go. VaporFi offers a handful of pre-filled options, such as classic tobacco, menthol and even chocolate. If you’re completely new to vaping, I recommend starting out with the readymade cartridges and then working your way up to the refillable tank system.

As for nicotine levels, the pre-filled cartridges come in 0, 6, 12 and 24 percent nicotine and hold .1ml of liquid each. While the vapor production, juice flavor and throat hit is more noticeable in the tank, its .9ml juice capacity means more frequent refills. However, in my experience, it’s not as hands-on as it sounds.

Once comfortable with the unit, or if you’re not a fan of the readymade flavors, switch to using the included tank. In this reviewer’s opinion, tanks are the way to go. While VaporFi cartridges are impressive in flavor quality and range, comparing the two is like comparing apples to fruit salad.

For me, the biggest concern is how long the top coil atomizer lasts. Unfortunately, there’s no straightforward answer to the projected life of a coil. Atomizer lifespan varies based on e-liquid ingredients, frequency of use and the number of consecutive puffs. In general, this atomizer is able to last anywhere from 7 to 20 days.

Pros and Cons of the VaporFi Express Starter Kit

While mini e-cigs aren’t for everyone, the VaporFi Express Starter Kit is a solid option in this vape category. But, it’s not without its sacrifices. After a thorough review, I found several noteworthy advantages and disadvantages:


  • Compact design, which makes it a breeze to tuck away in your pocket or bag.
  • Comes with two batteries, which is beneficial when one dies and charging isn’t an option. This reviewer suggests always keeping both batteries charged and bring the extra battery with you.
  • Impressive vapor production and throat hit for a mini e-cig.
  • Simple to use, even for the technology-challenged


  • Only compatible with mini clearomizer tanks.
  • Limited pre-filled cartridge flavor options.
  • Limited e-juice mixture compatibility. Doesn’t work well with Max VG blends as it favors a 70PG/30VG juice.

VaporFi Express Starter Kit – Final Verdict

The vapor express is a great choice for light-to-medium smokers

Are you looking for the best possible vaping experience? If so, then you may be a bit let down. However, if you desire a compact, simplistic and reliable vape, then this may be just for you. Considering its performance is surprisingly strong, I found its functionality suitable for those who were light-to-medium cigarette smokers.

Considering its pros and cons, our VaporFi Express Starter Kit review only further helped it remain a top contender for introductory vape packages. I know how difficult making the switch from cigarettes to vaping can be. With so many kit options available, it can feel like taking a shot in the dark finding your ideal vape. However, everyone has to start somewhere. Thankfully, VaporFi came to our rescue. With its attractive design and delightful performance, I definitely suggest giving it a try.

What are your thoughts? Have you tried this vape? Let us know in the comments section! And as always, if you have any questions or concerns, we’re here to help. Send us a message or drop us a comment below.