Leonardo DiCaprio picked up a well-deserved Best Actor award at this year's SAG awards. He enjoyed the festivities with his vape prominently in hand. Pictures of Leo enjoying his vape were plastered everywhere! He had a small box mod and tank rather than his usual cigalike. It did not look like a wide bore drip tip so it was probably not a sub ohm set-up. Of course, sitting in the crowd of a major event is not the place for huge clouds!

Like we always tell people who are beginning vaping, don't worry about being a cloud chaser! Find something that works and is excellent quality.The clouds can come later if you want.

Leonardo Dicaprio, clearly a fan of vaping was seen taking a cig-a-like break in the back of a car.

Congrats to Leo not only for the award, but for making the switch to vaping. Smoking is the worst thing anyone can do to their health and every person who switches is a victory. Millions have switched and are enjoying improved lifestyles. Public Health England has found conclusively that vaping is at least 95% after than smoking. The special interest researchers here are reminiscent of the people who used to say that the world was flat!

Personally, I think Leonardo DiCaprio should have won all the best actor awards for his performance in Blood Diamond. He is simply a master of the minute details that complete a performance. Of course there will always be differences and controversies when it comes to subjective opinions. In this case, however, Leo did not cause a controversy over the outcome of an awards show, this time the controversy was because of his vape!

Though many have spoken out on the subject of vaping, the context and venue in which Dicaprio was vaping, there is a great deal of hypocrisy surround this story, the history and and the name-calling in response to something as small as using an e-cigarette.

“Leonardo DiCaprio was in the constant company of his ecig.” Or, “Leonardo DiCaprio vaping at the SAG awards, he spends more time with his ecig than with any dates he's had.” There were a lot of comments like this from entertainment reporters but once the mainstream media got a hold of it, the tenor changed. Suddenly, the hypocrisy of the media exploded and vaping misinformation was once again spread like a bad virus.

Leonardo DiCaprio Vaping

The New York Daily News jumped all over this. Reporter Jacqueline Cutler wrote a story connecting Leo's vaping to teens using ecigs. Really! This is getting beyond the pale.

The idea that non-smoking teens are flocking to nicotine filled ecigs is a gargantuan lie perpetrated by paid for researchers and obedient reporters who apparently cannot read and will simply robotically report whatever someone in a lab coat tells them.

The fact is that teen smoking has never been lower! Though you will never hear these lab coat geniuses making any connections to lower smoking rates and vaping!

A study by Yale University has generated evidence that not only does banning e-cigarettes remove a vital tool to aid smokers quit, but also leads to higher rates of teen smoking.

Yale did a study that showed that banning ecigs leads to teen smoking. The surveys that caused headlines suggesting that vaping “may” lead to teen smoking have been debunked. You will notice that the headlines always say “may” or “might”. It is very devious. Well, the story of Leo vaping at SAG has been co-opted into an anti-vaping propaganda fest.

In the New York Daily News, Jacqueline Cutler says vaping is toxic. No context, no distinguishing between ecigs, no effort whatsoever to get at the truth. None. Of course she raises the debunked San Diego vaping study as well. The main thrust of her article was that ecigs are a dangerous trend threatening the children. Also, no mention of the 450,000 people who will die this year because of smoking, that's an inconvenient reality anti-vaping people avoid like the plague.

I'll tell you what else is toxic, half of all teens are still being exposed to second hand smoke on a regular basis. We have a fight on our hands with tobacco smoke and ecigs can help. In Europe, they are more advanced and they understand that vaping is an ally, not the enemy.

Anyway, it is interesting that the article provides no context because if she is interested in doing so she might want to run headlines about every actor who has been photographed with a drink in his or her hand. You see, alcohol leads to the deaths of 5,000 teens and young people every year. These reporters have social media images of themselves drinking alcohol. Talk about selective persecution and even more selective outrage.

Though Mtv Attacked Leonardo Dicaprio for vaping at the Screen Actor's Guild awards, it wasn't brought up that he wasn't the focal point, but simply in the audience with no idea that he was about to become part of the debate simply by not smoking.

MTV has launched an attack of Leo vaping at the SAG awards. MTV! How many MTV movies have smoking and drinking in them? The Lung Association has chastised DiCaprio for vaping at the SAG awards. The same Lung Association that is informing people based on a seven year old debunked study! A debunked study based on sensationalized findings of trace levels of formaldehyde, less formaldehyde than in commercial hand-soap, in one of 9 different ecigs! Yes, there are bad ecigs out there but even the worst ecig is better than cigarette smoke.

Imagine that, an agency of the stature of the Lung Association talking about faulty seven year old studies as their “proof”. Hey, Lung Association, what about the 450,000 people who will die this year because of tobacco smoke? Shouldn't that be more of a concern that vapor? These agencies and media have no capacity for context.

Are these reporters so eager for a scary headline or so eager to interject their own unfounded biases into their reporting that they just don't care? Or is it simply the thrust for sensationalism and notoriety as part of the pursuit for promotion and pay? Using Leo's vaping at the SAG awards as a platform to falsely attack ecigs! I guess we should not be surprised.

Congrats, Leo! Outstanding performance and a very much deserved award. Congrats also for making the switch to vaping.