The House of Cards cast once again thrilled viewers with a season of political maneuvering, shocking twists, and unexpected turns.  This season also featured an unexpected co-star!

This new character was introduced early in the season when Frank Underwood answered the question, “what is an e-cigarette?”  According to Frank the simple answer to the question is, “addiction without consequences.”

While recent headlines have been obsessed with overstating the potential dangers of e cigarettes, many in the entertainment business have been trying to showcase a common sense portrayal.

Maybe you saw the recent SNL skit of President Obama and an e cigarette.

President Barack Obama parody vaping

Back to Frank Underwood and his cunning approach to politics. House of Cards is a hit nation-wide but is especially a must-see among our elected representatives inside the Washington beltway.  Perhaps House of Cards is more of an ideal showcase for e cigarettes than first meets the eye.

House of Cards Spoiler Alert!

Before going any further, if you have not yet made your way through all 13 episodes of season 2 of House of Cards, wait until you watch it all before reading on.  We don’t want to spoil anything for you!

Throughout the season, Kevin Spacey’s infamous character, Frank Underwood, relied on an e cigarette to satisfy his nicotine cravings.

In the show, Kevin Spacey married the equally cunning Claire, played by Robin Wright.

In the first scene involving an e cigarette, Frank encourages Claire to try vaping instead of tobacco in order to satisfy addiction without consequences.

Frank underwood from House of cards Using a vape pen

Arguments about the pitfalls of nicotine addiction aside, it was important to see a hit television show demonstrate that smokers have a less harmful option.

Throughout the season, Frank and Claire shared several moments together vaping and discussing their plot to defeat their political enemies, via destruction of course, and ascend to the Presidency of the United States. The political brinksmanship carried out and the hidden alliances made to defeat common enemies ended very well for Frank and Claire as they end the season as the new tenants of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

It was very much an irony to see e cigarettes in this hit show with its dark political themes. After all, the anti-e cigarette campaign contains equal amounts misinformation and hidden alliances in order to smear the e cigarette as a tobacco alternative.

Kevin space in House of cards poster

Consider the media attention paid to e cigarettes.  Negative stories outweigh positive by a large margin.  The last weeks have seen the headlines dominated by reports of nicotine poisoning of children due to ecigs. The truth is that nicotine poisoning from e liquid accounts for 0.001% of all poisoning incidents in an average month.

It is a concern and people need to be aware but is this truly worth 2 weeks of being the lead news topic relating to e cigarettes?  No!  It seems some House of Cards type intrigue is at work in the back channels!

Back in 2009, the FDA refrained from releasing the results of an e-cigarette study until after the house had passed anti-tobacco legislation that was signed into law before the potential of e cigarettes could even be part of the discussion toward reducing tobacco harm in the United States.

Watch the House of Cards E-cigarette Scene

While House of Cards takes back room dealings to an extreme level for dramatic impact, and does so very well, there is some truth in what is being presented.  Like they say, where there’s smoke ….  there’s fire.  One can only hope that at some point politicians see a benefit in vapor rather than smoke because, as vapers are already well aware, where there’s vapor …. Calm down!  It’s just vapor!