With all the hubbub about the evapor industry, the one thing that is certain is that vapor cigarettes aren’t going anywhere. The media may try to tell you otherwise. They’ll say things like the vapor revolution has peaked, or that smokers aren’t really making the switch after all. They will use any sort of data they can and frame it that way. Why? Well, the media loves drama. It’s what gets them readers in their papers and eyeballs on their TV stations. But, most of the time, it’s just fluff.

Funny enough, the media did the same thing when vapor cigarettes first became popular in America. They did it the opposite way. When vapor cigarettes started to become a blip on the screen, the media oversold how quick they were growing. In that case, it was as a warning for a new product that was “taking over America” and hadn’t been vetted yet. Of course ecigs were growing rapidly, there is no doubt about that, but they probably couldn’t match the hysteria-level growth that the media was reporting on. Nobody could. Again, that’s just how they get your attention.

One of the fastest and densest growing industries in the United States, vaping is quickly becoming an American pastime.

So now vapor cigarettes are on the outs, at least if you listen to certain channels. It certainly caused a scare for Big Tobacco companies, as their market shares tumbled a week ago on worries that new FDA deeming regulation would restrict sales. Bonnie Herzog, Wells Fargo Securities’ tobacco analyst, explained, “Overall, it appears there’s concern with potential headline risk from the long overdue final deeming e-cig regulations, which are speculated to be released imminently.”

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Uh oh. Is it time to worry about or vapor cigarettes? Not quite. Even Herzog concluded by saying, “In our opinion, this reaction is overdone and we encourage investors to take advantage of the weakness and buy the stocks.”

Vapor Cigarettes Still Represent Hope

There are many who claim that switching from smoking to vaping saved their lives, and asking the question, how many lives could have been saved had vaping been invented earlier.

Vapor cigarettes aren’t going anywhere; regardless of what the media hype machine may sell you. One reason for that may be that the cat is out of the bag already. Vapor cigarettes are already in the hands of millions of consumers and it would be incredibly hard to try to push the reverse button on it.

Another reason is that there are so many of us out there supporting vaping with activism because of how it has changed our lives for the better. But the number one reason vapor cigarettes aren’t going anywhere? It’s because they represent hope.

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Call them vapor cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, ecigarettes, or whatever you like. They represent an opportunity that smokers have never had before. They bring home to the millions who are looking for an alternative. Because, while smoking has decreased by a good deal since the early 90s, almost 1 in 5 Americans still smoke. Many have tried alternatives such as the patch or nicotine gum, but they haven’t been able to make the switch. With vapor cigarettes, they can. That is an enormous step in the right direction to battle the heavy influence of traditional tobacco cigarettes in all of our lives.

E-cigarettes still represent a ray of hope for smokers trying to quit.

So if you’re concerned about vapor cigarettes going away, don’t be. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be speaking out about the rights of vapers. Ecig bans have been sprouting up too quickly and we as a community need to fight for our right to vape when the opportunity comes up. We need to be wary of restrictions on vapor cigarettes and what that could mean to us.

On the other side of things, if you aren’t yet vaping and are curious about it, now is the time to take the plunge. You don’t need to worry about vapor cigarettes going anywhere; you only need to concern yourself with finding the right kind of ecig that will work for you. Find the right nicotine level and try out vaping. It could be exactly the solution you are looking for. It certainly has been for millions of ex-smokers and it very well could be the one that works for you. We’re here to help, every step of the way.

Happy Vaping!