Burbank, California – What better way to find out what is going on in the vaping world than to visit vapor cigarette stores near me? In the first of a series of vape shop visits, I check out a popular Burbank store and see first hand the real impact of this industry on real people.

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After all, relevant ecig news is not just what is going on at a company headquarters or at a government regulatory office, it is what is happening at an individual level. Here is what I found.

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A Day At A Vapor Cigarette Store Near Me

Arthur Bekian stands behind a stylish vape bar inside Vape Madness in Burbank. As each customer walks in, he quickly offers a friendly hello. Instantly, you can sense the relaxed vibe.

After a few moments of conversation with Arthur, it is easy to see that behind his easy-going nature there is a passion for what he does.

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A former three pack per day smoker, Arthur had tried to quit several times using several different methods. None worked. That is none until ecigs.

Since trying ecigs, Arthur has made the switch and he has not touched tobacco since. In fact, he is down to using very low nicotine levels and is very near his goal of ending his nicotine addiction altogether. Now he is driven to share the experience of vaping with smokers who have been searching for an answer for so long.

Vape Madness has been open since late 2013. In that short time, Arthur and his staff have developed relationships with their customers that you do not see in a typical business.

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I watched customers arrive and be greeted on a first name basis. Arthur and Josh, his associate who has defeated a 30 cigarette per day habit thanks to ecigs, would ask customers about their families or weekend plans. There was a very high level of familiarity. You could not help but notice the bond.

This bond goes beyond a business that provides good service and a good product. There is something else going on here. This is people from all walks of life suddenly finding themselves part of a community that has shared a similar experience. People may question whether or not ecigs can help people quit but the individual stories are compelling and impossible to deny.

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The relief of escaping tobacco after trying everything else out there cannot be overstated and when someone is finally, at long last able to put tobacco in their past that moment is truly priceless. Creating these moments is what Vape Madness is all about.

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Success stories

“I have had some amazing success stories,” said Arthur. “I had one customer, a former art teacher, who had smoked for 60 years and tried every quitting method there was. After using an ecig, he was finally able to quit. He came back and gave me a hug he was so happy.  It gave me goose bumps to have impacted someone’s life like that.”

The age range of Vape Madness customers runs the gamut from the twenty-somethings to the seniors enjoying retirement. Under no circumstances do they sell to minors. They also do not sell any e-liquid with nicotine content over 18mg. Arthur feels strongly that 18 mg is all that you need because the entire idea is to get away from nicotine addiction.

vape madness doesn't sell tobacco products to minors

Vape Madness has established a loyal clientele many of whom have not only made the switch from tobacco but have also reduced their nicotine dependency.  Although I must relay the story of one skeptical customer who threatened to smash the front window!

“One customer threatened to smash our front window!”

“We had a retired gentleman come into the vape shop and he was an old-school, gruff guy from Chicago. The first thing he wanted to know was if all this ecig stuff was a bunch of bull! He had smoked for 55 years and tried everything under the sun to quit and nothing had worked. I sold him a basic starter kit and as he left he threatened to come back and smash my front windows if it didn’t work.

“Four days later I see his truck pull up in front of the store. He gets out of his truck and walks to the front of the window. He winds up like he is going to throw something through the window so I run outside but when I get out there, he has a huge smile on his face. He hasn’t smoked since he took his ecig home. He was so happy he had to come back and tell me and give me a hug.”

Indeed, the front window of the store is still in tact!

To sum up my observations from the day, the most common question asked by new customers is ‘do electronic cigarettes work?’ Obviously they have worked for a lot of people. Experienced customers often ask about e-liquid contents as they search for the ideal vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol mix. The most popular flavors are the fruit flavors.

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They sell ecigs, mods and other kinds of e-cigarettes. They have a vape bar where you can sit and enjoy good company while vaping adds to the relaxed atmosphere.

And that was my first day visiting vapor cigarette stores near me. What struck me most about the experience were the passionate staff and ownership, satisfied customers, and a welcoming environment. Thanks to Vape Madness for putting up with me. Until next time, happy vaping!