With so many ecig brands out there, I guess a good parody of electronic cigarette ads should be expected from time to time.  White Cloud took a jab at ecigarette giant Blu Cigs recently and brought some creativity to their advertising with this parody of Blu’s latest advertising campaign. We think it’s intelligent, fair, and also very funny.

Remember Pepsi and Coca Cola? The Cola Wars? Well, now we may be seeing the start of ECig Wars. It’s bound to happen. Time will tell if this first direct salvo will spark a response from Blu. Maybe Blu doesn’t feel White Cloud is enough of a competitor yet to respond, but if that is their mentality, they had better be careful or they are going to find themselves in White Cloud’s rear view mirror choking on their “smooth draw” vapor cartridges.

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It’s short, funny, and we feel you’ll enjoy the creativity involved as well. This White Cloud parody of Blu Cigs features a vertically-challenged fellow that goes by the name of “Stephen Dwarf”, in place of actor Stephen Dorff, who is recently partnering with Blu Cigs for their latest “Rise From The Ashes” commercial.

Ladies and gentlemen, White Cloud brings to you… Blo Cigs – We only wish this was another brand that we could review for you.

Blu Cigs “Rise From The Ashes” Commercial:

White Cloud’s parody video for Blo Cigs:

This video has been pulled due to a request and threat of legal prosecution

Although legally parody is protected, the makers of a Blu e-cigs parody video were issued a cease and desist letter from owner Lorillard Tobacco.

Simplicity is here to save the day! Here’s the  electronic cigarette reviews ECCR completed on both brands… in case curiosity has gotten the best of you and you’d like to see how they stack up against each other.

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