It’s been some time now since The Safe Cig website went down, but nothing speaks louder than the voice of it’s own founders. The wait for information on the happenings at Safe Cig is over. Earlier today, we received an e-mail from a “former Safe Cig employee” containing a link to a mysterious blog post with content that is reportedly written by Rob Deak himself – Founder of The Safe Cig.

The scandal over e-cigarettes is distracting the public from how useful they are as an aid to help them quit smoking.

It’s a heart-felt plea for justice against a Hollywood-Elite who infiltrated the burgeoning young company with dreams of success… only to leave them high and dry in the desert of debt. It’s a must-read for those vapers out there who are concerned and have been following this story. It contains all the answers to the questions we’ve been asking.

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Here’s a snippet of what’s said.

This is a personal plea written publicly to John Cameron asking him to honor his word. Rather than speculate on what was written, we’ve decided to just give you a link to the blog post so you can read it for yourself. If you happen to be a current Safe Cig customer who is in distress and would like to know what is going on,  we’ve provided a link below to the actual website.

Our hearts go out to the Deaks over at The Safe Cig. After all, it was The Safe Cig who forged the way in the beginning, making it easier for other companies to find success. The vaping community as a whole is watching this happen in real time and we’re all watching to see if The Safe Cig will be the first major casualty of the e-cig wars. For now, it appears they are down for the count and will not return.

One thing is for sure, Mr. John David Cameron has a lot to answer to. With this public statement coming out from the Founder of the Safe Cig, it’s putting James Cameron’s little brother in a bad light. In the end, maybe that won’t be good for the Cameron empire and this can all be settled in a manner suiting gentlemen. Time will tell. Expert Vaping will keep you posted.