The special interests paying for vaping research seem to have no point below which it will not descend in order to scare and misinform people about ecigs. It is getting ridiculous. In the last two months, there has been negative headline after negative headline. It has been an avalanche of ecig misinformation disseminated with the intention of misleading the public in order to keep people smoking cigarettes or taking some pharmaceutical concoction to try and quit. Plus, the powers that be also want to regulate vaping into oblivion.

The sensationalism and ridiculousness that these vaping research conclusions are stooping to is almost unbelievable. Sure, they use a clever “may indicate” or “might mean” to give an excuse later when someone credible exposes their research for it’s fallacies, but overall the implication and intention are clear. They are trying to scare you about vaping. Who knows what the next ridiculous attack will be. Who would be surprised if next they blamed ecigs for adding to global warming or blame vapers for tumbling oil prices. Maybe they will proclaim that electronic cigarettes scare cute puppies. Who knows what the smear campaign will come up with next.

Be careful of the information passed along by friends and acquaintances with no basis in fact or experience, for instance that vaping scares puppies.

Lest go back to just before Christmas. At that time the big story was popcorn lung and diacetyl in electronic cigarette liquid. While it is true that diacetyl was found in 74% of eliquids tested, it is also true that it is very easy to avoid diacetyl. The best ejuice brands like Halo, VaporFi and Apollo are all diacetyl and acetone free. The problem with diacetyl in eliquid is because many boutique ejuice brands are not manufactured to professional standards. That does have to be fixed but the reality is that getting diacetyl free e-juice is not hard. Juts buy it from the right company.

The media could have reported this issue by recommending that people buy diacetyl free ejuice but no, that was not scary enough. They reported that ejuice flavors have been linked to popcorn lung! Even though, no they haven’t. Ejuice has diacetyl but far less diacetyl than you will ever find in a cigarette. Even the worst ejuice has less diacetyl than tobacco. Anyone reading the numerous mainstream media reports would never know that. No, those poor misinformed folks will walk away from reading a scary vaping research article with the opinion that ecigs are dangerous. This is ridiculous.

Vaping Research Claim That eCigs Don’t Help Smokers

After Christmas came a vaping research study that proclaimed that ecigs do not help smokers quit. This study, and pretty much every negative vaping research study, was celebrated by Dr. Stanton Glantz, a known opponent of vaping and ecigs. Anytime the media wants a scary ecig headline, Dr. Glantz provides the material. Once again, headlines everywhere and pseudo journalists, actually better described as overpaid book report writers, gleefully went on the attack. They claimed that ecigs reduce a smoker’s chances of quitting smoking!

Have you seen these studies or headlines? Have you seen reporters writing that ecigs do not help smokers quit and in fact they reduce someone’s chance of quitting? How did they get this data? Manipulation. This is what they do.

Clear the air with anti-vapers who say e-cigs don't help people quit smoking, do the research, explain the science, end the misinformation.

Vaping researchers get a grant or some form of funding from some organization or company. Now the person paying for the ecig research, do you think they might be looking for a specific result and if they are do you think that the researchers might be clever enough to find a way to provide them with a study that meets their agenda? I think yes.

If you are are someone who wears a lab coat to work and has a bunch of letters behind your name and I give you a wad of sweaty cash to give me a study that clinically proves that my neighbor is a jerk I have a feeling that you will find a way to give me what I want. Hey, you want another wad of sweaty cash from me I better be happy with the final report you give me!

When people throw rumors around without evidence, there is often a good chance that their information is biased, overly-dramatic or false, don't get taken in by sensationalist lies about vaping.

So, how does a piece of vaping research come up with a conclusion that vaping hinders a smoker’s chance of quitting? Well, here is how they did it. They considered a number of surveys. They asked smokers if they have tried an ecig in the last year. If they said yes and are still smoking, well that must mean that the ecig hindered their chance of quitting. Here’s what else they did, anyone who had quit smoking with ecigs was EXCLUDED from the results!!! This was rigged from the get go and it was nothing but a sham.

Many of our readers here at Expert Vaping have quit smoking with ecigs. Millions of you have. Apparently, none of you really exist. Your stories do not matter and your voice is being squashed. It’s truly a shame. We lose 480,000 people a year to smoking related illness and we have an “expert” industry that is being systematically bought off by special interests. We need solutions and vaping represents the biggest ally we have ever had in the fight against smoking. They get that in the UK and in Europe, but here it’s a gong show.

Exploding eCigs

Now the headlines are full of stories of exploding ecigs. Once again no context is ever applied. Most ecigs are powered by lithium ion batteries. This is the exact style of battery in many cell phones and laptops. If a battery is misused, overcharged or charged on the wrong charger well accidents can happen. A few years ago Sony recalled hundreds of thousands of laptop batteries because of serious problems but there weren’t headlines like this. Vaping research is targeting electronic cigarettes with negativity and lies.

Avoid counterfeit e-cigarettes that are too cheap to be true, inexpensive clones with poorly produced batteries have a possibility of explosion.

Look, you have to be careful with any electronic device. The same goes for electronic cigarettes. There are companies that use cheap battery components that are problematic. Clone ecigs are a major problem because of how cheap and low quality they are. Cloned vaping devices are a danger but when someone irresponsibly paints all ecigs with the same brush it only leads to confusion and additional problems. Whatever happened to the journalistic notion of inspiring solutions rather than inspiring fear and anger for clickbait?

Avoid Cloned Vaping Devices

The other problem is misusing electronic cigarettes and attempting modifications that compromise the safety of an ecig. Using the wrong charger can lead to a thermal runaway. Or, removing battery safety features and making a mod unregulated can also lead to a thermal runaway. Anytime that you hear about an incident of an ecig exploding and catching fire, chances are that it was either a cheap clone or someone misused it severely.

Avoid cloned vaping devices with hidden safety dangers by purchasing your products at reputable web stores such as Direct Vapor offering the lowest prices on name brand vape products.

How many reporters do you think would ever dig deep enough into a story to find out all of the details? Why would they? They can go get a picture, put up a scary headline then ask for a raise. Now there are some very good reporters who do dig up the real stories and we are very thankful for their work. They represent the minority in the current state of journalism.

How Crazy Are Anti-Vaping News Stories Going To Get?

The history of lies and flawed vaping research is frightening. Once upon a time the vaping research that told us that there was formaldehyde in ecigs. Of course this claim has since been exposed as a lie. The connections to ecigs and teen smoking have been likewise proven false. A few months ago the famous San Diego anti-vaping study was exposed for the worst, most dangerous and slipshod journalism of 2015. You would think these anti-vaping journalists would be getting tired of being wrong. But, it’s like they say. Scary headlines are page 1 and everybody sees them. Retractions and corrections show up 5 days later on page 27 and no one sees them.

The reality is that ecigs vaporize a solution comprised of 3 to 4 non-toxic ingredients. Smoking produces 7000 chemicals and a massive list of toxins and carcinogens. In the most comprehensive study done to date, by credible scientists, Public Health England found that vaping is at least 95% safer than smoking. Numerous credible, peer reviewed studies have shown us that vaping is safer than smoking. No one is claiming that vaping is perfect, but with 480,000 people dying from smoking related illness a year waiting for the perfect solution falls into the category of – insane.

Don't believe the hype or paranoia of anti-vapers, the only conspiracy behind vaping is to help them get free of the shackles of big tobacco.

So really, what’s next? Will next week’s anti-vaping headlines scream “New Vaping Research Proves That eCigs May Scare Puppies!” I would’t be surprised. Considering the wild stuff that they make up, manipulate and obfuscate, I would not put anything past them at this point.

In the meantime, we at Expert Vaping will continue to fight against the misinformation. We will also fight to help adult smokers find solutions and alternatives to the horrors of tobacco. Smokers, you deserve the right to options and that’s the bottom line. Millions of people now vape instead of smoke, that’s the reality.