Numbers of people vaping without nicotine has expanded greatly in recent years. With new users making the switch everyday, it shows no signs of slowing. There are a number of topics worth considering before widespread use is proclaimed safe.

Scientists and medical professionals are still hesitant to endorse any form of vaping, which includes as a tool for smoking cessation. The tobacco industry famously altered and marketed now debunked claims about the safety of smoking decades ago. Vaping advocates say the tobacco industry remains eager to suppress any studies pointing to the benefits of vaping.

According to the CDC: “In 2015, tobacco companies spent $8.9 billion marketing cigarettes and smokeless tobacco in the United States. This amount translates to more than $24 million each day, or about $1 million every hour.” Considering this excludes marketing on television and all public spaces including billboards, this massive marketing power is fighting hard to keep people opting for tobacco. However, firsthand experiences and word of mouth are proving that nicotine free vaping is worth trying out.

Reflexively, If we look at the massive backlash against ecig marketing that rose in the wake of a controversial Super Bowl advertisement as well as numerous spots on European television for the Blu e-cig starring actor Stephen Dorff. The outpouring of criticism and disdain for vaping was immense from anti-smoking advocates as well as the public who felt betrayed. However, many of those same critics don’t know about vaping without nicotine.

Yet, there was no resulting outcry of scorn for the print advertisements still plugging tobacco placed on the side of thousands of convenience stores all over the country as well as neon signs and posters in their windows. While people somehow feel attacked by ecig campaigns on their televisions, they seem to be able to somehow overlook the indoctrinating marketing material staring them in the face everywhere they go. Although, they aren’t quite the same thing, neither is giving the public a choice of what they want to see and the banning of televised tobacco ads and billboards hasn’t seem to slow the industry down.

Vapers are able to choose a preferred amount of nicotine or nicotine free vape juice.

Is Vaping Without Nicotine The Right Choice For You?

Lost in the marketing battles is the difference between harm reduction products and those that are safer than tobacco. Vapers themselves won’t likely claim to know for sure that their interest poses no dire health risks. However, dismissing the huge advantages to vaping for those trying to quit smoking could hinder a beneficial switch for potential users. Widespread vaping may save lives lost to chronic and deadly tobacco-related diseases and cancer and for some vaping without nicotine is the final step.

Vaping without nicotine offers a dependence-free vaping experience focused on harm-reduction and freedom from tobacco products and their derivatives. However, e-juice products can be greatly improved both in terms of their safety and reliability with manufacturing regulations and honest scientific research. Consumers will decide for themselves which option is best, but the future of vaping without nicotine remains an attainable process. Through continued research, a smoke and Nic-free future is on the horizon.

Feel free to leave comments below describing personal experiences, health outcomes, and cloud competitions. The debate rages on below.