There are a lot of e-cigarette brands to choose from but each year most of us only have only one summer vacation. You want to make the most of it. Whether you are traveling by foot, car, bus or plane, make sure you are aware of the TSA guidelines for e-cigs, the last thing you want is to be 500 miles from home and run out of e-cig refills.

Of course you also don’t want to have your e-cigarette batteries conk out in the middle of your walking tour of downtown Neilsville, Wisconsin, home of Chatty Belle, the world’s only talking cow.

Tsa guidelines on e cigarettes

Nor do you want to be thinking about your nicotine craving when you could be gazing upon the world’s largest pistachio nut in Alamogordo, New Mexico and would you ever, ever forgive yourself if you were distracted and missed out on seeing the world’s biggest bottle of ketchup in Collinsville, Illinois?

Avoiding these types of catastrophes is important. Most important, however, is your ability to get through your vacation without stopping to buy a pack of cigarettes. If you choose the right e-cigarette brand you will be able to rest assured that your vacation will include all the sights and sounds you want to experience and you will enjoy it all tobacco free.

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Battery life

When you are choosing a quality e-cigarette brand to take on vacation there are a number of factors that will help you plan your time away from home effectively. First, consistency equals quality and choosing a brand that offers a long cartridge life will allow you to vape longer between changing cartridges. Doing the math on that that means you will need fewer cartridges. We don’t miss a trick!

Battery life in e cigarettes is important

The next factor to consider is the battery life. Again, consistency equals quality. A battery with a consistent performance allows you to predict how many charged batteries you will need to get through the day.

Some companies offer portable charger packs, which we recommend taking with you on vacation. In fact some companies offer portable charger packs with their e-cig starter kits, we will tell you about a few.

Green Smoke E vapor

Many vacationers will be away from their vehicles and away from electrical outlets while on vacation. With our suggestions, the average vaper will be able to go for days without needing to plug in. So which brands meet our scientifically devised vacation criteria? We begin with Green Smoke.

Green Smoke does not make a portable charger case at this time but their cartridge and battery consistency set them apart. The batteries last in the range of 400 puffs which is a very solid performance considering the remarkable consistency.

Green smoke e cigarette starter kit comes with cartridges and chargers

Green Smoke’s cartridges may be the most consistent and longest lasting in the market. A cartridge will give you 275 – 325 puffs. This is outstanding! This means that you will not need to take an armful of cartridges with you when you travel.

When you buy the Green Smoke Ultimate Starter Kit, you actually get 3 batteries. Green Smoke also sells a 3-Battery Super Pack for $49.97. That breaks down to only $16.65 per battery.

If you leave for vacation with 6 fully charged Green Smoke batteries you will be set for a week’s worth of vaping without needing any access to a plug-in. Our Green Smoke review explains why this company stands out. The performance and quality set the bar. This brand will definitely help you enjoy your vacation without tobacco.

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White Cloud cigarettes

Another great choice would be White Cloud Cigarettes. Their Cirrus 3X batteries offer a terrific performance and their smooth draw cartridges last a long time and are very consistent.

Our White Cloud editor review goes into great detail about the performance of this brand. To sum up in a nutshell, the Cirrus 3X battery is famous for a reason. It lasts and lasts. One fully charged battery will last the average vaper a solid 2 days.

White cloud cirrus 3x comes 5 with cartridges

That is 550 – 650 puffs. Even more impressive, this puppy charges in about 2 hours.

The Cirrus 3X Starter Kit costs $95.96 and comes with 3 batteries. Fully charged, you can escape to the wilderness for 6 days before needing a re-charge. You can buy an extra 3X battery for $24.95 to give you over a week of oneness with nature.

You will also get in the range of 350 – 400 puffs from each cartridge. The vapor is terrific and consistent. If you head off to your vacation with White Cloud, you will be in good shape. Thee is a reason that White Cloud has made our list of 4 highly recommended e-cigarette brands.

Apollo E cigarettes

Next on our list is Apollo. Apollo invests heavily in its own R&D department and they always seem to be on the leading edge of technology.

We have thoroughly tested the Apollo e-cigarette and were fully impressed. Our review includes all of the details but to quickly sum up the results a fully charged battery lasts 300 – 400 puffs, the equivalent of 1.5 – 2 packs of cigarettes, and the cartridges last for 200-250 puffs, more than a pack of cigarettes.

Apollo endeavor e cigarette starter kit

The Standard Starter Kit from Apollo is priced at $69.95 and this kit does indeed come with a portable charger case. A fully charged portable charger case will re-charge your batteries a full 5 times. With this kit you can spend a week sailing on the Mediterranean and never need electricity.

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South Beach smoke

If you are on a budget, South Beach Smoke is well known for providing decent quality at an affordable price.

A fully charged South Beach battery will get you 200-300 puffs. That is not bad, it is better than a pack of cigarettes! The cartridges last about the equivalent of a pack of cigarettes though the flavor tapers off after 50 puffs.

South beach smoke has a starter kit with cartridges

The South Beach Smoke Deluxe Ultimate Starter Kit costs $159.99, save 12% with our coupon, and comes with a portable charger kit!

The kit also comes with 3 batteries. This kit will get you through a week of planting trees in the wilds of Oregon.

Be Prepared!

Picture it, you are on vacation in Yosemite, a grizzly chases you up a tree. Face it friend, you could be up there for a long time.

Do you know the scientific name for a grizzly?

It is ursus arctos horribilis. That’s right. horribilis and I don’t think you need much explanation as to what that refers to.

We are talking about 1000 plus pounds of irritated, hungry teeth and claws. You will be in that tree for a long time! Don’t let this happen to you! Make sure that you are ready for wherever the day takes you. Rely on one of our recommended e-cigarette brands!

Okay so maybe the bear and the tree is an extreme example. Still, the point is valid! When on vacation away from home you want to make sure that you do not end up with a dead e-cig battery or low quality cartridges that don’t last. You don’t want to be tempted into buying a pack of cigarettes. Vacation is often associated with smoking relapse; don’t let it happen to you.

Besides, if you ever spend a day fishing on the gorgeous Waconda Lake in Kansas and your e-cig battery dies, you may rush into the nearby town of Cawker City to find a pack of cigarettes never even noticing that you just missed seeing the world’s biggest ball of twine. We are talking about 40 feet in circumference, that’s 2.4 million miles of twine.

Take in every moment! Summer is short and vacations are rare.