On your next celebratory occasion, get rid of the smoke and treat yourself with an electronic cigar instead of a tobacco cigar. You can still enjoy the taste and satisfaction while at the same time avoiding the smoke. An e-cigar is a fantastic option for cigar smokers. If there is a cigar smoker in your life, electronic cigars are a perfect gift. Welcome to our E-Cigar Buying Guide.

Cigars have long been a symbol of success. We picture the wildly successful tycoons of big business behind the closed doors of exclusive clubs enjoying fine cigars and brandy. Winston Churchill, Arnold Schwarzenegger, JP Morgan and Whoopi Goldberg are all famed cigar aficionados. Upon his coronation in 1901, King Edward VII announced to his guests, “Gentlemen, you may smoke.” JFK had a cigar every day!

There is something about cigars. They come individually packaged, each one is hand cut before being lit, and each one takes time to enjoy making it significant to that moment. Every cigar is an experience that is individually relevant to a moment. Cigarettes are not the same. Cigarettes are habitually smoked, one blends into another, where as cigars are savored.

Beyond the corridors of power and influence, cigars have been enjoyed by most of us to celebrate special occasions. Most notably, it is a tradition for new fathers to share cigars with friends.

Cigars Are Synonymous With Celebration And Victory

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Electronic Cigars Fulfill Those Same Moments Without The Smoke And Odor

Ultimately, cigars are synonymous with victory. While life has its challenges, it is also full of victories! Winning your bowling league, a softball tournament, closing a business deal, buying a new home or winning your fantasy football pool are all occasions where we human beings deserve a moment to take a bow and savor the moment.

I remember my first cigar. Along with a few co-conspirators, we celebrated graduation with a cigar. I think I finished about a quarter of it before deciding that cigars were not for me! Oh how things would change.

A few years later, I came to truly enjoy cigars. Of course they could only be enjoyed outside and then your clothes will have to be laundered right away because the smell will be noticeable for days after. The day after, I would often have a sore throat that would turn into a cold. That part was not so fun. By the way, e-cigars do not have that after effect.

Vapor cigars are a perfect way to enjoy those very same occasions and avoid the smoke, odor and dangers of tobacco cigars.

We are often so focused on the dangers of cigarettes that we forget or minimize the dangers of cigars. Any tobacco smoke contains harmful toxins. Cigars have been linked to oral cancer, cancers of the larynx, esophagus and lung. Many of the toxic tobacco additives that have been added to cigarettes over the years have also been added to cigar tobacco. You can enjoy the sensations and rituals of cigar smoking without the thousands of toxins thanks to e-cigars.

Even the most casual cigar smokers still often suffer from an irritated throat.  So avoid the irritated throat and reduce the risks of cigar smoking. Electronic cigars are just a better option all around.

For your next victorious moment, I recommend one minor change to your usual celebration. Use and electronic cigar and 86 the smoke. Vaping has totally changed social smoking.

Is any one out there about to become a new dad? For a truly modern take on the tradition of handing out cigars to celebrate your joyous day, hand out e-cigars! Start a new tradition. Savor your next moment with an e-cigar.

E-Cigar Review

Which e-cigar is the best? That is a fair question. We have put together a brief E-cigar buying guide. If you are looking for an especially long lasting e-cigar 777 E-cigars is a great option. These realistic looking electronic cigars last for more than 1000 puffs. That is about the same as 12 cigars!

777 vapor cigars, which you can see pictured here, look and feel like the real thing. Of course there is no need to light them! Simply puff and your e-cigar will deliver a full-bodied puff of satisfying cigar vapor.

If you enjoy a strong cigar, you can choose the Robust flavor, which is quite bold. If you like a milder cigar, the Classic flavor is milder and has a touch of sweetness. Both are available for $12.95.

Click here to visit the 777 E-cig website and order your e-cigar. You will find the electronic cigars listed under ‘Disposables’.

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Apollo E cigar Review

Apollo electronic cigars also have the look and feel of a real cigar hand-rolled by Honduran artisans. This particular model has a 1300 mah battery that is powerful enough to create a lot of vapor as well as long lasting enough to give you more than 1000 puffs. If fact, Apollo’s own e-cigar review claims that this e-cigar will provide 1500 puffs.

This model is currently on sale for $13.95 each. Although Apollo e-cig coupons are rare, we do have a discount code for Expert Vaping readers. Use Apollo E-Cig coupons code Expert Vaping to save 20%. Click here to visit Apollo and you will find the e-cigars under the category of ‘disposables’.

One more quick note about Apollo’s electronic cigar. If you order 6 e-cigars the 6th one will actually be free. It gives you a great chance to stock up. No humidor is necessary either!

If you want an electronic cigar e-liquid for your e-cig, we recommend Apollo’s American Cigar e-liquid. Prices start at only $4.95 per bottle and yes, you can apply our Apollo E-cig coupons code.

Are you looking for an electronic cigar experience with a little flavor pizzazz? How about a Vape Master ecigar? It’s got the look and it’s got the taste.

It has two flavor options. The Vape Master Red Line e-cigar has a smooth, Cuban taste with a touch of vanilla and honey. That’s where you get your pizzazz. The Vape Master Black Line e-cigar is 100% Cuban richness. Both are good for 1000 puffs and contain 1.8 mg of nicotine.

Many regular cigar smokers will find that 1000 puffs will last them about two weeks. If you like a good cigar, you can easily spend over $100 every two weeks on quality cigars. You can buy the Vape Master for $19.99. A pack of three costs $54.99 and a pack of five will cost you $89.99.

The best place to get you Vape Master e-gar. These guys have been around since 2008, which makes them grizzled veterans in e-cig years. They are known for excellent customer service and super fast shipping.

They have a lot for you to choose from including some fine electronic cigars.


Vape Master e-cigars are a good choice but we recently found a better choice. The E-Cigar King starter kit makes you feel like a king with tremendous performance and a flavor as fine as the finest cigars.

Take a look at the E-Cigar King starter kit!

Premium Vapes also offers a rechargeable electronic cigar. The rechargeable e-cigar starter kit sells for $49.95.

Enjoy your vapor cigars!