In every new industry there are certain brands that eventually emerge as the leaders. VaporFi is stepping up as a true evapor industry leader. The company was founded for the singular purpose of consolidating the best technologies and engineering the best possible vaporizers and ecigs. Our VaporFi editor ecig reviews tell you and show you exactly why this brand needs to be on your radar.

Their secret to success is quality and diversity. VaporFi has been involved in vaping since the industry first started gaining steam. They have listened closely to what consumers want and they want a lot!   What one person is looking for is often a long ways away from what the next person wants. VaporFi has worked very hard and developed something for everyone.

One thing that all of us here at Expert Vaping really appreciate about VaporFi is that they are strait with you. They are very transparent, you know exactly how they make their e-liquid, you know all the details about how their ecigs and vaporizers work and they give you a no-nonsense, best possible price. The relationship that VaporFi and VaporFi customers share is an honest one.

Everything You Need To Know About VaporFi

vaporfi has a wide range of products and specializes in its tasty e-juices

The value that they offer is maybe the best of all ecig companies. The prices are very reasonable. In fact, they just reduced prices for 2017. They want a long-term relationship with their customers and they put their money where their mouth is by offering top value and ultra competitive prices.

The diversity of products is impressive. Many first time vapers are looking for a cigalike, the ecig that looks and behaves like a tobacco cigarette. The VaporFi Express ecig starter kit sells for only $29.99. Packs of ecig refill cartridges sell for less than $15 each so you get great long-term value. On top of that, VaporFi refill cartridges are filled with top quality made in the USA eliquid. VaporFi will tell you every ingredient of their elqiuid that is blended in an FDA registered lab. Try and get Vuse or any of the other convenience store ecig brands to tell you what’s in their eliquid. Good luck.

When you visit the website, you will also see a number of easy to use ecig tank systems like the VaporFi Pro. The Pro starter kit sells for less than $50 and lets you enjoy another level of vaping while still enjoying maximum portability.

The Orbit Vaporizer will vaporize dry herbs through convention, not burning, reducing the exposure to risk associated with smoking. The Orbit has gained huge popularity for its style and function.

vaporfi is gaining a name for itself with its advanced mods and vaporizers

VaporFi is beginning to truly distinguish itself in the realm of advanced ecig vaporizers. Expert Vaping has thoroughly tested and reviewed both the Rocket and the Rebel 2 and both proved worthy of top ratings. These are actually exceptional products to be frank.

Although the Rebel 2, Rocket and the VaporFi VAIO all in one box mod are considered advanced, VaporFi has done an amazing job of making these products accessible to anyone. The ease of use factors have taken a lot of the intimidation out of vaping and that is better for everyone.

VaporFi is an ecig company that deserves your attention. Watch and read our VaporFi ecig editor reviews and check out the Rocket and the Rebel 2.

Just to give you an overview, we did a thorough VaporFi Rocket ecig review where you can see everything from when you take the Rocket out of the box to how everything works, how you can adjust voltages and the whole nine yards.

When we do an ecig evaluation the process takes a minimum of two weeks, often longer. We uncover a lot of details and you deserve to know as much as possible before making a buying decision.  For the VaporFi Rebel 2 ecig review, we tested for a full two weeks. We want to make sure that we are 100% comfortable before recommending an ecig. There is a reason why we are the most trusted source for honest, unbiased ecig news, reviews and information.

vaporfis flagship products are its amazing and versatile e-liquids

By the way, the VaporFi Rebel 3 is now available as well! The Rebel 3 is an automatic sub ohm mod.

Check back often as we will be reviewing more VaporFi ecigs and vaporizers in the future.

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