Vaping has sure come a long way since the first electronic cigarettes were introduced in America less than a decade ago. Ecigs started as a peculiar concept in the eyes of many smokers but quickly found a following by those who really wanted to make a change in their lives. Now we are seeing the results of the impact that vaping has made on the smoking public, as smoking rates among young adults have bottomed out completely. This is according to a new Gallup poll that has shone another light on the incredible impact that electronic cigarettes are having in the US.

This isn’t to say that smoking wasn’t already declining when ecigs first hit the market. The steady decline of smokers was in motion because of a number of factors, including increased public awareness, greater costs due to higher taxes, and the snowballing effect of new smoking bans. All in all, smokers were starting to be cornered and that definitely had an impact on their decision to kick Big Tobacco out of their lives. Yet even with all that, smoking rates hit a floor that anti-tobacco groups couldn’t seem to break through. All their advancement seemed to be slowly grinding to a halt.

The prevalence of vaping has helped many a smoker free themselves from the trappings of big tobacco's hold.

But then came vaping, and it opened up a new opportunity for smokers to make that life-changing switch using electronic cigarettes. When other attempts didn’t work, ecigarettes creating new hope for so many. As time went out it became even clearer that vaping could be helping in the decline of cigarette addiction. Anti-vaping activists could scream up and down about ecigs being bad for the public, but the numbers showed that these devices were helping to decrease the amoung of smoke out there. The new poll shows that the impact of ecigs is even more apparent in perhaps the most important segment of smokers; young adults.

Vaping Takes Lead Among Young Adults

That’s the key take away from the numbers that Gallup released, as vaping is now taking the lead among young adults and helping spur a dramatic drop in smoking rates. That number, which is the amount of smokers among those aged 18 to 29, has been lowered by a full 12 percent over the past decade. Standing at a historic low of 22 percent, these young people are now just as likely to be smoking as those aged 30 to 64.

More frequently young adults are choosing vaping not only as a social activity but as an alternative to smoking cigarettes and other vices.

That is significant because it is specifically the young adult age group that has always smoked more than anyone else.

It is also incredibly dangerous to have so many young people making smoking a part of their every day lives at an age where we know it will be hard to detach themselves from their addiction later on in life.

Now vaping has made that change for them. We’ve always said that some young people will be attracted to smoking no matter what because it has a certain appeal that speaks to individuals in that time of their lives. For those who are lucky enough to be entering that age bracket at a time when electronic cigarettes not only exist but also are a popular alternative, there is hope. Even if the best option is to neither smoke nor vape, the best way for these young cigarette smokers to quickly transition away from smoking is already here. It seems like young people are taking to that and understanding it.

This is also generally the point which we hear people saying that vaping is just a new way to lure young people into smoking. Yet even the CDC isn’t backing that up any longer, as their November study showed only .4% of people who have never smoked are now vaping. This is a tiny amount and doesn’t back any theory of ecigs being a so-called gateway device to smoking. If anything, electronic cigarettes could aid in the decline of teen smoking rates.

The duration and frequency of vape usage suggests that the practice is not a method for luring in new cigarette smokers.

The fact that this change is happening at these age groups gives us much hope that the decline of traditional tobacco smoke will continue. While this decline reached a point of stagnation years ago, the introduction of vaping has reignited the trend. By the looks of these numbers, it has super-ignited the fall of smoking. While we’re happy to see the ecig movement expanding and spreading to all age groups, we know this particular one more be the most vital for the near future. Vaping appears to be taking over and that’s good news for everyone.