You are a savvy consumer and have the ability to find the best deals but don’t even bother searching for Amazon electronic cigarettes.

You may find an ecig case or two, maybe a book but you won’t find any actual vaporizing devices.

E-cig brands cannot be sold on Amazon as per company policy.



Because of the ease with which individuals can sell products on sites like Ebay and Amazon, it has bolstered the counterfeit market.

This is not a commentary on the morality of banning a device that provides smokers with an alternative to the deadly risks of smoking tobacco. The Internet merchandiser is a giant. It employs more than 132,000 people and offers great deals of a huge range of products. The shopping experience is so easy and the buying process is pain free and takes only minutes. The company is simply protecting its’ own standing which is understandable.

Amazon offers customers several advantages. No waiting in line, good prices, easy payment process and a few days later the mailman delivers you exactly what you wanted! So why would a successful company like Amazon willfully potentially miss out on increasing sales by denying Amazon electronic cigarette listings? There are a lot of reasons but none of them really have anything to do with e-cigarette safety.

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The e-cig is still a controversial product. It is not controversial in terms of its ability to reduce a smoker’s exposure to risk but it is controversial in that it still has some very powerful opponents. At this juncture, choosing a side may be a risky venture given the current business climate. For example, Pfizer sells Chantix and they also sell a lot of OTC products on Amazon. The big pharmaceutical companies do not like electronic cigarettes.

E-cig Brands face Double Standard

Though there are many advantages to buying vaping products online, the brands themselves often face a double standard when it comes to quality and price.

Amazon’s refusal to allow e-cigarette sales is a business decision as well as a PR decision. Regardless of the purpose of e-cigs, namely to evict tobacco from our culture, they are still commonly associated with tobacco products.

E-cigs have an unfortunate PR problem as far as the majority of mainstream thinking goes.

If the decision to prohibit electronic cigarette Amazon listings were driven by health concerns then it would only make sense that Amazon also prohibits listings of Stouffer’s Chicken Pot Pie. According to FoodMatters, chicken pot pie is the worst frozen food item that you can buy. One chicken pot pie has 26 grams of saturated fat but you can absolutely list chicken pot pie on Amazon. Health concerns nowhere to be found.

You can buy nicotine by the barrel. Amazon lists nicotine patches, gums, liquid nicotine drops and nicotine laden non-tobacco snuff. Nicotine in e-liquid, however, is not allowed.

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No nicotine ecigs and e-liquid are also banned from Amazon. The reason is that Amazon considers cigarettes to be a tobacco product.

The only thing that connects e-cigs and e-liquid to tobacco is the nicotine. Nicotine comes from tobacco plants. Be that as it may, even no nicotine ecigs are banned from listings while at the same time you can go ahead and order liquid nicotine drops! You can’t buy e-liquid with nicotine but you can buy an unlimited amount of nicotine patches. There is a double standard being applied.

Again, the double standard is understandable from a business and PR perspective. Every business has to be aware of how it is perceived and how it wants to portray itself. Logic is not a part of that process.

Amazon Electronic Cigarette Listings Prohibited

Big online retailers such as Amazon are prohibiting electronic cigarette listings keeping the market small and diverse.

The rules that Amazon currently has in place dictate that tobacco and tobacco related products are not allowed to be listed, bought or sold. Ashtrays, cigarette cutters, pipes and cigarette paper are examples of products that are exempted from the listings ban.

The rules applying to electronic cigarette Amazon policy specifically prohibit all of the following:

If I Can’t Buy E-Cigarette Brands On Amazon, Where Can I Get The Best Deals?

Generally speaking, there is a singular reason that Amazon is able to offer discounted prices and that reason is the lack of overhead. Products do not have to be displayed in a well-lit and designed shopping area. Rather they can be efficiently stacked in a warehouse.

Basically, the cost of actually merchandising the product is cut and the savings are passed on to you, the savvy Internet shopper!

Purchasing vaping products from independent sellers on sites like Ebay may leave you with products improperly stored in unsafe or unsanitary conditions such as a residential garage.

You could look on Ebay, e-cigarettes can be found on Ebay. The problem is that you will probably be buying from a retail vendor. This comes with a host of problems. For example, you have to work through a multitude of third person channels if you have any problems. That is a gong show that you want to avoid. For all you know you are buying from a guy who has a retail business that involves keeping a bunch of ecigs in his garage. Who knows how long that e-juice has been sitting there. There is really no upside.

The beauty of the best e-cigarette options that you can avoid all of the pitfalls of a traditional customer / vendor relationship. You can buy direct from the company and eliminate all of the static.

Save yourself a ton of hassle and buy direct from a reputable e-cigarette company.

If you are looking for e-cigarette deals this is truly a great time to buy. You can get the best deals by simply buying directly from the e-cig brands themselves. In the future that may change but for now, you, the consumer, has access to deals that companies like Amazon would never be able to match.

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In the last year the number of vape shops has increased by 300%. Every gas station carried ecigs. In time, the industry could become a largely retail business. Ecig companies and merchants would benefit from higher price points. Essentially, the e-cigarette will become a product like every other.

Right now, e-cig brands sell their products directly to the consumer. There are no other hands in the cookie jar! You can buy online direct from the company and access deals that no retailer could come close to matching.

The advantages of buying online are overwhelming. Controlling overhead costs is the number one factor that impacts pricing and when you buy directly from the company there is no impact from overhead expenses. You are getting the best deal!

The advantages to buying vaping products online include better quality at more affordable prices, companies such as Direct Vapor offer a massive selection, guaranteed low prices and free shipping.

More than that, when you buy from the company, you will be developing a relationship with the e-cig brand itself. You will have direct access to customer service, you do not have to go through a third party retailer.

E-cig liquid is blended for consistency. The fresher it is the better it is. When you buy from a retailer or any third party, you have no idea how long the e-liquid or cartridges have been sitting on a shelf or what temperature it was stored at. When you buy direct from the company, you get fresh product.

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The list goes on. The number one reason to buy from the company itself is the fact that the best electronic cigarette brands are sold online. The brands that you find at gas stations and your local convenience store do not compare. Here is an example.

You go to the store and there is the Mark Ten e-cig. It costs about $10. You think, I’ll try that. Here’s the problem, there are only 2 flavors and 1 nicotine level. Basically the MarkTen has a strategy of putting all smokers in one basket.  Doesn’t work. What works for one person might not be right for you. You need options. More importantly, you are the consumer that has earned the money and you deserve options and here is one decision that you can make on your own terms.

In a lot of other American enterprises, big companies have bought out the little guy so you can only buy their product but at this time in the ecig industry the little guy is making the best product giving you the advantage of choice. You have options.

Due to unsafe counterfeits and poorly stored products both Amazon and Ebay have banned vaping products from being sold on their sites.

Another e-cig you see on the shelves of the local store is the Vuse e-cigarette. Like the Mark Ten it is made by a big tobacco company and similarly, it offers 2 flavors and 1 nicotine level, a very high nicotine level at 4.8 mg. That’s 4 times more than an average cigarette. Don’t worry, you have options and you can have more options at better prices.

You can also save additional money by taking advantage of Expert Vaping’s coupon codes. When you buy any of our recommended, top ten e-cigarette brands you will be getting the best deal possible.

So even though you cannot buy e-cigs on Amazon, don’t worry. There is now way that Amazon could match the deals that you will get when you buy from one of our top brands and make sure to use our e-cig coupon codes. Take advantage while you can!