Mig Vapor is an independent American eCig brand based in Florida. They have been involved in the vaping industry for a number of years and have shown a very impressive growth curve. They are a true American vape brand that is involved in fighting for vaping rights and they have no Big Tobacco affiliation. They offer a vast selection of electronic cigarettes, mods, tanks and vaporizers in addition to perhaps the biggest eliquid selection in the entire industry.

Everything You Need To Know About Mig Vapor eCigs

This is what we know. A lot of people have the idea that US ecig brands simply rebrand OEM devices but that is not the case with Mig Vapor and the other US brands that we talk about here at Expert Vaping. In investigating this particular brand, we found that their products have unique innovations that separate them. For example, the cigalike ecig cartridge is a piece of vaping technology that has not changed for years but Mig Vapor has gone against the grain and actually updated refill cartridge technology to reflect new vaping innovations.

Mig Vapor continually pushes for better quality electronic cigarettes, vaporizers and eliquids. Today, they have a huge line-up of vaping products and accessories. There are 15 different electronic cigarette kits and eight vaporizer product kits. They have something for everyone from beginners to subohm vapers to herbal vapers.

The beginner vape kits include the Mig Cigs cigalikes and you can choose from 10 different pre-filled ecig cartridge flavors. Or you can get black refill cartridges and use any eliquid flavor you want. The Mig 21 vape starter kit features an advanced atomizer that is reported to produce excellent vapor. There are also a number of mods with refillable vape tanks and all of them are top quality vaping hardware.

Mig Vapor’s subohm mods are designed for maximum vapor clouds. The beauty of Mig Vapor mods is that they are all easy to use. The technology manages the interactions between power output vs atomizer resistance. You do not have to do anything when vaping the Minion, the Morpheus or the Neo.

When it comes to dry herb vaping, you will see a number of vape pens and portable vaporizers to choose from. All of Mig Vapor’s vaporizer technology utilizes a ceramic heating system with no exposed heating elements. The heating coils are actually embedded within the ceramics so there is no burning of herbal materials, just vaporizing.

They have a very unique and interesting product called the Mig Vapor SubHerb. What is the SubHerb? Well, it is a dry herb vape tank. With the Mig Vapor SubHerb, you can attach the tank to any subohm vape mod and just like that, you have yourself an herbal vaporizer.

Next Mig Vapor eliquids. There are a number of lines of eliquids including standard and a VG line called ‘Red Line’ ejuice. The star of the show in our opinion is the Mig Vapor Vimanna Vape bar. The VImanna Vape bar features very high quality USA made ejuice. Mig Vapor is fully transparent when it comes to ejuice manufacturing. They furnish independent lab reports of their ejuice right on the Mig Vapor website.

With the Vimanna Vape Bar, you can create your own eliquid recipes. You choose the VG/PG ratio and the nicotine level and mix and match flavor combination any way you want. You can choose up to five flavors. There are literally millions and millions of potential flavor combinations.

Then you have a huge list of accessories such as coils, vape bands, eliquid bottles and more. So, Mig Vapor is obviously very progressive and very serious about vaping. They are clearly in this business for all the right reasons and in it for the long haul. Really, the final word on Mig Vapor is up to you. That is what our ecig consumer reviews chart is all about.

If you have tried any Mig Vapor electronic cigarettes, vaporizers or ejuice, please feel free to share your experience below. Your Mig Vapor ecig consumer reviews may help others make an informed buying decision. Expert Vaping’s consumer charts are the only 100% honest consumer ecig review charts on the world and we need your help to make sure that we remain the source for honest and accurate information so that our visitors can enjoy the possibilities of vaping.