The FDA has submitted its final version of ecig regulations to the Office of Budget Management for final approval. As it stands, 99% of electronic cigarette and eliquid products now available may be gone in 2 to 4 years. Make no mistake, your right to vape is under attack.

This is not an overstatement. We wish that it were. We have been avidly covering this threat to your rights for almost a year and a half. It all comes down to the definition of ecigarettes, and eliquids, as a tobacco product. As per the FDA’s proposed regulations, any product any vapor product that was introduced after February 2007 will have to go through an extensive and expensive FDA review.

The rights of the vaping public are under attack by corporations and governmental entities alike.

Now an FDA review does not sound bad. But here’s the catch. Even if a vapor brand meets every standard imposed by the FDA, it does not matter. Each single product still has to pay for a review. That is every ecig, every eliquid and that counts each flavor and each nicotine level. That will cost small American ecig companies many, many millions of dollars that they do not have. They will literally be crushed out of existence by regulation.

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The best ecigarettes on the market today are not the cigalikes that you see behind the counter at gas stations. American ecig companies like Halo, VaporFi and Apollo are all fully invested in developing high quality options for smokers desperate for an alternative to tobacco. Each of these very innovative companies have invested in state of the art labs to create the best and purest ejuice on the planet. These companies care about their customers and they care about every product that goes out the door with their name on it.

Oklahoma congressman Tom Cole could save the vaping industry with the introduction of his legislation protecting grandfathered tobacco products.

As amazing as these companies are, they are not huge corporations with a contact list full of Washington insiders at their beck and call. These are busy entrepreneurs that are busy competing by innovating. That’s what they should be doing. They are not giant companies with millions in the bank. They will meet every standard that the FDA will impose and, in fact, they will more than likely exceed every standard. But they cannot afford to pay countless millions for the rubber stamp that the FDA wants them to pay for.

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So what companies will be able to easily afford paying for an FDA review? The Big Tobacco ecig brands. This proposed regulation will hand them a vaping monopoly. Right now the vaping industry is very competitive as ecig brands fight to create the best possible products. Soon, that competition will be rendered meaningless. It is not American and it is not free market. It is rigging the game.

Protect Your Right To Vape

The defense of vaping is the responsibility of it's users, stand up and be heard, fight for your vaping rights.

You do not have to sit idly by and watch your right to vape go up in Big Tobacco smoke. Congressman Tom Cole of Oklahoma’s 4th district has sponsored a bill to protect your right to vape. HR 2058 will require the FDA to change the grandfather date from February 2007 to the point in time where regulations go into effect.

Congressman Cole’s bill will prevent the FDA from being able to ban 99% of all vaping products. HR 2058 shows that the vaping community and American small business does have a voice in Congress and that the vaping community does have the opportunity to reinforce that voice. You have a role in your government and it’s time to exercise that role.

It is time for us to step up as a community. We can step forward with strength and dignity. Let’s leave the mud slinging and cheap shots to the anti-vaping zealots who have made it their daily routine to lie about the dangers of electronic cigarettes. Let’s take the high road and present our case in a sound, reasonable and respectful fashion that mirrors the worthiness of our cause.

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Here’s the thing. The science really is on our side. The facts are on our side. The most overwhelming fact is the terrifying number of people who lose their lives to smoking related illness every year. In the United States that number is crawling toward 500,000 people per year. This is an epidemic that we have become so used to and so numb to it seems to be lost in all the posturing. It is preposterous.

Additionally, we have seen negative ecig study after negative ecig study and ecig myth debunked. Claims like formaldehyde in ecigs have been proven false. The only way to manipulate those results is by misusing lower quality vaping products. The idea that vaping leads to smoking has been in the headlines daily yet when you look at the actual numbers there is no real foundation for those claims. In today’s modern journalism, however, innuendo is all that is needed to go forward with a large font scary headline.

Your Voice Does Matter. Advocate For Vaping

Contrary to popular belief, a singular voice, can send shockwaves across legal channels, make your votes count and be part of the vaping constituency.

Contact your member of Congress and ask that they support Congressman Cole’s bill. Ask that your right to vape be protected. Ask that they support HR 2058. If you have an ecig success story you should share it. Be courteous and respectful. Appeal based on logic and reason.

Let you member of Congress know that the ecig business is not Big Tobacco. In fact, attacking ecigs benefits Big Tobacco. They probably have no idea that the majority of the vaping industry is being led by American small businesses. The effects of this proposed law are not well understood and your member of Congress is possibly likewise unaware. Tell them that if the FDA regulations go forward as proposed then 99% of all vaping products will be wiped out and Big Tobacco ecig brands will be the ones left standing.

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Ask for their support to protect adult access to a potentially life-saving product. This is a very emotional issue for many of you, as it is for all of us here at Expert Vaping, but we need to communicate with respect and civility. We are also ambassadors of vaping and we need to be better than our critics. We are better, but we are also fighters. We have the winning argument and can communicate it with strength and certainty but without emotion.

Tell your personal story if you wish. If you have put down your cigarettes and found a new lease on life with vaping your story counts. Right now there are a lot of pseudo science types out their looking at rigged survey data telling the world that you do not even exist. They want to perpetuate the narrative that ecigs do not help people to quit smoking. They benefit from your silence.

Other Countries Embrace Vaping

While the United States has adopted an adversarial stance against the vaping industry, countries like England have embraced e-cigs as a less harmful alternative to smoking cigarettes.

Right across the Atlantic in England, their experts are lamenting the ecig misinformation because they want to see smokers quit tobacco and start vaping. Public Health England has completed a massive 111 page ecigarette study that shows beyond a doubt that vaping is 95% safer than smoking.

Look, we do need some regulation of the vaping industry. While we have some incredible American entrepreneurs making some phenomenal products, there are also some shady vendors out there. The low quality companies will not be able to meet standards. So why punish the great companies that do meet the standards? To think that all of this is coming at a time when we need more job creation, why are we even considering oppressive regulation?

You have a voice and it counts in America. But it only counts if you use it. Contact your member of Congress and protect your right to vape. Respectfully ask for your member of Congress to support HR 2058.