It’s interesting to see a technology grow. Whether it be computers going from bytes to terabytes or televisions going from antennas to satellite.

I am new to ECCR, so I’ll quickly introduce myself. My name is Josh and, for all practical purposes, I am a computer geek. One of the best things in my life was to watch the growth of computers and how they evolved, but another thing that has also intrigued me is how the electronic cigarette has evolved.

It was nice to be around when they were first being introduced and to be there when the “community” was putting their heads together to come up with a better electronic cigarette. I was introduced to the world of eCigs on 12/09/08, which was about 6 months to a year after their appearance here on the shores of America.

The Early Days

The DSE 901 e-cig is the simplest style of vaping device.

At that time there were pretty much only 3 kinds of ecigs. You had the DSE-901, the DSE-801, and the infamous Smoking Everywhere. Now those of you who go back that far with me, know that Smoking Everywhere was one of the worst ecig products out there. They were the smallest ecig out there at the time… about the size of today’s BluCig.

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Even though they were small, they were still a 3 piece design. They had a small battery, an atomizer that stuck out, and a horribly designed cartridge. They sold mostly in the malls and because you couldn’t smoke there, this product was a way around that. Those manning the Smoking Everywhere kiosks would get you to come up and try one. It was so cool that you could have the “feel” of a cigarette and blow out what looked like smoke, all with a supposed nicotine hit. Which was pretty weak at best.

I bought them without any research just trusting that the product performed as the merchant said they would.

The DSE 801 e-cig kit comes with five flavor cartridges and two e-cigarettes.

They sold the kits for around $120 USD each and $25 USD for a 5 pack of refills. The cartridges were supposed to equal about 2 packs of smokes. So, like most people during this time period, I bought them without any research just trusting that the product performed as the merchant said they would. I laid out $250 and got one for me and one for my wife. It was almost Christmas time and this was our Christmas gifts to each other to help quit smoking… and to be able to smoke in front of her parents without bothering them.

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Well, I got home and 2 days later found out that the cartridges only lasted about 5-10 cigarettes each – not the 2 packs each that they promised. So I did some research on the internet and found a well known ecigarette forum (this was pre-ECCR) and learned that so many people had been taken in by this Smoking Everywhere company.

The only silver lining to the cloud was the fact that Smoking Everywhere had indeed done a good job of marketing and letting smokers know that there now was a revolutionary product on the market that could change everything.

eCigs Grow Up

The 801 pen-style e-cigarette is celebrated as one of the most discreet, easiest-to-use vaping devices.

In time, other products improved upon those initial designs. The electronic cigarette industry was growing and evolving at a rapid pace. The 901 and it’s larger brother the 801 eventually  appeared on the scene. They referred to the 801 as the pen style, whereas the 901 became more popular as it’s size fit neatly between a cigarette and the larger 801 pen style.

They both worked quite well. The 801 pen style of course held more ejuice and the battery lasted longer, but most opted for the 901 because it didn’t look like you were inhaling from a gigantic pen and still lasted most of the day. Then came the time where you could buy your own eliquid and refill your own cartomizers instead of needing to buy cartridges all of the time. But alas, these too were also 3 piece designs. They were good, not perfect, but good.

More and more people were finding out about electronic cigarettes; some by way of forums and some by, unfortunately, the con of Smoking Everywhere. I say con, because they made so many false claims that they have since disappeared. Even some of the smaller ecig companies are still around. Why? Because they put out good products and didn’t over inflate the capabilities of their product.  Janty and PureSmoker were among some of the first US-based companies to bring quality ecigs here, but as time went on, and more people got into the market, they started asking themselves how can we make a better ecig?

We need a longer lasting battery. We need a better eliquid delivery system.

The Janty Dura 510 vape mod comes with a variety of accessories.

The next 2 ecigs that came out at about the same time were the Janty Mini Fogger and the Janty Dura (also known as the 510). The Mini Fogger was ironically one of the first 2-piece designs and closely resembled Blu’s product. It died pretty quickly because the battery just didn’t have staying power. Maybe an hour or so? But man would it put out vapor like no other ecig before it. It had great vapor production, but burned too hot and the eliquid would burn up too quickly leaving you with a burnt taste and a dead battery.

The size was perfect, so the 510 quickly became the Ecig of choice. It was a little smaller than the 901, but lasted longer than the 901 and had better vapor… and better eliquid delivery. The problem they came up with pretty quick was that the liquid quickly got into the battery and when you inhaled, the flapper would stop working. Thus the invention of the push button. Dura/510 was first to have that. Around this time the market was booming and there were a lot of hobby people working on ecigs and mods were starting to come out.

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In 2009/2010, all kinds of mods starting popping up… some not so bad… but some were pretty bad. The point is that people were trying to improve and out of these improvements came a mod dubbed the “juicebox”. This mod had the bottle of eliquid inside a square ecig and when you were running low on liquid you just gave it a squeeze. Some of the mods even used mobile phone batteries because they were 3.7 volts and 1100 mAh and they would last 2 days on a single battery.

Enter the eGo

The Ego style e-cigarette comes with a refillable cartomizer tank.

All these advancements over the years have led to the ecigarettes we have now. One of the most popular “mods” (non-traditional electronic cigarettes) that is on it’s way to becoming the “go-to” standard is the eGo. The eGo uses Lithium-Ion batteries and can even use some of the “modded” batts out there that run up to 6 volts.

The “clearomizers” (clear cartomizer tanks) are pretty large and range in size from 1.6ml tanks to 6ml+ tanks. This means you can pretty much vape all day worry-free. Basically what they did was take the juicebox idea and synergize it with the cartomizer. The mobile phone battery? Well, they took that and put it into cr 123 batteries. You now have the eGo and the rest is history.

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Then there was the kr-808, a 2-piece that had some issues with the ejuice getting into a battery that didn’t last very long anyway. Well, to be honest, they lasted a bit longer than it’s predecessors: the 901, 801, and 510… but not as long as it’s newest cousins.

Full Circle

With the advanced technology, mainstream ecig companies that mainly sell cigarette-size ecigarettes with pre-filled cartomizers are able to match the battery and cartomizer life of some of the much larger mods out there.

White Smoke Cirrus 2 plus kit comes with two e-cig units and USB chargers and including 5 clear draw cartridges.

Fast forward and now there are great companies like White Cloud and Green Smoke (which is what I am currently vaping on), and they are still using the 2 piece design, albeit with the latest technology. The eliquid lasts longer, the batteries last longer, and the size is comparable to a real cigarette.

In the end, what we’ve been able to do is take the advancements in electronic cigarette technology over the past 6 years, the latest mod technology…. all of it…. and get back to the size where we started. With the advanced technology, mainstream ecig companies that mainly sell cigarette-size ecigarettes with pre-filled cartomizers are able to match the battery and cartomizer life of some of the much larger mods out there.

It makes you wonder… where will we be in another 6 years?

One thing is for sure, the future of electronic cigarettes is a bright one. ECCR will be here all along the way to bring you honest and unbiased ecig reviews of the latest and greatest products that implement these future technologies.

Happy Vaping!