Ecig study data has been a key component of how the vaping issue is seen, especially in the press. While there are those who assert ecig safety isn’t even possible, no real facts have come to bear that out. Everything that we have come across has shown vaping to be at the worst not harmful and at best an incredible opportunity for smokers who are looking to make a change. That doesn’t seem to sit well with certain scientists, those of the anti-vaping persuasion who still believe vapor is just another harmful element that is being introduced. The problem is that these people won’t let facts get in the way of their opinions, and sometimes they take it a step too far.

Though being a doctor affords you a built-in credibility, new research shows that recent e-cig studies may have been manipulated by biased science and manipulated data

This was the case that was revealed in this scathing article that put the blame on such scientists who seemingly manipulated ecig study data to suit their purposes. The data in question was published in the Current Environmental Health Reports, with the study focusing on particulates in the air from traditional tobacco smoke as well as electronic cigarette vapor. What the authors of the study claim is that secondhand exposure to vapor from ecigs is toxic. Why? Because they contain particulate matter that can be dangerous to the respiratory system. As far as they are concerned, there is no such thing as ecig safety for those around vapers.

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Thankfully there are professionals out there paying attention to every ecig study that comes out and giving it a look-over. This one doesn’t pass muster, and frankly we would be surprised if it did given the pretty out there conclusions. Dr. Michael Siegel was one of many to chime in against the methods used in the study. Siegel is a professor at Boston University’s School of Public Health, and he says it looks like “because the results didn’t come out the way the authors wanted it to, they misreported the conclusion to conform with what was apparently their predetermined conclusions against e-cigarettes.”

Ecig Study A Tool of Anti-Vapers

Many say that a number of the studies done on the effects of e-cigarettes have been biased and the science manipulated to unfairly vilify vaping.

This ecig study, it turns out, was simply manipulated to fit the needs of the researchers. They had an idea of what the results should be, and when it didn’t meet what they expected, they simply changed the game.

That is how it seems at least, because the findings of the study are so misinterpreted that we would be hard pressed to believe that it was simply an accident. These are supposed to be trained scientists after all. Yet even scientists have their view on things, and maybe this time it seeped into the work they were doing.

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That is also the opinion of Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos. The cardiologist and researcher at the Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center in Athens insists, “This is a fine example of severe bias by anti-tobacco researchers in the reporting of scientific results about e-cigarettes.” It goes without saying that this type of manipulation heightened the public’s wariness when it comes to ecig safety. The topic comes up often in the news these days, and reporting false conclusions like this influence people who don’t know any better. People who only know vaping from afar and already think it looks like folks are smoking.

Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos has run many different studies on the benefits of using e-cigarettes.

This type of manipulation isn’t new either. Even claims as audacious as the lie that ecigs contain dangerous levels of formaldehyde make the rounds quickly. Too quickly, especially for an issue and an industry that is still developing and making a name for itself. As the battles go on in the halls of politics and government bodies, they also go on in the battleground of public opinion. This is where claims against ecigarettes can really hit home and cause damage. Thankfully there are those on the lookout and they do their best to strike back, but each one of us can make a difference too. If you help create an image of vaping in the mind of someone who didn’t know anything about ecigs, you already guard against another person being duped by these types of false reports. An attack on vaping is still underway and we have to be ready for every method used to tar the name of ecigs and be ready to defend these life changing devices.