The new Juul Vapor ecig is a new branch of the incredibly successful Pax vaporizer brand. This high tech brand is located in the heart of the world’s cradle of technology in the Bay Area. One thing is for sure, when you operate in that world, you have to move fast. When it comes to technology, there are not a lot of rewards for following the herd and doing what’s already been done. You have to innovate, create and stand out. Well, these guys have had a very busy couple of years with the release of the Pax 2 and now the Juul ecig.

The Juul ecig is a one of a kind design that infuses leading technology into a compact electronic cigarette design that is very easy to use. The Juul is very stylish and looks nothing like any other electronic cigarette product on the market today. It is about the size of a cigalike but sure does not look like one! Juul is a rectangular shape about 4 inches long, around ¾ of an inch in width and maybe a quarter inch in depth.

The Juul vape e-cig system comes with a variety of colored pod replacement cartridges.

So is it a cigalike? In terms of size it is but not in design. There is no existing category for the Juul electronic cigarette as it is really a one of a kind. It is a portable, discreet, technologically advance ecigarette with temperature control technology. The cartridges are known as JuulPods and each contain 5% nicotine and 0.7 ml of eliquid.

So Juul Vapor claims that with 0.7 ml of eliquid, the device is capable of producing the equivalent number of puffs as an entire pack of cigarettes, or about 200 puffs. This is a bold claim to be sure. The standard understanding in the industry is that you need at least 1 ml of eliquid and a very efficient, high quality ecigarette to be able to equate to a pack of tobacco cigarettes. Can Juul Vapor really be so much more efficient?

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Most ecigarette cartridges contain 1 ml or more of eliquid and very few of them can actually produce the equivalent number of puffs as a pack of cigarettes. I know, I see those ones in the gas station that claim to be good for 400 or 800 puffs well, I don’t think so! The ones they sell behind the counters in gas stations and convenience stores are junk. The best ecig brands like Green Smoke or White Cloud can get you to 200 puffs. To reach that level of performance takes a special ecig.

Well, Juul Vapor does indeed get the 200 puffs that they promise. The performance is incredibly consistent as well. Every puff is the same and the flavor lasts throughout the life cycle of each Juul Pod. Granted, we have yet to do a full and thorough review of the Juul and these results are the product of informal testing, but I did check around and found that others were getting similar performance levels.

The Juul Vape system comes complete with pod replacement cartridges and cradle charger.

In retrospect, I probably should not have been surprised by the high performance capabilities of Juul Vapor. These are the same people who brought us the Pax 2 this year, probably the best portable vaporizer on the planet. It all boils down to the advanced technology utilized by Juul Vapor. First and foremost on the list is temperature control.

The Juul is a temperature control device. It is actually very sophisticated with a closed loop temperature control algorithm and nichrome coils. This is the first temperature control cigalike sized ecig to ever hit the market. Controlling temperature increases efficiency, delivers total consistency and backs up Juul Vapor claims that 0.7 ml of eliquid can provide 200 puffs, or the equivalent of a pack of cigarettes.

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Next, Juul has designed what they call a “liquid to wick” system. This ensures that the wicking material is always nicely saturated. Again, this would help enable satisfying puffs and efficient use of the ejuice, especially with such an efficient, high quality battery. The automatic draw on the Juul is very sophisticated and accurate. It all adds up. This stylish and slender device packs some seriously innovative technology.


Juul pods are interchangeable flavor cartridges only useable with the Juul e-cig.

If you are familiar with the standard cigalike design used by many electronic cigarettes, they use pre-filled cartridges that thread onto the battery. This is an easy to use design that is very popular. Juul Vapor uses the same idea but with some new twists.

Rather than cartridges, you attach JuulPods. These pods snap into place and with that you are ready to vape. The JuulPods stay securely in place until you are ready to remove and insert a fresh one.

Try not to squeeze the Pod when you are inserting it. Sometimes, if you squeeze to hard, you can cause the juice to leak a little and you might taste it when you puff.

Insert new JuulPods gently but firmly. Try not to bite down on the Pod because that could also cause a small leak. Just draw gently, like you would on a cigarette. Pods and ejuice are made in the USA to very high quality standards. The flavors are great and the throat hit is strong. Be aware that the nicotine level is quite high and while that is great for satisfaction and throat hit, some might find it to be too strong.

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The nicotine level is 5% which puts Juul in the same category as Vuse ecigs in terms of strength. Juul Vapor is smoother than Vuse and that is due to the quality of the ejuice and the amazing consistency. The vapor output is not huge by any means but it is satisfying and enjoyable. If you are a heavy smoker looking for a substitute to deadly cigarettes, Juul is going to deliver a nice punch for such a small device.

Currently, the 5% nicotine level is the only option offered by Juul Vapor. Of course in the future it is entirely possible that more nicotine levels could be added.

The flavor options available from Juul Vapor Pods are Tabaac, Fruut, Miint, and Bruule. JuulPods come in packs of four and sell for $15.99. You can get them shipped automatically if you choose, always a good option to make sure that you never run out. When you buy your Juul starter kit, you get one of each flavored Pod so you can decide which flavor that you like best. I tried all of them and they were all such sharp, nice flavors. The flavor really pops and enhances the vaping experience.

Juul Battery

The Juul vape device plugs into a USB charger that cradles it while it charges.

The Juul battery is a lithium ion polymer battery. I have no doubt that the battery components are the best available. The 1 hour recharge time is very strong evidence of the high quality lithium ion components. I expect nothing less from Pax Labs. These are the guys who make the Pax 2 and they use only the very best technology.

A fully charged Juul battery will enable you to enjoy 200 puffs, exactly matching each JuulPod. This is something that we always like to see at Expert Vaping.

The perfect pairing of battery life and cartridge life adds a layer of convenience that helps to make vaping more accessible and hassle free, especially for new users. The Juul device and the Pods are made to match each other and that’s how it should be.

The Juul battery charger plugs into a USB port and the battery stands upright while situated in the charger. The magnet holds it nicely in place and it is a lot more stable than you might think by looking at it! One thing to be aware of is the magnet may cause your computer to go into sleep mode. If that happens, just change USB ports and you’ll be golden.

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The Juul battery has overcharge protection so you don’t have to worry about the battery incidents that have plagued so many other shoddy ecigarette designs.  This is a high quality battery that is very low maintenance and very reliable. You can tap the battery anytime to check the indicator light that lets you know how much charge that you have left.

The size of the battery makes it discreet and portable. If you are an experienced vaper who enjoys huge clouds of vapor, the Juul is a perfect back-up ecig for all of those occasions where cloud chasing with your massive mod is not the kind of attention you are looking for. If you are a first time ecig user, Juul Vapor may be just the ticket for you as well. It is easy to use and delivers a lot of satisfaction.

Juul Starter Kit

The Juul e-cig starter kit comes with four flavor cartridges and USB cradle charger.

So now you want a Juul starter kit. Okay, no problem! You Juul Vapor starter kit will come with one Juul battery, a USB battery charger, and four JuulPods. You also get a 1 year warranty.

The starter kit sells for $49.99 but you will get free shipping. Right now, Juul Vapor has an introductory special for new customers that will let you get 25% off the price of a Juul starter kit. I can’t say how long this offer will last but hopefull it will last for a while as they roll-out the Juul for the national market.

To recap some of what we have been talking about with the Juul it is a very high quality, technologically advanced vaping device. Very stylish, sleek and compact, Juul can be an attention getter but it can also be very discreet.

The performance is simply excellent. The people at Pax Labs have really created a leading quality ecig device capable of levels of consistency that may set the new industry standard for ciglaike style ecigs. The key is the technology.

The temperature control algorithm utilized by the Juul ecig provides a level of efficiency that is very rare. Efficiency and consistency are critical when attempting to transition from smoking to vaping.

Juul Vapor has brought us a vaping experience that will definitely be noticed by all of the major players. Both the battery and Pod will provide the equivalent of a pack of cigarettes. Each is good for 200 puffs. Juul Vapor has accomplished something great here. This is a blend of style and performance the likes of which we haven’t seen before. To get your hands on a Juul or to find out more, click the image below and go to Juul’s website.

After you try Juul, please drop us an email and tell us what you think. Your feedback is important and always, always welcome. Enjoy your Juul and make sure to share this article on your Facebook and Twitter page. Let’s get people away from tobacco. Heck, lets just end smoking period!