The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) recently did a report on electronic cigarettes, acknowledging their growing popularity amongst the British populace. Publicity is publicity and tt’s great that ecigs are gaining such mainstream attention, but we feel that the BBC did not go far enough to document comments by other medical professionals who advocate the use of  electric cigarettes in order to provide some more balance.

Although much of the press coverage on e-cigarettes has been biased and one-sided, we have to give the BBC credit for showing both sides of the argument.

As we said, publicity is publicity whether it be negative or positive. Fortunately for the vaping community, it was fairly positive. More so than we’ve seen in other news stories. So for that, we give BBC a high five and a few brownie points simply because they balanced the story a bit more than we’ve seen other news organizations do.

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The article is quoted as saying….

The number of people using e-cigarettes in the UK is expected to reach a million this year but while some believe the electronic alternative to tobacco could help save hundreds of thousands of lives others think they normalise what looks like smoking and may be unsafe.

As the research has shown and millions have switched, many believe that e-cigarettes can save lives.

The great news is that the number of people using ecigs is growing. (With that said, let us re-emphasize that we are talking about people switching from tobacco to ecigarettes). Graham Satchell, the author of the article, did a great job covering all the bases. The “pro” and “con” arguments were fully rounded out in the article.

But still…. there are some quotes in the article that just stick in our craw. Namely, this one…

…some believe the electronic alternative to tobacco could help save hundreds of thousands of lives others think they normalise what looks like smoking and may be unsafe

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Why is it that if something “looks” like smoking that this means it must be banned or legislated against? If I was drinking a glass of water in public, could that be legislated as well because some people may think I look like I’m drinking a glass of vodka? These are the issues involved and this is why there is so much propaganda out there.

The arguments don’t even make any sense. Isn’t smoking already fairly normalized in our society? I mean, it’s not a shock to see someone smoking. Besides, the key issue here is that it’s not smokingit’s vaping. There is a huge world of difference between the two but it’s education that leads to understanding what that means.

Though there is a lot of pushback from community members and public personalities who only see vaping as a danger and a vice, education is important, to help them understand the value of vaping as a smoking cessation tool.

Education is the tool in the war to establish electronic cigarettes as a viable alternative to tobacco smoking. Without education, people will be prey to all the propaganda and sound bites that are out there. Those who oppose ecigs will employ people who paint pictures with words. The pictures are ugly and they portray ecigarettes in bad light. A light that should be there to make the truth visible.

The truth is what we already know. Tobacco cigarettes kill thousands of people each year. They contain over 4000 chemicals, many of them toxic poisons. Ecigs contain only water, flavoring, propylene glycol (or vegetable glycol or a mix of both), and nicotine. That’s it. When you allow the light to show what’s there and just let it in….