Consumers in the UK are heading to convenience stores in droves looking for the best electronic cigarette. The presence of electronic cigarette brands in stores across the UK furthered in 2014, and with that came a record year in sales.

One primary factor into this rise in sales is the fact that the pharmacy chain Boots, which is a huge chain in the UK, began selling e-cigs for the first time last year. They may have taken notice that more smokers were interested in e cigarette reviews too, so taking on a product line that readily appealed to them more than others makes complete sense.

e cigarette sales are selling more than the patch and gum

The data itself is simply astounding in its reach and impact. As reported by the Independent “Insights firm Nielsen found that e-cigarette sales soared 50 per cent year-on-year, while traditional nicotine replacement products, such as patches and gum, have dropped by 6.1 per cent.” Not only is the huge 50% jump in e-cig sales a testament to the growing popularity of the electronic cigarettes, but so is the drop in the use of patches and gum.

E-Cig Sales Are Up While Sales Of Patches And Gums Are Down

It seems that smokers are simply taking their cues from e cigarette reviews and realizing that the devices work so much better as an alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes. Electronic cigarette brands in the UK are still fighting over the top spots, but it is clear that the industry as a whole is simply growing massively there.

This is in direct opposition to what is happening to traditional tobacco cigarette sales which, like the US, are on their way down. “As the Chancellor continues targeting the tobacco industry, cigarette sales continue to fall, down 2.2 per cent by volume; however, rolling tobacco sales are up 4.4 per cent. The rise of e-cigarettes is the biggest trend in this market, with Ten Motives overtaking E-Lites as the leading brand” reported Adam Leyland, who is the editor of an industry magazine called The Grocer.

Adam leyland from the grocer magazine reports e cigarettes sales are up

His analysis of the Nielsen data very much fits what we are coming to understand about e-cig sales and their place as an alternative for smokers in the UK.

Electronic cigarette brands have good reason to fight over the distinction as the best electronic cigarette in the UK too. The market there is estimated to have a value of £91.3m a year and it is anticipated that the figure will grow to a total worth of £340 million by the end of 2015.

The Global E-Cig Market

This is part of an overall global market that is supposed to grow to as much as $5 billion in e-cig sales this year. Consumers in the UK are going to be inundated with more advertising as regulations for airing e-cig commercials have slackened. This will leave some smokers heads spinning and we are sure that searches for e cigarette reviews in the UK will go up along with it.

As if we needed more proof of it, the latest Nielson numbers just reinforce what we already know. In the UK, electronic cigarettes are among the fastest growing products in stores. In the US consumers are also seeing many more electronic cigarette brands available to them in their local gas stations or liquor shops.

e cigarette sales around the world

We advise our readers to be careful in choosing from one of the many options they have, because getting a good e-cig from the get-go is hugely important. There are also many pluses to buying your e-cigarette products online as opposed to offline, but certainly seeing the store presence of e-cigs is a good thing for the industry regardless.

Our vaping brothers and sisters in the UK are experiencing an even bigger surge relative to their market size and we’re thrilled that the electronic cigarette revolution continues to go global and in a big way.