There will soon be a new Surgeon General of the United States and the nominee is Dr. Jerome Adams. Dr. Adams is currently an associate professor of anesthesiology and Indiana University School of Medicine. He has a long history of involvement in a number of high profile committees. Dr. Adams has personal experience, specifically his brother, with the current scourge of opioid addiction. It is believed by many that Dr. Adams focus will be on finding solutions to opioid addiction.

Of course the vaping community and industry are wondering where Dr. Adams will come down on the vaping issue. His predecessor, Dr. Vivek Murtha, had an alarmist response to electronic cigarettes. Dr. Murtha declared vaping to be a threat. Many are hoping that Dr. Adams will be more considerate, thorough and thoughtful regarding e-cigarettes in the United States. But will he?

new surgeon general Jerome Adams

The simple fact of the matter is that we don’t know. Dr. Adams has not claimed an official position on vaping. Do we have any clues? Yes. Maybe. Dr. Adams is from Indiana which is the state that a couple of years ago passed the most aggressive anti-vaping laws in the country. Indiana is the location of the Right 2 be Smoke Free lawsuit fighting for vaping rights. Dr. Adams did support the heavy handed regulations when they were announced.

Since the disastrous Indiana vaping laws were passed, there has been a motion to repeal. So we have seen progress in Indiana and it is safe to assume Dr. Adams is aware of what has gone on there.

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Signs Dr. Adams May Be Open To Vaping

We do have a good sign that he will perhaps be more open to vaping as a solution than Dr. Murtha was. Dr. Adams is a believer in harm reduction. And he is on the record expressing concern about smoking rates especially among pregnant women. So with his concerns about smoking and belief in a harm reduction strategy the door is open for the possibility of a more open minded approach to vapor.

new surgeon general open to vaping through harm reduction

In all, we are still in a wait and see mode regarding where the new Administration stands on electronic cigarettes and vaping. Dr. Gottlieb at the FDA is supposed to be anti-regulation and vaping may benefit. So far its been mixed messages. Will there be significant changes to e-cig regulations? That’s what we all want to know. As yet, all we can do is speculate.

That’s all we got right now. We are trying to get a comment from Dr. Adams regarding his position or stance on vaping. If he has any official position that is. He may not at this time. We will update this post when we have a response or Dr. Adams makes his views known in any forum.