A team of researchers in Britain and New Zealand has published a new study in Nicotine & Tobacco Research has found that vaping may help people who quit smoking avoid weight gain. Researchers suggest that it is the nicotine in electronic cigarettes that help former smokers avoid the weight gain that often occurs when people quit. Smoking can suppress appetite and often when someone quits the famous post smoking weight gain occurs.

I want to make something very clear from Expert Vaping’s standpoint. We are not saying that you should choose vaping as a means to quit smoking and avoid weight gain. We are simply reporting a study that hit the newswires today. That’s part of our job. In our opinion quitting smoking cold turkey is the ideal and there are other ways to combat weight gain. Electronic cigarettes, in our view, should be available to adult tobacco consumers and it is our job to help you identify the best ecigs and avoid the bad.

Vaping can help tip the scale away from weight gain associated with quitting smoking.

Back to the study. Professor Linda Bauld of Stirling University and deputy director of the UK Centre for Tobacco and Alcohol Studies says that the possibility of weight gain prevents some people from attempting to quit smoking. She goes on the say that the benefits of electronic cigarettes vastly outweigh the harms. If smokers want to quit but are afraid of weight gain, electronic cigarettes may help prevent the weight gain.

How Can Vaping Help Prevent Weight Gain When You Quit Smoking?

How does this work? First the smoking habit is mimicked. When a drastic change in habit occurs, often you subconsciously seek a replacement and eating is often the go to solution. Hence the weight gain. With vaping, the oral and physical sensations are the same. Another factor, according to researchers, is that the flavors of electronic cigarettes satisfy taste sensations which may also reduce food cravings. Finally, smokers are still getting nicotine. All of these factors may help avoid the common weight gain experienced when people quit smoking.

Transitioning from smoking tobacco to e-cig with nicotine can help those trying to quit avoid weight gain associated with quitting.

The body of evidence pointing to vaping as a benefit to public health continues to grow at a staggering pace. The anti-vaping special interests, FDA and media would be well-advised to start honestly appraising the available information put the interest of public health first and their own agendas second. No one is saying that vaping is perfect, but we have a serious issue in this world with smoking. Smoking is the bad guy here, not vaping.