Once upon a time the majority of electronic cigarette sales consisted of disposable ecigs. Disposables were easily shipped from China in large batches. Over time, rechargeable ecigarette kits became the preferred choice of vapers. Now open vaping systems, sometimes called OVS or ecig tank systems, make up half the vaping business.

In the short time that ecigs have been with us, things have evolved very quickly. They continue to evolve. Disposable ecigs now represent a much smaller portion of overall ecig sales.

On top of that, Big Tobacco ecig brands, as well as cheaply made ecigs, offer retailers bigger profit margins and as a result they have flooded the disposable ecigs market. The disposable market right now is almost all retail.

Individually packaged convenience store e-cigarettes are inexpensive and accessible.

Independent American ecig companies that are building reputations based on quality cannot compete with Big Tobacco’s retail distribution nor do they want to compete with purveyors of very cheaply made, inferior disposable ecigs.

As a result, many American electronic cigarette brands have decided to abandon disposable ecigs in favor of focusing on the best quality rechargeable ecigs and diversifying into advanced mods.

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Many vapers have moved on to advanced ecigs that generate huge vapor from very powerful devices. Millions more have found their vaping comfort zone with high quality but easy to use mods like the Apollo Endeavor.

While the advance in ecig technology has been amazing and very responsive to what consumers want, there is still a place in vaping for disposable electronic cigarettes.

Disposable eCigs Are Perfect For Summer Vacation

E-cigarettes are the ideal camping accessory, especially in areas with high fire dangers.

Picture this, you are camping at a remote lake. There are more stars in the sky than you ever dreamed of being able to see. The silence is unlike any experience you can describe. You are one with nature. You also have no place to plug in your Sigelei 100 W Plus and you sure don’t want to be fumbling around refilling your tank with e-liquid when all you have is a little starlight. No, this is a moment when you need disposable ecigs.

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Picture this, you have been working for years for this and the day has come. You are going to sail down the coast with only your skills and seamanship to guide you. You navigate by the stars, you detect the slightest change in a breath of wind, and no weather or wave is your match on the open seas. For goodness sake, you are practically a Viking! Enjoying the sense of fulfillment few dare to aspire to, you suddenly realize that your 18650 batteries are dead and you’re three days from land. You need disposable ecigs.

Of course there are many vacation scenarios in which you may not have immediate access to an outlet to recharge your batteries. Even if you are traveling in style overseas, each country may have a different style of electrical outlet making charging your ecigarette a real challenge.

The high discharge 18650 lithium ion batteries that frequently power vaping devices will eventually run out of charges and be unreviveable.

When you are going on a vacation of any kind, it is a good idea to take some disposable ecigs with you. Even if you are going to be remaining in civilization, you don’t want to get caught miles from home and end up with a nicotine craving that drives you to the nearest convenience store that has shelves lined with tobacco cigarettes. Don’t expose yourself to a possible smoking relapse.

Here’s the other part of that equation, those convenience stores may have some disposable ecigs as well but it is a pretty sure bet that what they have behind the counter is whatever disposable ecigarette brand has the biggest margin ie the ones that are the cheapest to make. That means, basically, they are junk. If there is no other option, sure, but guess what, you do have a better option.

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There are still a couple of genuine American ecigarette companies who do make excellent quality disposable ecigs. You probably won’t see them in stores but you can order them online in advance. When you order online you are going to be able to get very high quality disposable ecigs at prices that are actually way better than the absolute junk ecigs they sell at retail.

If you do end up having to buy a disposable ecig from a gas station, go with Blu Cigs disposables. Blu Cigs may be a mild vape but at least it is well made and you can trust the eliquid ingredients.

Overall, you are way better off buying some disposables in advance of your trip. That way you can get the best disposable ecigs and choose your flavor and nicotine level. When you buy any old disposable ecigarette from any convenience store, you have no idea what you are getting.

Luckily, as mentioned, there are still a couple of high quality USA e-cig companies making the best disposable ecigs. None better than the White Cloud Fling disposable ecig.

White Cloud Disposable eCigs

White Cloud disposable ecigs, the White Cloud Flings, are the best disposable electronic cigarettes you can buy. That’s a strong statement but it is nonetheless true. The White Cloud Fling is a major league product. This is no surprise as the White Cloud Cirrus 3X rechargeable ecig kit rates as one of the very best cigalikes on the market.

The White Cloud Fling is lightweight, look and feels like a tobacco cigarette.

You can choose from 16 different flavors of the White Cloud Fling. There are a variety of tobacco and menthol flavors as well as fun flavors like Espresso, Strawberry, Lime & Coconut and Peach Pit.

You can also choose from up to five different nicotine levels including a double extra strength for heavier smokers and vapers. Most of us are more than satisfied with regular or extra strength.

White Cloud e-cigarettes disposable Fling comes in a static-free pouch ready to take the monkey off your back.

You really have a lot of options with White Cloud Fling disposable ecigs. The quality is so far beyond any disposable ecig that you can buy at a retail store. The White Cloud Fling is long lasting and super consistent. You can get 400 puffs off of the White Cloud Fling. If you are an especially heavy vaper who like a big draw, you’ll still get 300. Amazing.

Another great thing is the super fast shipping. White Cloud has excellent shipping and customer service.

The prices are much less than you would expect for this level of quality:

  • 5 Pack of White Cloud Flings – $24.95 ($4.99 each)
  • 10 Pack of White Cloud Flings – $39.95 ($4.00 each)
  • 25 Pack of White Cloud Flings – $89.95 ($3.60 each)
  • 100 Pack of White Cloud Flings – $325.00 ($3.25 each)
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The best buy is to get 10 or more. That way you are paying $4.00 each or less. That is about half the price that you pay if you buy any disposable ecigs from a store.

How does White Cloud sell such a superior product for less than the cost of retail junk? Easy, you are buying direct. There are no distributors or retailers taking a cut.

White Cloud Fling disposable ecigs are not only by far the best disposable ecig, but also by far the best value.

V2 Disposable eCigarettes

V2 Cigs is another quality ecigarette company that is still makes disposable ecigs. V2 disposable ecigarettes come in a couple of different types. First, they have their V2 brand and second they also make Zig-Zag disposable ecigs.

V2 and Zig-Zag disposable ecigarettes are available in only tobacco and menthol flavors and come in only an 18 mg nicotine level.

The V2 disposable e-cig is a ready to use cig-a-like that comes in flavors like red tobacco and RED 18.

Obviosuly, you are not getting as many options as you get from the White Cloud Flings but you are still getting good quality and a good price.

The V2 and Zig-Zag disposables each claim to provide 400 puffs, or basically each disposable ecig is considered to be the equivalent of 2 packs of cigarettes. It may be possible to get 400 puffs but in practical terms you are more likely to get 250 to 300 real, full puffs. Still, this is a very good performance.

There is a big difference between the quality of V2 and the no name or Big Tobacco ecig brands that sell disposable through their retail distributors. Many of them claim high puff counts but V2 and Zig_zag are going to outperform them any day of the week.

V2 and Zig-Zag Disposable eCigs Prices:

  • 5 pack of V2 Disposable eCigs – $19.46 ($3.89 each)
  • 10 Pack of V2 Disposable eCigs – $38.47 ($3.85 each)
  • Zig-Zag 5 Pack – $19.95 ($3.99 each)
  • Zig-Zag 10 Pack – $29.95 ($3.00 each)

So you can see that you are going to get very good quality for a low price. On top of the prices listed above, you can use V2 Cigs coupon code – STARTERKITS to save 10% off of any V2 order. So that takes the price down even more.

V2 also has excellent customer service and fast shipping.

So that’s it. You are officially ready for summer vacation. Enjoy!