For a thorough grasp of e-cig technology it helps to be able to recognize the different varieties of vaping mods. Each configuration of vape device has its own abilities, functions and limitations. They range from convenient and outrageously affordable to fully customizable with digitized settings and even touch screens.

Having a thorough understanding of the purpose and uses of each of the types of vaping mods will help to guide you in finding the ideal device for your needs. Once you know how the basics of vaping apply to your rituals and routines the appropriate style will help focus your search toward specific designs of vaping mods.

Comparison of cig-a-like entry level types of e-cigs design to a pen style vape mod


Cig-a-likes are electronic cigarettes that have the shape and profile of a tobacco cigarette. Hidden inside these compact units are a complicated system of electronics and e-liquid. Cig-a-likes are the models that curious newcomers are likely to try before moving on to more complex vaping mods. They are referred to as all-in-one devices as their components and modular technology are contained in a single unit and often without replaceable or repairable parts.

As the most celebrated entry-level e-cig, these are the most popular device favored by the curious and new users as they make their first investigations into vaping. Some cig-a-likes come with replaceable cartridges, or cartomizers, and multiple battery and charging options. Starter kits often come with everything a new vaper needs to become acclimated to vapor and leave tobacco in their rear view mirror.

Vape Pens and Tube Mods

Pen mods, clearomizers, and battery mods are mid-range vaping mods that offer options such as recharging and flavor cartridges with a higher power output. The clearomizer, or Ego mod, comes with a clear tank and coil comprised of strands of polyfill floating in e-juice.

Vape pens, or pen mods take their name from their slim, discreet profiles, making them both convenient and easy to conceal. For this reason, pen mods are the preferred pre-filled devices marketed for vaping cannabis extracts. They fit comfortably in a shirt pocket.

Tube mods, or battery mods are considered the intermediary between cig-a-likes and powerful box type vaping mods. These are frequently powered by a single battery but offer advanced options such as temperature and wattage control. Tube designs are often a user’s introductory vaping mod into the sub-ohm or low resistance vaping.

Comparative diagram and explanation of the various types of mods including tube mods, box mods and mech mods

Mech Mods

The advanced mods comprised of a battery unit and a drip deck are Mech Mods. The dripper deck is a skeletal electronic platform upon which exposed coils rest packed with cotton. The dripper tank user must continuously add e-liquid to the heating element each time they vape.

Mech mods are the most popular units for producing large vapor output. Cloud chasing requires a high wattage power mod combined with a sub ohm, or low resistance atomizer coil. Reflexively, experienced vapers recommend an above ohm coil and PG e-juice for maximized flavor.

Box Mods

Box mods are power units that either contain a high-output battery or utilize and external one. These mods are capable of achieving up to 300 watts of vaping power at the push of a button. More power translates to a robust vaping experience and with the right vape tank you can get intense flavor and amplified vapor output.

Box mods are available with variable settings for wattage and resistance. These hand-held power plants can utilize up to five batteries at once and generate the highest voltage available. With a wealth of options for powering and customizing the vaping experience, it comes as no surprise e-cigs rose to popularity almost overnight.

Power mods are responsible for the highest output of wattage. A general rule among experienced users is, more power equals more vapor. While this isn’t always true, it is difficult to produce dense clouds of vapor without higher power. Although, the possibility for more electric current does give the user a more varied experience depending on the functionality of their vaping mods.

In addition, these vaping mods offer options for interactive temperature control, the selection of how hot a coil becomes. Coil temperature settings can adversely or auspiciously effect flavor and cloud output. Having preset levels or variable ranges for the heat your device generates can personalize the experience of a vaper looking for more variety.

If flavor matters to you, you’ll need a decent vape tank to achieve supreme flavor. This is typically a vaper’s primary pursuit, having a powerful mod can still be important. However, in reference to taste, power is less crucial than the PG/VG ratio of your juice and the ohm settings of the tank. Getting a variable wattage box mod is never a wasted investment and is capable of many kinds of vaping.

Explanation and diagram of the various types of vape tank configurations including standard ohm, sub ohm, rebuildable drip atomizer or RDA, and rebuildable tank atomizer or RTA

Vaping Mods Types Of Tanks Explained

The scientific standard of measurement for resistance is ohms. Ohms assess the force required to achieve higher conductivity for specific atomizer coils. A coefficient is the balance at which resistance and power function optimally. The latest vaping mods have optimal coefficients pre-programmed into their circuit boards. Interactive menus allow vapers to select the power and resistance of their mod based on preference.

Vape tanks are the component of vaping mods that contain both the e-juice and the coil. Specific kinds of vaping require different tanks. They offer interchangeable options for a range of ohm resistance. Vape tanks are available in positive ohms or sub ohms for low resistance vaping. It’s important that the power coefficient works in conjunction with the equipment to prevent injury.

RBAs are rebuildable atomizers with replaceable coils and wicks. RBAs are available in RTA, or tank atomizer and RDA, or drip atomizer. RTAs are modular and have inner systems of combined coils and wicks called heads. Some starter kits will come with an extra head when the first one burns out, often due to too many dry hits, or instances of vaping without e-liquid.

RDAs are the preferred structure of tank for custom builders and modders. The drip tank is an active, hands-on approach to vaping. Not only can the user switch flavors at will, but they receive a more concentrated puff from direct atomization on the coil as they draw on their vaping mods.

Ego tanks and clearomizers offer replaceable and rebuildable tanks. Clearomizer vaping mods are the e-cigs with the widest variety of customization. This is due to the broad range of color and power options. Coil replacements are available in a range of resistances to optimize the outputs of various vaping mods.

Vaping Mods For Every Taste

Possessing the knowledge of what different devices do and how they operate will ideally point you in the right direction in finding the best vaping mods for your preferences. While many new users begin with cig-a-likes as an introduction, some already know they want to start with sub ohm right off the bat. Manufacturers have been scrambling to fill in the gaps of vaper demographics recently by producing vaping mods that apply to users who fall between the different models.

As a result, the market is becoming saturated with compact all-in-one and 3-in-1 vaping mods that streamline the abilities of the devices. Having the functionality to experience sub ohm vapor balanced with intense flavor in palm-sized, outrageously affordable vaping mods is an attractive draw for curious first timers and experienced vapers alike and vape shops are having trouble keeping them on the shelves. With a wealth of devices, tanks, and flavor options it is more clear than its ever been that vaping mods truly offer something for everyone. Come on in, the air is delicious.