Blu eCigs has gotten the year off to a pretty great start; well the UK operation of the Lorillard company can say that at least.

In comparison to the other ecig brands in the UK, Blu eCigs came out on top as the best electronic cigarette.

The market information group TNS surveyed over 10,000 people who tried product a Blu e cig from the company’s product lineup. That survey resulted in Blu ecig winning the 2015 Product of the Year Award, for the first-time category of best electronic cigarette. Of course this move is indicative not only of Blu’s popularity in the UK, but of the incredible growth of the electronic cigarette as a whole.

E-cigarette company Blu was recently sold to international tobacco conglomerate Imperial.

The reward was received in earnest, at a time when the RJ Reynolds merger with Lorillard will see Blu eCigs sold off to Imperial Tobacco. Sensing an opportunity to painting the award as a historic achievement for his company, Jacob Fuller framed it in relation to massively successful consumer product companies.

The CEO of Blu eCigs was quoted saying “We’re thrilled to have been awarded this mark of recognition at the Product of the Year awards. Joining the likes of Coca Cola, L’Oreal and Energizer, it really shows the growth of the ecigarette category in the UK and the growing recognition for this exciting category.”

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By putting Blu in the company of powerhouses, Fuller is trying to make a connection with his own brand. Basically, he wants people to believe that a Blu e cig is to electronic cigarettes what a Coca Cola is to soft drinks. Ambitious? Perhaps, but that’s what he is tasked with as he competes with the influx of ecig brands.

Blu Cigs Are Still A Popular Choice Even As Competition Grows

From their early advertising campaign to now, Blu e-cigs are still very popular among users.

You can score this as a nice achievement for the company who has taken up a good amount of market share in the UK even before Lorillard purchased them a few years back, and certainly more since.

Although any naming of a so-called best vapor cigarette has to be taken with a grain of salt as consumers’ needs vary, but it does mean that Blu eCigs gets wide recognition.

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For our rankings we think a Blu e cig is a good option for a fairly specific user, one that values the lightweight and chic form factor. It just doesn’t score high enough in the areas of throat hit and powerful flavors for them to land at the top of our charts where ecig brands that excel in those things end up.

UK parliament has recently launched an investigation into the health effects of e-cigarettes following a push from Imperial Tobacco to expand their revenue through their sale.

As we noted above, this really means something for the ecig industry as a whole, which may be the bigger impact of this. Having a category for top electronic cigarette is good for all ecig brands, whether they ever win the award or not.

The expansion to covering electronic cigarettes means they are growing in importance among consumers. It also gives further indication that the ecigarette revolution is not going to go away, despite the wishes of some politicians and perhaps the FDA. We could even see this growing into several categories of ecigs, so the best cigalike would be names alongside the best ecig tank system. The potential is there for a lot more in an industry that is constantly changing and adapting.

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By the way, Blu also has an ecig tank system called the Blu Plus now available. It is a closed tank system meaning that you do not manually refill your ecigarette tank with e-liquid. Blu Plus tanks are pre-filled. Yet another ecigarette category.

The Blue Plus rechargeable tank system kit comes in a high dose of tobacco-flavored nicotine sold by Imperial Tobacco.

We would love to see more electronic cigarette related awards in the US as well, where use of them has reached millions of consumers. These are products that can be truly lifestyle changing for smokers and thus you would think that the bad press could be negated with awards that garner positive attention.

Awards also give the ecig brands in America something to shoot for, where the pursuit of excellence is something that is spreading and needs to be encouraged. We’re excited about where ecigarettes are going and the chance to rewards those making the biggest leaps with more than our business would be great for all involved.