It’s common knowledge that quitting smoking is tough, not only that, but finding a vaping setup that satisfies your needs and keeps you from falling to the draw of combustion can be your best defense against the call of tobacco cigarettes. With that in mind, we were intrigued enough to take a closer look at a new piece of equipment in the vaping arsenal with our Vaporesso Armour Pro Kit Review to discover whether it’s a useful tool in combatting the onslaught of Big Tobacco.

Though not everyone views it this way, giving up smoking can be a real battle, the sensations and feelings combined with the ritual can be a powerful entity to fight against. Luckily, the Vaporesso brand known for innovative tech has revealed an invaluable tool to fend off the attacks of nicotine withdrawal with their Armour Pro Starter Kit. As compact and palm-sized as it is powerful, this single battery advanced box mod starter kit combines the best in innovative vape technology with the ability to vape up to 100 watts in a slim, elegant and function-rich design.

With the popularity of outstanding tech in devices like the Mig Vapor WTF Target Mini vape mod starter kit gaining immense popularity due its size and vapor production, Vaporesso has taken note of what the vaping community wants in the best mini box mods and funneled their years of research and engineering into an outrageously compact starter kit that can turn a clear day into a cloudy sky with the press of a button. However, it is always important to us to put our own hands on products before giving them any kind of endorsement and this Vaporesso Armour Pro Kit review needed a more comprehensive analysis of the performance, convenience and functionality of this handheld vape mod kit in order to make any determination.

As a result, we decided it was time to strap on our gauntlets, sharpen our focus and enter the next dungeon to test out this enchanted item and figure out if it would be an invaluable setup in the battle against smoking. Follow us into the cave of the unknown as we navigate through the labyrinth of variable wattage and voltage, temperature control with sub ohm vaping deep within the inner sanctum of what may be the secret key to unlocking a smoke free future.

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Recruiting Knights of the Round Coil — Vaporesso Armour Pro Kit Review

For a single battery advanced vape mod this compact, there are few competitors I would be as confident wearing on my hip with so much functionality. Though it only fires up to 100 watts, given that most comparable mini mods weigh in around 40-60w max, the Vaporesso Armour kit is a glimmer of hope that lights the way to better vapor in a small package. Paired with the Cascade Baby sub ohm vape tank, this advanced vape mod starter kit transforms a handheld power mod into a close quarter shield against the temptation of tobacco.

In its configuration for our Vaporesso Armour Pro kit review, this mod and vape tank combo has an easy to navigate onboard OMNI chipset suite with variable wattage, temperature control, TCR settings for Ni, SS, and Titanium atomizer coils, Bypass mode, curve setup and an additional option called SP Mode which is setup for intensely low sub ohm RDA vape tanks and custom coil builds. While this may not be a big draw for users interested in using popular streamlined compact vape mods, those curious about dripping and rebuildable atomizers will appreciate the capability of a small mod with this much functionality. While it is able to accommodate the standard 18650 vape batteries using an included sleeve adapter, you can also throw in either your 20700 or 21-700 vape batteries providing a range of power options (though it’s always recommended that users do their research on battery technology before simply selecting a power source for their safety).

The Vaporesso Cascade Baby vape tank comes standard with both a 0.3ohm round wire CCELL2 coil which provides a slightly tighter airflow draw and a 0.18ohm mesh coil which definitely provided for denser clouds and more intense flavor production. Note, I am not usually a big fan of mesh coils, particularly the Smok V12 Prince Strip atomizer heads, but somehow the Vaporesso GT coils are such an immense improvement, I think I’m starting to come around to what mesh coils have to offer. In addition, the GT series comes in six configurations for a wide range of wattages rated between 30w and 110w (though the mod itself is only able to reach 100w) which is so impressive and invaluable for users who aren’t interested in vaping at high wattage constantly and appreciate sub ohm atomizers optimized for lower ranges.

Additionally, this sub ohm vape tank comes apart in multiple modular pieces that are reverse threaded and while this may be confusing or cumbersome for some users, it makes it much easier to take apart, which honestly is amazing for those of use who tend to overtighten their tank pieces and need a pair of pliers handy to change an atomizer (I can’t help it). Given all the different sections and o rings, this tank isn’t leakproof, but let’s be honest, have you encountered one that truly isn’t 100% of the time? I’ll wait. In all, the Cascade Baby tank performed brilliantly throughout our Vaporesso Armour Pro kit review and pumped out vapestacks of robust and incredibly flavorful vapor consistently at a range of wattages.


  • Compact mini mod with 5w-100w VW, 3.7v VV, TC, TCR, Bypass and SP modes
  • 03-5ohm Cascade Baby Tank top filling with bottom draw adjustable airflow control ring
  • 5ml vape juice capacity
  • Powered by single replaceable 20700, 21-700 or 18650 vape battery with sleeve adapter
  • Integrated fire button and OLED display with digital clock and real time voltage, wattage, resistance and battery life

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Vaporesso Armour Pro Kit Coupon

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Vaporesso Armour Pro Kit Review Wrap Up

Not every vape review we perform feels like a head-to-head joust between opposing companies, but we really felt the Armour Pro kit was an attempt by Vaporesso to compete with the growing need for upgraded technology in a stealth vape mod setup. With small ecigarettes for nic salts and Juul alternatives like the Mig Trap Pod ecig dominating the market, most companies are in a rush to compete with similar setups meant to bring more customization to familiar engineering and Vaporesso has certainly done that with pod mod vape systems like the Nexus and Zero all-in-one devices. However, for those of us who have been vaping for years and value the ability to fully adjust our units to personal preferences, making advanced functions compact can be infinitely more important.

As we watch the vaping community grow with users gravitating towards entry level nic salt ecigs like the Juul system, it may only be a matter of time before they realize they want more power, more customization and better functionality from their vaping. Our Vaporesso Armour Pro kit review unveiled a device that gives new and intermediate users alike the ability to experience more from their vapor in a mini vape starter kit that is affordable, classy, discreet and immensely powerful given its size and single battery configuration. While some users are quick to jump into the highest wattage vape mods available imagining that will provide the most functionality and possibilities moving forward, it’s clear that the Vaporesso company has considered not only what the vaping community wants, but what they need, especially when considering the on board SP mode perfect for DIY coil builders who are consistently pushing for lower resistance from their custom atomizers and drip decks.

If you’ve been searching through the most astounding small vape starter kits that fit comfortably in your hand built with the ability for seemingly infinite options of tank, atomizer coil and resistance application, the Armour Pro starter kit is an ideal investment looking towards the long term. With unique options like selecting variable voltage, there are few devices let alone vape kits offering this much personalizable vaping in one elegant package. We hope this Vaporesso Armour Pro kit review was valuable to finding the best setup for your next upgrade, in the end, it’s all about finding the right tools to help people making the switch put the ever present threat of picking up cigarettes behind them.