For vapers who want to have access to advanced vaping with a powerful vapor maker while also watching the bottom line, you are going to want to read this Vaporesso Tarot Pro review. The Tarot Pro is a 160 watt TC box mod. It operates on two 18650 vape batteries and sells for under $60. You will be able to enjoy multiple vaping styles including temp control with TCR, Ti, Ni and SS. Along with that, this is also a vape mod with upgradeable firmware.

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That is really the main reason that we want to go over the Tarot Pro, power and capability in a low cost package. And it has a couple of unique wrinkles like a separate mod button for choosing your preferred vaping style. The other feature that we really want to tell you about is the SMART functionality that might be appealing to a vaper ready to embark on a new experience with advanced vaping.

stainless steel vaporesso tarot pro 160 w box mod with tank

So who is this mod for? This is form an adult vaper who wants to be able to enjoy multiple vaping styles from a vape mod capable of up to 160 watts, With this power level, this device will have appeal for coil builders  and drippers in addition to people who want to get the most out of their advanced vape tanks.

Vaporesso Tarot Pro Review SMART Feature

Next, if you are interested in trying some of the advanced vaping styles that are popular today but may be intimidated by the complexity of some of today’s mods you might want to continue on reading our Vaporesso Tarot Pro review. That is because the Tarot has a SMART feature. How does this work?

Let’s say, for example, that you are ready for some advanced vaping and you get yourself a brilliant new Smok TFV8 subohm tank. The wattage range that you can use with the Smok TFV8 coils, which are phenomenal by the way, and you want to try a new coil. Now the coils to display the recommended wattage range on them but it is a rather large range typically. The Vaporesso Tarot Pro SMART firmware will automatically dial in an optimal wattage. That way you don’t have to worry about frying your coils. You can override the SMART setting and set it as you wish but it is a great starter reference point.

Vaporesso tarot 160 w mod comes in yellow, silver, and black

As you get more comfortable understanding how wattages and atomizer resistance ranges work together, you will probably use the SMART feature less and less. If you want to make your own coil, the SMART feature is especially valuable because often you are not certain about the resistance of your home build coils. The Tarot will do the math for you. As your vaping evolves, of course you will probably not use the SMART feature but it is an awesome tool when you are just stepping into more advanced vaping.

Tarot Pro 160 Watt Mod Functionality

Time for the functions and specs section of our Vaporesso Tarot Pro review. This is a 160 watt mod that operates on two 18650 vape batteries. The wattage range is from 5 watt up to 160 watts. From 5 watts to 60 watts the mod operates in 0.1 watt increments and 1 watt increments from 60 watts up to the maximum 160 watts. For temperature control vaping, the range is from 100C to 315C or 280F to 600F.

The mod itself has the usual fire/power button as well as up and down buttons for adjustments. In addition, it has a Mode button located underneath the up and down buttons. The mode button allows you quick access to each of the mods wide range of functions. Among them, as you page through the options, you will see something called CCW and CCT.

vaporesso tarot pro mod in silver color

CCW and CCT functions let you control the ramp up and power delivery firing the duration of the time you are firing the atomizer. Let’s say you typically fire the atomizer for 5 seconds when you vape. Well you can control the power output in such a way as to have an initial high wattage output for variable wattage, CCW, or variable temperature, CCT, vaping.

For example if you like vaping at 50 watts, maybe you will want the first second of the fire to deliver 65 watts for a faster ramp up and harder hit. Or you might want a mellow start to your vape and a strong finish. This is all about refining your preference. As you become experienced with advanced vaping I think you will find these finite customization features will add to your enjoyment.

Tarot Pro Vaping Modes

You can enjoy temperature control vaping with Nickel(Ni), Titanium(Ti) and Stainless Steel(SS) coils. There is also a TCR function for a variety of TC wires.

Of course you also have a variable wattage mode in addition to the customized CCW and CCT functions we talked about above.

colors available for vaporessso tarot pro

There is also a bypass mode. In bypass, there will be no regulation of the battery output. By that I mean that your atomizer will draw whatever power the batteries can dish out. Bypass mode is not generally recommended unless you are experienced. In bypass mode, the normal protections are not in place. Despite the drawbacks, many vapers still enjoy the bypass mode for drip tanks and cloud chasing.

I tested all the the features for the Vaporesso Tarot Pro review and found that the firmware was surprisingly accurate and responsive. The Vaporesso Omni board, which regulates the mod, does have a very good reputation among vapers. While not in the class of a DNA 200 like the Lost Vape Triade mod, for the price the Tarot Pro is a very solid performer.

Tarot Pro Vape Mod Build Quality And Specs

The build quality is really very good. It is made of a zinc alloy and carbon fiber. The combination keeps the Tarot relatively lightweight and durable. It is 93 mm or 3.6 inches tall, 55 mm or 2.1 inches wide and 23 mm or 0.9 inches thick. What I really liked best was how slim it is. It is similar in size to a deck of cards and very comfortable to hold. Perhaps a drawback of the thinness is the fact that when it is sitting on a table it might be more prone to falling over. Despite that, the slim profile makes it quite comfortable on the hand.

The battery door is held in place magnetically. The magnet holds very well while at the same time being easy to remove when you need to access the batteries. There is no ribbon in the battery compartment so you do have to be extra careful not to tear the battery skins when removing.

how to replace batteries in Vaporesso tarot mod

Everything lines up as it should. There are no rattles, shimmys or shakes. It is a very solid box mod design. The USB port is on the side and I always prefer that to when they put the port on the bottom. So all in all a solid grade for the build quality and design. Everybody likes bullet points and my Vaporesso Tarot Pro review would not be complete without some! So here is a list of the specs once again:

  • Dimensions: 93mm(3.6″) tall, 55mm(2.1″) wide and 23mm (0.9″) thick.
  • Tarot Pro Voltage Range Is 0V to 8.5V
  • The Wattage Range Is From 5W up to 160W
  • Temperature Control Vaping Range Is 100℃ to 315℃ or 280F to 600F
  • You Can Use Atomizers From 0.15 ohm up to 5 ohm
  • Vaping Modes Are: SMART, VW/VT(Ni200,SS,Ti),TCR,CCW,CCT And BYPASS
  • Vaporesso Tarot Pro Construction Is A Zinc Alloy, Aluminium Alloy And Carbon Fiber
  • Operates With 2 Lithium 18650 Vape Batteries (Sold Separately)
  • Display Screen Is OLED 0.91″ And Includes Dual Battery Meter
  • 510 Threaded, Of Course, With Air Channels On The 510
  • Tarot Pro 160 Mod Firmware Is Upgradeable
  • Low Voltage And Short Circuit Protection, Good
  • The Micro USB Port On The Side Of The Tarot Pro Mod
  • This Is The Last Bullet Point 🙂

Vaporesso Tarot Pro 160 Is Firmware Upgradeable

Once again the vaporesso Tarot Pro 160 watt TC mod is upgradeable and will accept future software updates. This is what we like to see. Upgradeable firmware is always a big plus. It allows you to access new technology as it becomes available. Let’s say a new vaping style evolves, for instance let’s suppose that tungsten coils become widely available. A software upgrade for your mod is all that you will need, you won’t have to go out and buy a whole new vape device.

You can get your Vaporesso firmware upgrades here.

When you go to the Vaporesso downloads page, click on “Firmware” and you will see all available upgrades. You will download the upgrade to your computer and then to the mod through the USB connection. It’s pretty easy.

Make sure you get an authentic Vaporesso mod because the firmware upgrades will not work with a clone. Always buy from an authenticated vendor like Direct Vapor. Clones suck.

What Else Can We Say About The Vaporesso Tarot Pro 160 Watt Mod?

We can also tell you that it comes in three different colors. There is a black(metallic grey), yellow (with multicolored diamond pattern) and stainless steel (with dark panels). The colors are not monochrome, however, and each finish has some flair. I put a nice big picture above so you could see for yourself. For the Vaporesso Tarot Pro review I had the yellow one. In case you were wondering.

new vaporesso tarot pro kit with charging cable in silver

The price is $59.95 from Direct Vapor and you know you will get an authentic device from them as well as their famous low price guarantee. This is a very good value for your dollar. In fact, the value is probably the main reason I wanted to do a Vaporesso Tarot Pro 160 mod review. I thought it would appeal to a wide range of people not only for the functions but the fact that you can enjoy all of these functions and not break the bank.

When you buy it the Tarot Pro comes with the mods, a USB cable, warranty card and user manual.

It vapes very well. The Tarot is nice and responsive especially when you set the CCW or CCT with a ramp-up. I enjoyed using all the various vaping functions. It is a great budget minded choice as well as being a nice intro to more advanced vaping for vapers looking to make the jump.