If you are ready for a chuckle, check out this new SNL (Saturday Night Live) Obama skit, which happens to show President Obama smoking an electronic cigarette.

Saturday Night Live has always taken shots at sitting and previous presidents, with Obama smoking pot as one easy theme for some laughs.

Obama snl skit on e cigarettes

This time they went after the President for doing anything to get people to sign up for his universal health care plan. An actor was outfitted with an Arby’s hat and at one point we saw the fake Obama smoking an e-cigarette.

Check out the full SNL Obama opener here:

This also isn’t the first time that Saturday Night Live went after the concept of e-cigarettes as a punch line.

Some of you may remember the e-meth skit from last fall that made many rounds on the internet. The skit mimics an e-cig commercial by talking about all the benefits of going electronic, but the fake product in this case is e-meth. That’s right, instead of smoking methamphetamines the regular way, e-meth gets you the satisfaction you need, but with all the benefits of being electric.

While real meth is no laughing matter at all, the Saturday Night Live e-meth skit had us rolling on the floor in stitches here at the Expert Vaping offices.

Easy to use e cigarette kits

Here’s the E-Meth skit in full, in case you missed it:

At this point you may be asking yourself why we care so much about an SNL Obama skit and an e-meth parody commercial here at Expert Vaping. Besides being entertaining, we see both as further examples of the swing to the mainstream that e-cigarettes are taking. The more we see e-cigs gravitate even further into arena of pop culture, the more we see just how much their visibility is skyrocketing.

With each cameo in an SNL skit, almost 4 million people are exposed to e-cigarettes. Some for the first time and others that are reminded that these devices exist.More than that, electronic cigarettes have to be popular enough that most of the audience will get the reference and laugh at the joke.

That e-meth commercial is obviously funniest to those who have seen e-cig commercials and know how the product and its advantages are generally marketed.

There is even a not-so-subtle reference to Blu eCigs at the end there, who has clearly established themselves as one of the most known brands out there.

Julia Louise dreyfus vaping

We discussed this in depth a few months ago in this blog space after Julia Louise-Dreyfus made headlines by “vaping” on a Blu e-cig as part of an opening monologue joke at the Golden Globes. It created a stir, with some US Senators slamming the use of an e-cigarette as a glamorization of them. This time around the use of an e-cig in the SNL Obama skit was barely a blip on the controversy screen.

What do you think about the way e-cigarettes are being presented in the media?

Are they starting to become a more understood or, dare I say, even accepted as the part of popular culture? Or are we in for more bumps along the way to true acceptance of these life-changing devices?

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