Everyone likes a fresh look, you can only wear the same t-shirt, sneakers or hairstyle for so long before you just feel like a change. Obviously, these guys realized that and our Vaporesso Switcher review felt like a necessary investigation into whether the ability to swap out the color scheme of your mod and a bunch of flashing lights were all this robust power mod were offering.

Like many accessories in your life, the initial excitement of using a new product is exciting, but often that enthusiasm wanes which is why there are so many options for upgrades like customizable smartphone cases. One of the most interesting aspects of the Vaporesso Switcher LE 220w kit is the ability to customize the color scheme of your outer mod case with one of their four options. With protective design created specifically to guard the inner glowing lights from damage as well as utilize them as indicators, each covering slips easily around the inner electronics when the battery door is unlatched allowing this powerful vape mod to “transform” into a brand-new device at a moment’s notice.

In addition, a built in LED light system fires up, pulses and flashes when the Switcher is activated, has no atomizer attached or is powering on and off. While this may not be a solid selling point for vapers who value stealth on the go, it can be deactivated if you prefer. We’re seeing this as a growing trend in the newest high power vape mods like the Sigelei Sobra kit, which has two red LED lights that glow when you fire it which essentially complete a serpentine design theme of an overall snake motif. Bear in mind, this effected little in the way of actual functionality for our Vaporesso Switcher review beyond being an extra draw on the dual 18650 vape batteries.

However, as the original name of the device states, there is quite a bit more than meets the eye to this incredibly solid sub ohm vape starter kit. As it is rather sturdy and packs a bit more heft than most of the compact power mods dominating the market presently, there are a great deal of features lurking beneath that interchangeable outer shell that easily slips off. With all the weight we wouldn’t be surprised if this vape mod suddenly turned into a talking Volkswagen, but we put it through our standard extensive testing to determine whether an increase of heft, actually extended functionality and performance as well.

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An Easy Way to Make The Switch — Vaporesso Switcher Review

One of the most important aspects of vaping for our team is helping users find equipment that not only fulfills their needs but helps them to see the overall value in what the top beginning vape starter kits can offer them to keep them smoke free. As a result, it’s important to us to offer reviews on products we feel are appropriate for all levels of users or at least provide something innovative that will last them for an extended period of use. While our Vaporesso Switcher review only found a few new developments in terms of performance in this vape kit, the modular ability of it to transform into a new device with the application of a fitted sleeve that comes in a range of colors is an interesting direction.

Navigated by the OMNI 2.6 chipset, this armored mod comes with variable wattage, temperature control supporting Ni, Ti and SS coils, customizable TCR settings, Bypass mode, a smart wattage controller that automatically selects the appropriate resistance of the attached atomizer as well as a custom power curve graph system that can be adjusted incredibly easily. Assisted by a 0.96” OLED screen that displays the date and time in either digital or analog when it’s in standby before going dormant, we found this system to be incredibly intuitive to simply pick up and adjust or set in every mode throughout our Vaporesso Switcher review.

The kit comes with the NRG sub ohm vape tank, which has a fairly standard chimney and atomizer configuration which holds up to 5ml of vape juice. However, the provided GT coils come in two setups as either a dual or quad setup and are both 0.15ohm each. It has a bottom draw airflow control ring with immense draw from the dual ports and is top filling from a swiveling top cap that functions somewhere between the Smok TFV12 Prince tank and most of the tanks with a sliding shelf fill port protector.

As a 220 watt power mod, the Switcher LE is understandable robust and stout, but for a dual 18650 battery device, it feels a little bulkier than we would expect. The only reason we could come up with is how immensely rounded the digital modes are in terms of how they are navigated and selected as well as how many options there are in addition to the fact that it has those glowing and pulsing colored lights. It makes sense that there would be some extra electronics involved and the ability to slide off the cover means that the underside would have to be substantially integrated and crafted in order to stand alone.


  • Switcher LE is capable of reaching between 1-220w with glowing colored LED lights and interchangeable covers (sold separately) that come in retro yellow, silver, red and blue, or Iron Grey
  • 5ml NRG sub ohm tank comes with two 0.15ohm atomizer coils in dual and quad configuration, is top filling and has an adjustable airflow control ring with dual ports
  • Integrated variable wattage, temperature control, TCR and Bypass Modes
  • Smart wattage option automatically selects the optimum power setting for attached atomizer resistance
  • Powered by dual 18650 batteries (sold separately)

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Vaporesso Switcher Review Wrap Up — Starting From Scratch

The ability to swap out the protective covering of your mod, the attribute that essentially extends its life beyond being dropped means it is likely to last you some time. If you can get past the weight and bulk of this device, or if you like to have a substantial piece of equipment that feels like it would be just as effective protecting you from a mugger than a baseball bat, this may be a home run for your needs. In fact, without making assumptions on how it’s used, should you ever need to replace the outer shell beyond just wanting to change colors, we found it unbelievably easy to slide off the old cover and replace it with a fresh one during our Vaporesso Switcher review.

Does it improve the functionality of the device? No. Though, anyone who remembers their first initial investment in high wattage vape mods can probably recollect a moment wondering if they made the right decision, and eventually saw themselves pining after other mods which were either smaller, had more power or an interesting design and functionality they found intriguing. Furthermore, picking up a device that is able to adapt and shift as your preferences do, or even change its appearance as often as your outfit may be something you see value in and if you’re like me and have the tendency to drop every single vape mod you own, being able to restore the battered outer construction for around ten bucks is a fairly cool concept.

Beyond the superficial elements of this advanced vape kit, it has a comprehensive menu that is intuitive, easy to navigate and almost gives you instructions on how to use it as you toggle through them. While even the best advanced box mods require decoding using the manual, it’s important to understand that you are dealing with a device capable of generating up to 220 watts and as low as 0.05ohm of resistance, so if you don’t have much experience with calculating coefficients or at least understanding how each component is meant to operate, our Vaporesso Switcher review determined this probably shouldn’t be your first mod.

While I like the flashy lights, the ability to turn them off is equally as important to me and honestly, Vaporesso didn’t need to include them with how unbelievably functional this starter kit is. The menu is super easy to navigate and for those who have no interest in calculating power coefficients, that smart wattage function is fairly impressive. If you’ve looked through the best peak performance vape mods and are searching for one that basically teaches you how to use it as you vape, this may be one of the best adaptable and intuitive vape mods we’ve encountered.