What is the best disposable e-cig to take with you on your overseas trip? ECCR will discuss your options and help guide you in the right direction. Hey, vapers need international travel tips, too!

We’ll start by talking about the problem that many travelers run in to. Being away from home, on vacation or business, is often a gateway to a smoking relapse. The last thing that you want to do is end up buying a pack of cigarettes thousands of miles from home.

Being prepared for your trip is the best way to make sure that you do not relapse. So don’t cancel your trip just yet, we have solutions.

The disposable electronic cigarette is a great option for traveling. It will help you avoid a smoking relapse. Generally speaking, you should not have a problem traveling with disposable electronic cigarettes but take the time to make yourself aware of the  TSA guidelines for e-cigarettes.

What is the best e cigarette for traveling

The great thing about disposables is the absolute convenience. There is virtually no hassle. No charging and no refill to worry about. The only concern that you have is to make sure that you take enough of them to cover your entire trip. It is critical that you choose a quality brand that will perform as advertised and satisfy you from the moment it comes out of the package until the moment that it is exhausted.

Many cheap disposables start out tasting okay and delivering a decent amount of nicotine but fade after about 50 puffs and totally conk out at 100. That is not going to cut it when you are 7,000 miles from home. We cannot stress enough, don’t buy a bunch of junky brands from a gas station, they will not work out for you.

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There are many quality brands that deliver consistent flavor, vapor and satisfaction for 300 puffs or more. We will not consider recommending a brand that delivers less than 300 puffs, only the best disposable e-cig makers create products reliable enough for you to trust when you need it the most.

Getting 300 puffs out of a disposable is about the same as a pack and a half of regular tobacco cigarettes. That means that one disposable should get you through at least one day, but they can’t just last, they have to satisfy.

Running out of disposables on the last day of your travel is dangerous. There will be a lot of temptation to buy a pack of cigarettes because “its only for 1 day”. That “just for one day” can become two, or three or 40 before you know it. So take our advice and stick with the recommended brands.

If you already have an e-cigarette kit or if you are an experienced vaper with a wicked mod that you love, you will still be better off traveling with disposables. Why? For another reason to take disposables with you overseas is the image below:

Different outlets around the world have different outputs

As you can see there are almost as many different electrical outlets as there are nations! Your chargers will not work.

You could buy an adaptor for whatever country you are in but that is not really necessary with disposable e-cigarettes.

If you plan on visiting several countries, then you would have to lug around a lot of adaptors not to mention the expense of having to buy so many that you may never use again.

A disposable electronic cigarette will ensure that you never need to worry about plugging in wherever you are on the world.

Best Disposable E-cig – Our Top Two Choices

Having made the case for disposables, let’s get into the heart of the matter. Which brands will work for you? We’ll start with Green Smoke.

If you have read our Green Smoke review, you know that this brand definitely stands out from the crowd. Green Smoke’s disposable e-cigarette is both satisfying and long lasting. With 1.8 mg of nicotine, Green Smoke disposables provide consistent nicotine satisfaction. The throat hit and flavor sensation on puff number one is the same as what you will experience on puff number 264. The consistency is nothing shy of remarkable.

The vapor production of Green Smoke disposables is almost exactly the same as what you experience when you buy a starter kit. Our Green Smoke review and video provides a very detailed analysis. If you haven’t tried Green Smoke, try a disposable and compare it to what you are using now. We feel confident that you will be very impressed.

Green Smoke disposables come in packages of 6. You can choose between Absolute Tobacco and Menthol flavors. A pack of six costs $59.97. Just to be safe, typical vapers should bank on using six disposables every five days. So if you are going away for two weeks, take 18 with you. That way if you are enjoying a Serengeti safari or backpacking through Europe you will not have to worry about relapsing to tobacco.

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Green smoke starter kit with carrying pouch makes a good option for travel

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Next up in the top-two is the White Cloud and the Fling disposable. Check out our White Cloud Fling video review and see for yourself how it works.

White Cloud far exceeds our 300 puff cut-off necessary for recommendation. In fact, the battery and vapor are perfectly matched and each White Cloud Fling lasts a full 400 puffs. Suffice to say that this product really took us by surprise in terms of its impressive performance.

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Alongside the impressive performance, there are 20 flavors to choose from. In order to access the full line-up of flavors, you need to buy at least a five-pack. The five-pack costs only $24.95, which works out to less than $5.00 each. The five-pack would serve the average vaper for a week of pursuing the mysterious yeti high in the Himalayas.

Yes, the pursuit of the yeti may seem like a ridiculous venture but to each their own. You never know, you just might find one! If you are in the Himalayas, or elsewhere, we do recommend buying a pack of 25 White Cloud Fling disposables for $89.95.

White Cloud Cirrus 2 starter kit with charger

This will ensure that you get through a longer trip and 25 are easy to pack as they take up very little space.

Mod users, I know what you are thinking. You are thinking that while you don’t want to run from the bulls in Pamplona with your big, clunky mod but at the same time you need a certain amount of vapor and nicotine to be satisfied. Well White Cloud offers a double extra strength nicotine level that has a lot of kick.

Pack per day smokers and average vapers should stick with the full or extra-strength nicotine levels.

After trying White Cloud disposables, there is a good chance that you will want to go back and buy a starter kit. Check out our White Cloud review to see how well this brand performs.

Other Quality Disposable Electronic Cigarettes

Another company that understands and delivers quality is Apollo E-cigarettes. In addition to a line of great starter kits, they make a top-notch disposable.

As our Apollo electronic cigarette review details, Apollo’s dedication to R&D is evident as the flavor and vapor are consistent and satisfying. This is an impressive brand that we put though intense testing.

Apollo endeavor starter kit is great for travel

Apollo’s disposable e-cig delivers more than 400 puffs. That number extends nearer the 500 puff range for lighter puffers. Disposables come in three different flavors (tobacco, menthol and watermelon). Each disposable costs $9.95.

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One brand that many people overlook is Smoke Tip. As described in our Smoke Tip review, this brand features solid performance for an economical price.

Smoke Tip’s disposables actually provide more than 400 puffs. You can buy a pack of five for only $39.90. These disposable e-cigarettes feel very natural and puffing on one is much like smoking a tobacco cigarette.

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smoke tip makes soft tip e cigarettes and are rechargeable

Next up on the list is the Ever Smoke disposable. If you have read our Ever Smoke e-cigarette reviews then you know that this is a proven brand.

The dedication to quality that they have clearly demonstrated with their starter kits and cartridges extends itself to their high performance disposables. There are currently promotions on Ever Smoke disposables so it is a great time to stock up.

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Best disposable e cigarette kit is EverSmoke

V2 Cigs features two different lines of disposable electronic cigarettes. The regular V2 disposable and the Zig-Zag.

Both of them are designed to deliver 400 puffs. Our V2 Cigs review gives you all the details about the performance. To sum it up for you here briefly, V2 is a solid performer with fantastic flavors. The nicotine satisfaction may not be as impressive as Green Smoke but it is far better than anything you will find in a gas station.

A five-pack of V2 Red Tobacco or Menthol disposables sells for $29.95. The Zig Zag 400 puff disposables sell for $19.95 for a five-pack.

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V2 e cigarettes standard starter kit are a good option for travel

Last but not least, for a good quality choice available for a lower price South Beach Smoke will fit the bill for any vacation occasion.

Whether you are enjoying the French countryside or are taking in the sunsets about your Mediterranean cruise ship, South Beach is a solid contender for the best disposable e-cig that you can rely on regardless of wherever you find yourself on out fine planet. Better you can buy a 12 pack of disposables for only $29.99.

South beach smoke starter kit with charger and refill cartridges

Honorable Mention Disposable Ecig Goes To Blu Cigs

Blu Cigs may be the best known brand in the market. Their advertising budget would make Donal Trump jealous. They have a line-up of celebrities behind them and they are everywhere.

As our Blu Cigs editor review clearly indicated, Blu’s best feature is the smooth, silent draw when you puff. The flavors are also enjoyable. Each puff has a touch of flavor and the end result is a decent.

Good e cigarette kit for travel

Beyond that strong plus point, Blu Cigs performance tails off significantly. The vapor production and satisfaction are not quite to the level of the brands mentioned above. The bottom line is that you will need more Blu Cigs to get you through your vacation. If you have a stronger nicotine craving, Blu may not be your best option.

You can buy a 4-pack of Blu Cigs disposables for $39.95. There are two flavors to choose from. If you want to check out Blu Cigs disposables, click here.

There you have it. Ladies and gentlemen, you have a lot of options. Enjoy your trip and don’t forget to send us a post-card!