While many of the supposed ecigarette dangers are greatly overstated, the FDA’s concern regarding cheap ecigs is pretty much on target. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t many quality ecigarette brands that are, unfortunately, wrongly tossed into the same category.

We all know that electronic cigarettes have become a favorite subject for FDA and other officials to make ludicrous claims over. Yet it isn’t that we never agree with some of the “opponent” arguments about ecigs, it just depends on the facts – not the source of the complaints. So when we read about the FDA being worried over exploding ecigarettes, we can’t help but chime in with a similar concern, albeit a more educated one.

e cigarette blowing up injury

“I’m freaking out. I just had an electronic cigarette blow-up in my hand. Yeah, my hand is burned pretty bad,” said one ecig user who made a call to 911 after an accident in his home. This quote would make anyone wary of ecigarette dangers and could simply scare off smokers from coming near the lifestyle changing devices. But the culprit isn’t always the ecigarette itself, and even when it is we are usually talking about cheap ecigs that are the real issue here.

As it is, the FDA and others love to see this type of fodder that they can use to rail against the industry, but lets take a look at the two main things you need to concern yourself with as far as exploding ecigs go.

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User Error

This is often the problem and we see it in many different industries, not just ecigs. If you have ever turned on the nightly news and seen a story that just makes you shake your head wondering how people make such dumb mistakes, you aren’t alone. Although sometimes it isn’t so much that it is a dumb mistake, but simply a lack of education.

Some battery explosions can be fault of the user

Anyone can make the “dumb mistake” of using the wrong charger or thinking a phone charger will work just as well for his or her ecigarette. That was the main thrust of this ABC News video segment on exploding ecigs. This is why it is hugely important to get all of the information on how to use your ecig, either here from a site like ours, or directly from the ecigarette brands that you buy from. Don’t let ignorance lead to making ecigarette dangers a reality in your home because of exploding ecig batteries.

Cheap eCigs

As Mitch Zeller of the FDA says, “Right now, it’s the wild wild west for ecigarettes. We are very concerned about this.” We can’t blame Zeller and those at the FDA that are worried about this situation, because even though the majority of companies are responsible, there will always be those looking to just make a quick buck.

cheap e cigarettes or clones can be dangerous

Buying cheap ecigs is one of the last things you want to do, because battery-powered devices aren’t the ones you want to skimp on. Besides the fact that you want something that will help you make the switch away from traditional tobacco cigarettes and do so effectively, you don’t want to be messing with badly designed ecigs.

Batteries can explode and poor quality control can produce a situation where you put yourself and others in a dangerous situation.

cheap or counterfeit batteries can explode or catch on fire

With the ecig industry heading toward regulation being formulated by the FDA, ecigarette brands are going to be put under the microscope with regard to their practices. Some of these restrictions may be a bad thing for the industry and we have to be very wary of what comes out of it, but the insistence on proper quality control standards will be a boon to us all.

The hope is that those fly-by-night type companies will get snuffed out of existence, and that even the more established companies will take safety more seriously. We know that any brand we recommend here has passed those safety concerns and put the consumer first and foremost in their thinking. In time, that should spread throughout the industry, but in the meantime we understand why he FDA would worry about cheap ecigs, because we worry too.