It’s time to name the best e-cig for 2014. This is no easy task. Every 3 days, a new e-cigarette company hits the market. The vast majority of those new companies are fly by night businesses that are out to make a fast dollar, not a good e-cig. Expert Vaping has separated the wheat from the chaff and we are ready to talk about the best electronic cigarette.

Today’s awards show is all about the cig-a-like. That is an electronic cigarette that looks like a tobacco cigarette. There are many types of e-cigs out there today. Many vaping enthusiasts feel that they have outgrown cig-a-likes. We understand that.

Once upon a time cig-a-likes were not able to produce the amount of vapor that an e-cig tank system could. That is no longer the case. Battery technology and vaporizing technology have changed.

There is no doubt that today’s cig-a-like is not your Grand Pappy’s cig-a-like! In the last few years technological enhancements enabled the best ecig brands to deliver more efficient vaporizing and that means more vapor.

The best e-cigarettes that we will be talking about today provide excellent vapor. They also deliver when it comes to flavor and they provide you with the wide variety of options that you deserve. They are also the most convenient and easy to use e-cigarettes available.

Cigarette addiction is only partially chemical, a somewhat larger component is ritual and a common factor with which to engage others.

A cig-a-like enables smokers to mimic the habit of smoking in every way, right down to appearance. If you are trying to send tobacco into obscurity it is important that you satisfy your smoking habit on as many levels as possible. Addiction is not just about the nicotine, it is about the ritual. Cig-a-likes are the best way to begin your vaping journey and to help you replace smoking with a less harmful alternative.

Cig-a-likes are also perfect for the consumer that is not interested in gadgets. Some people just want something that is easy to use. They are not interested in the controlling the voltage or manually filling tanks. They are not looking for a hobby nor do they want to spend a great deal of time worrying about when they might have to replace a coil. Time is scarce in this world and convenience equals time. Simplicity is the solution. The best ecigs of 2014 that we will be discussing today are all brilliant performers that are super convenient to use.

In the near future, we will be hosting the awards for the best mod. We will be featuring the top mod, box mod and mech mod. There are some vapor producing monsters out there that we can’t wait to tell you about! Today, however, the spotlight is on the classic, reliable cig-a-like electronic cigarette! The red carpet has been rolled out, the paparazzi has assembled and the festivities are about to begin. No autographs, please.

Choosing the best e-cig is kind of like Oscar night. In fact, I am writing this article wearing a tuxedo. I look very good. I have the envelopes ready and after my monologue of hilarious jokes we will get down to business.

Best E-Cig Award Night Monologue Of Hilarity

Okay, did you hear about the guy who would only buy cheap cartridges? He was a real carto – miser!! Two vapers walk into a bar, you would think one of them would have seen it!! Why did the vaper always love to look at himself in the mirror? Because he had a big eGo!! How was the vaper able to always carry so much e-liquid? Because he was built like a … tank!!!

Good news, the monologue is over! Back to business, namely finding the best e-cig of 2014.

Choosing The Best Electronic Cigarette Of 2014

The way we chose the best e-cigarette of 2014 was based on a close scrutiny of factories including craftsmanship, function and durability.

Just like the biggest money making movies are not necessarily the best movies, the best selling e-cigs are not necessarily the best e-cigs.

Take a look at Logic Ecig for example.  Logic’s retail presence is second to none. They have a network of stores selling their product so you do see them everywhere. Even though they are aggressively marketed to smokers, they are not a contender for the best electronic cigarette.

Logic E-cigs are too expensive and do not produce a lot of vapor. They have very limited options in terms of products flavors, carts nicotine levels and all of that. For those of you who have already bought a Logic E-cigarette chances are that you have not been too impressed and you have not really experienced what vaping can be.

If you have already purchased a Log Ecig, we recommend using Atlantic cartridges. Atlantic cartomizers are fully compatible, come in more flavors and more nicotine levels. If you are a carto – miser, good news Atlantic cartridges cost far less than Logic E-Cig cartridges.

The Vuse is another e-cig that has massive resources behind it and a massive retail network at its fingertips. If you live in an area where the Vuse is sold, chances are that you see it everywhere. As far as performance, it lags far, far behind the top performers especially in the category of choice. Vuse and other e-cigs that you find at gas stations and corner stores offer very few flavor and nicotine choices. Who thinks more options are better? Yah, we do, too.

The Vuse is like the 2011 movie ‘Green Lantern’. Lots of hype, massive budget but a box office flop. $125 million in marketing got a few people through the doors after it opened, but the Green Lantern quickly faded out. Sequel? No chance!

The e-cigs that you find in many retail outlets are generic brands. They have not been developed after years of research and development. They have not been the result of a new innovation. They have been pre-packaged and shipped. Some of these brands have good business models and excellent connections.

Good marketing may be good business, but it does not necessarily equate to the best e-cig. The best has to perform when the curtain goes up. It must perform on cue. It must leave the audience wanting more! It must be so amazing that shouts of “encore” rise from all corners of the world!

To achieve all of this amazement the best e-cigarette must meet certain performance standards as set by the Academy, I mean Expert Vaping. For example a battery should last in the range of 200 puffs in order to be considered. The same standards apply to cartridges.

The flavor and vapor have to be consistent. Any brand that provides one puff with lots of vapor and flavor followed by another puff with vapor but no flavor, and then a puff with overpowering flavor and no vapor…. well you see where I am going. This type of inconsistency is not acceptable.

All of the candidates for best e-cigarette provide long lasting batteries and cartridges as well as consistent flavor and vapor. If you use less than the best, vaping will not be what it could. The goal is to find a less harmful option that works. We cannot lose sight of that.

Best E-Cigarette Nominees

With all of this in mind, it is time to announce the best e-cigarette of 2014. First, let’s take a look at the nominees.

White Cloud Cigarettes

The Cirrus II starter kit from White Cloud comes with USB chargers, two cig-a-like units and a package of 5 Clear Draw flavor cartridges.

White Cloud Cigarettes is a star in every way. The company is an innovator and its Cirrus 3X batteries are probably the longest lasting available. At White Cloud, quality counts every step of the way.

White Cloud cartridges use proprietary technology to give you a smooth draw and a phenomenal 350 to 400 puffs per cartridge.

White Cloud e-cigs does more than just sell some of the best e-cigs on the planet, they are also recognized as one of the best companies to work for. They have made a commitment to American workers. In fact, they recently relocated the entirety of their cartridge production from overseas to their Florida home base. White Cloud is helping to bring manufacturing back to the USA.

How does this brand actually perform? Our White Cloud e-cigarette reviews give you all of the details. The video portion of the reviews also take you on a visual tour of what the brand has to offer and allows you to see for yourself just how bright it shines.

To sum it up for you, White Cloud stood out from the crowd. The Cirrus 3X batteries last for an incredible 550 – 650 puffs. This is a phenomenal performance. White Cloud refill cartridges deliver 350 – 400 puffs.

Not only does White Cloud meet the basic criteria for a quality e-cig, it basically doubles existing standards. A lot of work has gone into developing these products. White Cloud cartomizers are the result od extensive research. The proprietary ‘clear draw’ technology makes for an effortless vape complete with lots of satisfying vapor.

White Cloud refills come in 19 different flavors and various nicotine strengths. For heavy smokers, the Double Strength nicotine level offered by White Cloud is one of the very few e-cig cartridges available that can satisfy cravings.

A 5-pack of White Cloud cartridges sell for only $9.95. The Cirrus 3X starter kit comes with 3 batteries and costs only $89.99. You can save 15% off of your starter kit purchase by using White Cloud coupon code WCKIT15.

Atlantic Cigs

The Wave, Ocean and Gibraltar e-cig cig-a-like kits from Atlantic Vapor are a breath of fresh air.

The next nominee is a newcomer that has taken the industry by storm. Atlantic Cigs has invested heavily in R&D and it shows. As our Atlantic e-cig review explains, this brand does meet the minimum standards required to be considered for best electronic cigarette.

A fully charged battery and fresh e-cig refill cartridge will get you about the equivalent of a traditional pack of tobacco cigarettes. Where this fresh new brand really distinguishes itself, however, is in the vaping.

There are no warm-up puffs required. The first puff provides ample flavor and vapor. The production is consistent throughout the life cycle of the battery and cartridge.

Since first opening its doors, Atlantic has quickly evolved. The number of flavor and nicotine options has increased dramatically. This company is evolving quickly which brings us to our next point.

Cig-a-likes are generally recommended for new vapers. They are easy to use and more closely mimic smoking. Mods are bigger and must be manually filled. Mods tend to be preferred by veteran vapers. Here is where things get interesting. Atlantic’s new Nautilus mod is perhaps the lightest and easiest to use mod ever created.

The Nautilus mod features an automatic battery and a twist-and-click feature that makes it super easy to use. Filling the ecig tank is also easy and you can fill it with any of Atlantic’s 35 e-cig liquid flavor options. They have come up with a mod design that sets a new standard for convenience.

Suffice it to say that this young performer has turned heads and is bound for super stardom in the very near future!

You can buy an Atlantic starter kit, including the Nautilus, for only $59.99. Refill cartridges come in 8-packs and cost $19.99 each. E-liquid sells for $8.99 per bottle and comes in 35 flavors.

It should also be noted that Atlantic cartridges are compatible with Safe Cig and Logic Ecigs.

South Beach Smoke

South Beach Smoke offers comprehensive e-cig kits that include everything you need to get started kicking your habits.

The next nomination is the rock solid South Beach Smoke. When you need to depend on a quality performance while watching your budget, South Beach Smoke will not let you down.

To see examples and details about South Beach, simply check out our e-cig reviews where we have exacting details and video. For our immediate purposes, I can tell you that South Beach exceeds minimum performance standards needed to be considered for best electronic cigarette of 2014. The battery will last for 200 to 300 puffs depending on how big your puffs are, of course. The most aggressive puffer will get at least 200 puffs which is excellent. If you use the South Beach extra capacity battery, you will get 25% more battery life!

The cartridges last for 175 – 225 puffs. This makes the grade. It takes more than just making the grade to be considered for best e-cig but South Beach does have something special to offer. Specifically, the flavors are amazing!

There are 16 different flavors to choose from. There are also 5 nicotine options for you to pick from. A 15 pack of cartridges is priced at $39.99, which breaks down to about $2.60 per cartridge. Consider the fact that you can actually buy a Deluxe Starter Kit for $89.99 and you can see what we mean buy quality for a tremendous value.

You can get an even better value thanks to our South Beach Smoke coupon. It is also very easy to use. To save 12% off of your entire South Beach purchase, simply click here to visit the website and the South Beach coupon will automatically be applied when you check out.

At this point we have reached the moment when we are about to announce the winner of the best e-cig for 2014. This winner is a distinguished champion having also won the best e-cigarette honor in 2013. The winner is a proven performer with real star power. Ladies and gentlemen – Green Smoke!

Winner Of The Best E-Cig For 2014 – Green Smoke!

The Green Smoke e-cig kit, comes with two cig-a-likes, USB charging devices and two cartomizer cartridge packs.

Green Smoke is once again the toast of the town. After a performance that could only be described as incredible it’s time for this e-cig brand to step into the spotlight and take a bow.

Green Smoke utilizes the latest technology to far exceed performance standards. Here are a few of the impressive numbers.

The long version of the Green Smoke battery will give you 350 – 400 puffs. The shorter more compact battery will give you 300 – 350 puffs. Green Smoke batteries last a long time.

The batteries are also amazingly consistent. The company has implemented proprietary technology to ensure smoothly operating conduction between the battery and cartomizer.

Green Smoke FlavorMax cartridges last for 275 to 325 puffs. The flavor and vapor are pitch perfect from the first puff to the last, which is simply a phenomenal showing. We cannot say enough about the vapor. The throat kick is truly outstanding. The e-cig cartridge flavors are brilliant.

You can see for yourself just how well Green Smoke satisfies. Our Green Smoke electronic cigarette review will give you every detail and show you a complete video highlighting what we have been talking about.

Wait, there’s more! As a long-time fan of infomercials, I’ve always wanted to say that.

Green Smoke Coupon

Expert Vaping gives you a golden opportunity to save on the best e-cig of 2014 thanks to an exclusive Green Smoke coupon.In actual fact, we have to Green Smoke discount codes.

Use coupon code Expert Vaping15 to save 15% off of any Green Smoke starter kit.

Green Smoke coupon code Expert Vaping5 will save you 5% off of your entire order of any Green Smoke products, including FlavorMax cartridges.

Click here to visit You can buy the Ultimate Starter Kit for $99.97. The Pro Starter kit, the most popular choice, sells for $79.97. Cartridges come in 4 flavor options and 5 nicotine strengths. Green Smoke Cartomizers recently lowered prices as well. A 5-pack of cartridges costs $12.99.

That’s our show for tonight! Soon we will be awarding the best mod of 2014 so keep an eye out for that. I hate to leave so abruptly folks but I have Kimmel on line 2 and I have a 2014 e-cig after party that I need to get to so I’m sure you understand.