For most people who haven’t tried an electronic cigarette before, the temptation to purchase cheap e-cigs can be a strong one. The concept of an electronic cigarette, or e-cig, is still new, even when the time comes to move past the point of intrigue and into the realm of a purchase.

Just like with any other new product concept, consumers will want to make sure they spend just enough to get value, but not overpay for no reason other than a lack of knowledge. They’ll conduct their very own electronic cigarette comparison and usually, whether offline or online, they will encounter the marketing claims from smaller brands who sell cheap e-cigs. In addition, the price range of electronic cigarettes is wide and that can further confuse the average consumer.

Distinguish between affordable electronic cigarettes and cheap e-cigs

While the inexpensive options won't break the bank, they are usually the culprit for leaking tanks.

Unfortunately, the mistake commonly made by consumers in this new and growing industry is failing to distinguish between affordable electronic cigarettes and cheap e-cigs. The former can fill all the needs of most consumers, but without breaking the bank to do so. The latter is where new e-cig users get into trouble and, to our deep dismay, can often lead these new users to abandon the innovation of e-cigarettes completely. What a shame that an ingenious product can turn off so many when they try cheap e-cigs first! Well, we’ve come up with a simple way to help those looking for affordable electronic cigarettes avoid the pitfalls of cheap e-cigs.

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Here are 3 reasons you shouldn’t buy cheap e-cigs:

1. Quality Control and Safety.  So you’re looking for a viable alternative to your traditional cigarettes, with the mindset that there is no place to go but up from your current situation. But think about that for a minute. You’re going to be ingesting vapor into your body as an alternative to smoke – don’t you want to be sure that vapor is of the highest quality possible? This is a product that is still in its formative years and that opens up the opportunity for plenty of profit-seekers to try to “get in” on the craze and make some quick cash.

To make sure your devices are running at the appropriate wattage and resistance you can refer to this handy chart provided by Zamplebox Vape.

You can see that just by surveying the hundreds of brands that are on the market. Some of these brands are sketchy, and fuel the e-cig controversy over the makeup and safety of the e-liquid inside these cheap e-cigs. If you buy an electronic cigarette that doesn’t give you peace of mind about how they regulate the quality of their e-liquid, you will always have a creeping doubt in your mind asking, “what exactly am I puffing on here?” That is no way to begin a positive electronic cigarette experience!

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2. Quality Counts. Lets say you are reasonably satisfied with the quality control methods and the evidence of that from the brand you are considering. You say to yourself, “this seems legit” and you think it falls into the category of affordable electronic cigarettes. It may not be the best, but it is “up to snuff” and worth a shot. We can’t tell you just how disappointing it is when users make this choice and rationalize their purchase of cheap e-cigs.

When it comes to e-cigarettes or vaping, quality counts and you definitely get what you pay for.

Again, think about this in the bigger picture. You are purchasing an electronic cigarette for the first time for a reason, and a very good reason at that: you would like to finally find a good alternative to your traditional cigarettes. Your first experience with e-cigarettes will shape the way you are able to approach this goal of yours. If you aren’t getting, among other things, enough vapor, the proper throat hit, or great tasting flavors, you are just setting yourself up for failure. It really is just that simple. If you take this opportunity of electronic cigarettes seriously, you’ll want a quality experience that meets the potential of what you can expect out of this product. The last thing you want are some cheap e-cigs which fall short of your expectations and deflate the excitement that convinced you to give electronic cigarettes a try in the first place.

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3. Service and Support. This innovative product has matured over the years but, like any new technology, there are hiccups on the way to perfection. That is why getting the service and support of an entrenched brand is so important. When your cheap e-cig goes on the fritz, or you can’t figure out why it isn’t charging like it used to, you will surely end up tossing your minimal investment in the trash. The biggest problem with all this is that you may use your cheap e-cig as an example of electronic cigarettes as a whole, and never buy again.

To ensure any issues with your vape products can be easily dealt with, it's wise to pick a brand with helpful or accessible customer service.

Your run of the mill brand is there to make a few bucks and nothing more. By choosing a reliable brand, you’ll have a supportive partner in your lifestyle-changing journey. The highly rated e-cigarette companies have customer service that will be with you every step of the way and give you every chance to successfully introduce this incredible device into your life. More than that, these are companies that rely on a dedicated customer base – which also means they’ll have invested in our first two points here: quality control/safety and service/support.

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Stay away from cheap e-cigs

To ensure a safe and effective vaping experience its best to stay away from cheap e-cigs and purchase ones with a positive reputation.

With so many new e-cig brands popping up, it becomes increasingly difficult to make an accurate ecigarette comparison and choose an affordable electronic cigarette among the many, many cheap e-cigs out there. E-cigarettes are now becoming more accepted and understood, even chic in some circles, but the allure of picking up the lowest priced product is still hard to overcome. We at ECCR see this as a type of “fools gold” that promises the same payoff of the cutting edge brands, at a fraction of the cost. It doesn’t pay off folks, in the short term and certainly not in the long term. If you are ready to take the plunge and try electronic cigarettes, take our advice by choosing a reliable, quality product and stay away from cheap e-cigs that could lead you off the excellent path you started on.

Good luck out there! 🙂